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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Summon Quest - Part 1 - 3

a CYOA written story that i started a while back.
Anyways I'm starting it back up with a the poll on the front of the blog.

General goal is a new post every 2 weeks min.


Summon Quest
Part 1 -

As she stared out upon there fair city Princess Bernadine de Besuno or as most called her Princess Bebe grimaced. After all who wouldn't when the news she had received had crowned her the next ruler of this country. While one usually would be joyous for few receive such a position it was honestly the last thing she wanted to hear though. After all her brother like her father before him had apparently fallen in the war efforts. While no body was recovered she didn't highly doubted one ever would, after all any citadel that fell to the Demonic hordes were rarely recovered. Even if they took back the lands there was never any trace of the people that had been there. Usually all that was left were whores and other unwanted things the demons were to lazy to bother taking with them.

The situation was dire enough that even the prime minster had finally agree to proceed with the legendary hero ceremony, though that was more cause he was a dick and was likely hoping that the hero would be more easily manipulated then she was. Still as she stared at the magic circle enshrined shed hoped in her heart that the Gods would truly grant them a hero to save them all.

Bebe stood as the motioned for the ceremony to begin as the priests began there long winded chant. The large elaborate magic circle they had drawn within the royal court yard began to shine with a pulsating golden hue. The light growing bright and brighter as it seemingly banished the darkness as a pillar of light seemingly reached into the heavens before returning with a thunderous clap.

As the light faded Bebe looked upon the summoning circle and saw

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