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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Like Clock Work - Maid by the Minute - Comic

Art by Ibenz

Poll on the side for a week or so (original polling got messed up as google removed the feature)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

2018 Contest - Dungeon's

Hmm pondered it for a bit but eventually decided on the topic for the 2018 contest


The land where adventurers rise and fall.

Your job if you choose to accept it is to create a Dungeon or something related to a Dungeon.

Be it the designing a special dungeon, the POV of the boss/owner of a dungeon, an adventurers quest inside a dungeon, the merchant seller of the boobie traps for dungeon or countless others possibilities.

So surprise me with your silly, vain, slime filled Dungeon's.

Do note that it does not have to be set in the Overlord bob universe.
Fanfic's of series/base universes and original concepts are allowed.

Entries can be art or written stories/designs.
(if it's some other format ask me first but generally it'll be fine)

Here's a silly comic 

1st - 200
2nd - 100
3rd/4th -50

Payout via Paypal or Venmo, if you have a issues with this you can bring it up to me beforehand as I will accept other methods but some verification will be required.

Multiple Entries are allowed per user, but max one prize per a person.

Judging will be done by me.

Standard no copying/plagiarizing/other copyright issues.

Contest end day is 9/1/2018.
(some flexibility is afforded but generally earlier is better then later)

Dungeon and Pussies

Art by Skello

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Milfs Day 2018

Posting a little early to make up for the missing comic post this week due to comp issues with Imiric.

Art by Speeh

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