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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hero 2

Hero 2 -
The priest in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA
Hero 2 –
Male middle age human Priest – Stereotypical D&D male priest with white robes and blue folds, fairly slim, blond hair, brown eyes, glasses, carries a mace, wears a one of those ugly cleric hats.
Sequence Priest to Demoness.

Bob reading from the scroll ‘Priest – The most annoying hero while in a group; however there isn’t much to fear from a solo priest unless your undead which case you probably should start running. Otherwise just make sure to gag there mouth to prevent Epic class martyr prayers. Priests however are ideal for demonic sacrifices though if the souls are too pure the demon in question may backstab you. If this is an issue it would be ideal to make you own via corruption.’
Bob thinks up item ‘Soul Breaker’ – small crystal ball looks like there’s a flame inside it.
Panel 1 - priest is chained to the wall, though loose enough to move around slightly his limbs are still spread like a X. Also gagged but he’s normal otherwise, scene has the Overlord pushing the ball into his body via the belly button.
Panel 2 - priest starts off resisting the change, the overlord meanwhile pulls out all kinky toys from the closet.
Bob reading from the scroll ‘sometimes if particularly strong willed, you may need to take direct action to move it along’
Panels 3-8th - the overlord whips him in response, each strike he transforms more and more into a demoness, if viable the overlord uses some of the other toys to push along major/final portions of his transformation, paddling, tickling, breast clamps, etc... Priest’s shouts start off rebellious and turn into pleasure by the end.
Panel 9 - fully transformed demoness seated leaning against the leg of the overlord. Bob reading from the scroll ‘If using the corruption method do note that you must regularly reinforce your will upon them lest they stray, otherwise enjoy.’


  1. Think this is my favorite of the series.

  2. ironic though that on deviant it's actually the least favorite of the initial set from MR.DNA.


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