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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016 Summer Contest - Bestiary Entry

Jeez, time flies when you busy with other stuff.

Anyways this years Overlord Universe Contest Topic is


Aka the monsters and races that live in the this Universe.
You've seen them in various comics and concept artists already.
Ranging from the lowlife Zombimbo's
Zombimbo by ZeroForever
to the Mighty Pink Eyed Bridezilla
Mimi vs Bridezilla, p.5 by Mr-DNA
the races and monsters vary greatly in size and power.

Your job is to create a new or a expanded entry on one of these dangerous creatures.

There abilities, there Habits, affects on victims, there average breast size (or other things that you know, matter).

Whether it be a detailed entry into the book, Point of view entry from the Monster itself, a color schemed named Beast Master wielding a cheat sheet, or just a random adventurer running for there lives every bit of information matters.

of other ideas from the Board Game concept area.
Kitty Slime - A variation of the slime monster, this one has adapted it's appearance to match man-kinds other master aka (Felis catus)."Aww... mom there so cute can I keep one?" - Famous last ‘human’ words

The Sparklpire - A close relative of the Vampire genus (though they strongly deny it). Sparklpires are essentially mutated Vampires that were affected by Sueb-Maryurath aura.
"They say that these are the vanguard of the Chaos God Sueb-Maryurath, pray for us all my brothers if she doth arrive." - High Priest Drovagon


1st Place - 150
2nd Place - 100
3rd/4th Place - 50

Payout via Paypal, if you have a issues with this you can bring it up to me beforehand as I will accept other methods.

Multiple Entries are allowed per user, but only one will be selected for prizes.

Judging will be done by me.

Standard no copying/plagiarizing/other copyright issues.

Contest ends 9/1/16 aka the end of summer.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Usa Pin Up

Another slow year.
To many big open commissions, that my budgeting principles won't let me do to many small ones while those are open.

Art by LordDragonMaster

Monday, November 2, 2015

Prison Reformation Movement - One Off

Art by Bastion

Whoops forgot to post this with the other Halloween stuff.
Anyways this is one of those ideas that never really took off, mostly because the artists I commissioned for the next parts disappeared.
Anyways curious if anyone can guess who's getting put though Vice's prison reformation program.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Character Art - Vice

Art by DarkerEve

Haven't done any commissions with her recently so thought I should rectify that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Like Clock Work Part 2 - Digitally Accurate

Comic by Ibenz009, story by ZF, poll above atm.

Chapter 2 – Digitally Accurate
Even though this was the third fight since she had joined the party, seeing Bridget in action was still one of the stranger things I had ever seen. Probably not the strangest as well you adventure long enough in these lands and you see some really weird ass stuff like Ogre drag queens battles and other unspeakable things that I was promptly trying to forget.
Still I had to bite my tongue from shouting out in worry, it was quite unbelievable watching her petite unarmored form literally just wade or would it be dance through a hail of arrows to drop kick the golem operating the trap through the far wall and coming out more or less unscratched.
“Nice job.” I shout over as I got out from behind the wall I was hiding under.
Bridget smiled as the torchlight shined off her sexy metallic face as she spoke “Thanks Aldrin, but I couldn’t have done it without your haste spell.”
“Haha no worries it was my pleasure.” I said trying to hid the blush on my face. After all it wasn’t often I was thanked, much less by a cute girl in a form fitting bodysuit thingy. Being a priest and all was usually a rather thankless job and most people just took my actions for granted. If anything I was the one that always got blamed if something went wrong.
“Whateverrr, hurry it up I don’t have all day.” Castor shouted in his thick Pronce accent. The twin blade rogue already heading down the corridor heedless of the rest of us, though I guess since it was only the three of us that made it everyone else.
‘Blah’ Bridget simply replied as she stuck her tongue out and made a face at the rogue, I found myself smiling at her antics as I wondered how someone so silly could manage being a front line tank.

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