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Monday, June 30, 2014

Contest Entry - Fuze - DLC - Respec Egg

A 2nd Contest Entry by Fuze

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Contest Entry - ZF - Like Clockwork - DLC Clockwork Converter

“GOD!!! DAMN YOU!!!” Brigson shouted as he ran as fast as he could, his breath frantic as his muscles groaned in protest underneath the plate mail armor he wore. The ground shook as the creature’s mere movements buckled the very earth around it. Ancient stones long untouched shuddered back and forth kicking up a cloud of dust as Brigson scuttled to reach the far wall of the chamber. Turning around he faced the creature, now able to get a good look at it having made some distance between them. 

It’s was clockwork beast of sorts, he had seen small ones here and there but nothing of this size it was as if the gods had literally just given a clock tower arms and legs and called it a day. He could see the golden summoning halo marking it as a divine level creation slowly dissipating as the clock faced body of the creature fully manifested into the world of men. Its foot coming down crushing a man size boulder as it slowly lumbered forth ‘Tick Tock Tick Tock’ sounds emanating from it loudly.
He wasn’t sure who had triggered the DLC but he could guess the god it belonged to, after all he was in the ruins of a temple of Alinavious. He had heard rumors that DLC originating from the long dead Goddess of the Present or more correctly know the Goddess of Time. There had also been even more numerous sighting of Ginger; many thought the flame hair woman was the mortal incarnation of the Goddess. He had come here hoping to get nab one of the item DLC’s and sell it, after all new and returning DLC’s were always extremely popular but luck or the goddess had apparently decided otherwise. 

‘TICK TOCK TICK TOCK’ interrupted his thoughts as the creature slowly walked towards him. The sheer size of the creature made it clearly outside the realm of possibilities for a solo adventurer like himself, after all the bigger they were the harder they hit he knew from experience. 

“Damn my luck” Brigson muttered to himself as he surveyed his options. The main issue was that the entrance and subsequently the only exit for the treasure room he had been exploring was on the other side of the beast that or he grew wings and flew through the hole in the roof. The other issue was that he had specifically been exploring this temple because of its remote location within the Caverns of Chronis so there would be minimal competition. As such there were likely no adventurers in the area even if they were willing to help.

‘Hmm if I withstand the initial blows I should be able to duck between its legs to make it to the other side.’ He thought after noting that the Clockwork beast slow methodical steps as it lumbered towards him. Drawing his tower shield out the heavy knight breathed deeply once, twice quick, and then thrice even more slowly. The air seemingly vacuuming into his mouth the third and final time in as his chest puffed outward, his stance changing. Both feet slammed on the ground as he braced the man size tower shield firm in front with both arms like a ram. Charging forward he initiated the steel wall stance his body and shield moved as one.

‘BAM’ he felt the impact of the clockwork creatures man size mechanical fist, but it was a hollow strike the cogs flowing past him with its inertia as the fist skid off angled shield mostly deflected. Everything had gone just like he had hoped though his whole body still shook from the impact. One! Two! He thought as he weaved through the legs, the creatures motions even when attempting to turn were timed precisely with the ‘Tick Tock’ of the clock. 

Breaking through he dropped his stance back to free form, his shield thrown onto his back as he moved into a full sprint once again the doorway less than two hundred paces away. One hundred paces he was almost there. He could hear the clanks of metal against metal of the clockwork beast turning only for it to suddenly to go silent. Glancing back quickly he had noticed it had stopped moving as the hands and legs were braced against its clock face chest.

‘DONG DONG DONG’ it rang loudly suddenly as Brigson notice that the hands had hit twelve , a man size door opening up as a bright yellow mechanical cuckoo bird sprung out. 

“Cuckoo Cuckoo Twelve O’clock time for bed” The cuckoo shouted in a squeaky nasal feminine voice. Brigson only had time to mutter “Damn” before the sleep spell took hold his body crumpling to the floor consciousness fading.

Contest Entry - Fuze - DLC Bracelet of Bounty

Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Contest

Contest Subject Matter

Divine Level Creations (DLC)

Contest Ends - 8/1/14 (though extensions are possible as 80% of entries do come in last minute)

Through the power of tribute aka money the God's are willing to grant boons to the people.
Sometimes there straight forward most of the time there anything but.
They can range from upgrades/unique/new/re-released/revamped/etc... stuff.
Pretty much anything the Gods are willing to toss at/to the pitiable mortals.
Examples -
Actual usable stuff like Giant Great Sword that makes you giant, a rainbow Pegasus mount, easy mid bosses named mid boss, level up potions, Dozens of more Knight classes or other stuff!!
Not so helpful stuff like...
Horse Armor - what do you mean you don't have a mount?! Guess your wearing it then...
Love Potion 69 - Illegal in 80% of nations but hey so what!
Quests - NPC keeps asking me for money to investigate the monsters in his Keep. WHY AM I PAYING YOU TO SOLVE YOUR MONSTER ISSUES!!!!!!
Monsters - Run for your life it's a Pedozilla attack!!
Classes - the ever popular Magical Bondage Girl Knight!! or the ever feared Bimbarian.
Mounts - Why is the cat riding on me!! Why am I calling it master!
Others - Pallet Swaps!

As for the type of submission types that are acceptable

Art - Comic/Single Image/Sequence/Before after/etc... are all fine. There are no requirements on how short or long you want to make it so don't feel obligated to make a comic just because someone else is.
Stories - Written long/short stories are fine. Captions are allowed but would be judged here based mainly on the Caption not on the adjoining art work unless the art work was your own (or team mates). Any caption images need to credit the image source if it not your own.
I'm willing to accept program rendered stuff (like Kiseki/3D girl) but if your using existing character models other people created you must credit them. The submission will also be treated similar to a Caption.
I reserve the right to reject submissions for plagiarism/vulgarity/legal issues/etc...

List of Notable Gods in this Universe if you want to be from a official Deity for story/art purposes.

Johnyridia – Leader of the Light Gods– God of Justice – One of the Strongest Gods he doesn’t actually take DLC tribute but will grant them through merit. Though other Gods of Light will take tribute.
Equil Vuridin - God of the Dead – Lord of the Underworld and of judgment, a strict but fair god, his empty eyes see not but the truth.  
Cruyan – Leader of the Demon Gods – God of Destruction and War – One of the Strongest Gods - he lead the campaign against Chu Chu Thulala and is mainly kept in check by coalitions of the other Gods.
Giyalia - Goddess of Life – One of the few remaining Goddess she is one of the most ancient deities who maintains the Cycle of Rebirth. She is whom the Elves and Dwarfs worship.
Idraiob Ettore – God of Food – A mortal whose skills were so great ascend into godhood via his cook skills eventually obtaining the class Cooking God and literally becoming a God in the process. Lives in the Mortal Realm at the Top of the 'White Castle'.
Alinavious, Seamonva, and Theoduran - Gods of Fate - Once 3 now only 2, Seamonva the God the Past and Theoduran the God of the Future are the arbiters of Destiny. There Sister Alinavious goddess of Present died to Chu Chu Thulala as such they current split her duties.
Ektack Guinkein - Also known as the 'Porcelain God' - God of Festivals and drugs... of every shape and form, the summer festival is held in his honor.

Chu Chu Thulala - Fallen Chaos Goddess - Considered
dead but everyone knows it takes more then that to kill a Chaos Entity still most places this isn't a option to Tribute to.
Lalelulelolestia – God/Goddess of Pranks and Mischief - Although officially true neutral and actually one of the weaker gods in terms of pure power, his/her guile, cunning, and vengeance knows no bounds.

There are others (but I only flesh them out when I get to it) so let me know if you want to choose one not related to the above but you don't have to relate them to a specific God.

Prizes - 300 dollars total.

1st - 150
2nd - 75
3rd,4th,5th - 25

Contest Ends - 8/1/14

Game Character Concept art

Just some concept art on the Game to show that stuff is being done.
It is a adult game though so alpha/beta's are posted on the sister site not here.

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