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Thursday, October 30, 2014

CYOA Comic's - Lady Bovine 03

previous poll results
Part 3 by CCP

options are at the top.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

CYOA Comic's - Lady Bovine 02

Knew I forgot to post something up here...
Art by CrazyCowProductions.

Poll up top, comment on here or DA if you choose E.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Halloween Event 2014

Already posted this on DA last week but posting on here for prosperity

Anyways if your wondering what's going on I'm doing a Halloween story circle type of event.

The general idea is a group of people around a campfire telling different Halloween/spooky stories which would be done by different artists.
With some volunteer/fans as the victims in the stories.

I still want a few more artists (1-2 stories a artists depending on speed/prices/etc...), send me a poke if your up for it. Would like to get 2~3 more.

Honestly I'm surprised, I was assuming people would be up for sending me there characters to use as victims for the stories.
As I've gotten almost none outside of the artists themselves.


Example short story

Panel – Night time town view shows a merchant riding his horse/wagon down the street, with a pretty lady in a red Victorian dress on the side of the road.
[Night Ride] in evil font

Panel – Merchant stopping by the lady in red
Merchant “You all right ma’am”
Lady “I’m quite lost sir, do you know where 69 Enmaided Drive is?”
Merchant “That’s in the city Ma’am. Actually I’m headed over there for a delivery right now. Would you like a ride?”
Lady “Thank you sir, I would love that.”

Multi-Panel – Shows the driver changing as the ride/talk, his body slowly transforming to match the lady he picked up.
Panel – shows them chatting, some minor changes to the merchant but nothing notable yet. Longer hair, slightly skinnier/more petite.
Merchant “So what is a pretty thing like you doing all the way out here?”
Lady “Oh I’ve been traveling for quite a long time. I just thought I should drop by the house since I seem to be in the area.”

Panel(s) – Merchant transforming faster/more now as his clothes/body starts to change
Merchant “Oh where have you been to?”
Lady “Oh you know the popular spots like Pronce, Orima, Lybonrehc, The White Castle”
Merchant “I’m impressed, I’ve heard stories of those places but travel that far is expensive.”

Panel – Merchant transforming faster/more now as his head/face starts to change
Merchant “So how long has it been since you were last home?”
Lady “Oh I guess you could say a lifetime, How about you?”
Merchant “I’m just a wandering merchant; I really don’t have a home per say.”

Panel – shows the Wagon stopping in from of an old mansion, merchant and lady now look the same.
Merchant “I believe we are here.”
Lady “Yes we are home aren’t we.”
Merchant “Yes home…”
Panel - Lady has no legs under her poof dress instead it’s a ghostly fog as she possesses/enters the transformed merchant

Panel – Shows the Lady now with a flesh body, checking herself in front of the houses dark but now open front door.
Lady “Shall we go in.”

Sunday, August 17, 2014

DLC - The Sword in the Element

Just a fun sequence I commissioned from Sebastion that goes with the DLC contest concept that just finished up.
One should always double check one kind of kingdom the DLC is for.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Poll - DLC

The previous poll results surprised me, given the sheer volumn of people agreeing I should hunt some people down. It's tempting trust me, though international travel makes it often not worth it. Anyways I guess we will see.

Anyways a new poll to correspond with the DLC contest.

Contest 2014 results

Only 5 entries but then again only 5 prizes so it works out.

Fuze - I felt the completely accidentally side effect of the DLC worked best. While I knew the class change was coming I didn't anticipate the final result.
Pip - There is no sin level!
Everyone else once again
Fuze - I love bimbo's this is no exception
CCP - Triforce parody was a surprise, couldn't figure it out at first till I read it over.
Story by Melkorios - A fun last minute entry. Probably overly condensed with 4 different characters/tf's but clever.

Myself(doesn't count towards prizes)

Amazon stuffs