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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dungeons and Barbies 7th Year Anniversary

Web Comic's 7th anniversary

Art by Genzoman

Actually commissioned this a few years back for the 5 year anniversary but it took them like 4 years to finish/get around to it... so here it is now.

Monday, September 3, 2018

2018 Dungeons Contest - Entries List

2018 List of Contest Entries.

Not to many entries to this year but there are some great ones.

If I missed someone let me know.

Contest results will be announced in a week or two after I have time to go through and review/rate them.

The Iron Reavers Throne
Entry by HonestAbe

Hall of Heroes RAGS game
Entry by Flashkill

Amazon Hive
Entry by Cydra630

Crafty Cuttlefish
Entry by py-primal

Mirror Entities
Entry by Roxanne13579

Saturday, August 25, 2018

2018 Contest Entry - The Iron Reaver's Throne

Entry by HonestAbe

The Iron Reaver had lived a long time ago.  His history didn’t really matter anymore, since all the places he once made famous were no longer civilizations.  He and his armies broke them. The old Dwarf was a tough bastard, apparently, and ruled from his throne city. He had some kind of engineer guild under him, and they made a bunch of secure dungeons and cities.  Brilliant work, the secrets long buried and hidden. Exactly the kind of thing he wanted to study. The risk of death and dismemberment is of course a problem, but that’s the life he chose. These thrones were never exactly the same, and many had been raided or broken down over the years.  
Dorian Meer wanted that knowledge, how these dwarves were so effective.  They only used steel and iron, and yet their creations were holding up to the test of time better than any Elven ruin.  Of course, he was going to allow his allies to plunder it. There was no question on that. But he wanted the mechanisms and engineering marvels intact.  They needed to be intact. “Hey! Thurn says we’re here.”
He looked up, and smiled.  The real reason he could even afford this.  Alexandra Heliot, whose red hair hung down her entire back.  Curvaceous and taller than him by a couple of inches, she was a gladiator by trade.  She had entered the slave arenas as a free woman and come out the other side victorious.  There were some scars, but he didn’t seem to mind. Her popularity and winnings had paid for this entire venture.  He personally thought it was his winning charm, but she had the winning smile.
Jarsk Thurn, on the other hand, was a drunkard and a grave robber.  Kind of what they needed here. He was tall, dark haired, and rippled with muscle.  His job here was simple. Break down doors that no one else could, lead them to the secret entrances.  His share of the loot from this was going to be the smallest, but the man only needed it for drinks anyways.  He had five older brothers, and yet he was the only one ‘without an arrow in the knee’ to be able to go with them.  And yet Dorian didn’t believe that. The man looked older than his skin. He had seen some things in these wastes, and it was his skill that had guided them safely here so far.  
Finally!  It’s about time!” The screeching voice of their magical expert spoke up.  Lenna Shadewake, as she called herself, was part sorceress and part rogue.  Shorter than five foot, she was often confused for a man. The pixie cut blonde hair didn’t help with that.  Lenna was his old flame, and hotly jealous of Alexandra. She was also the only mage or rogue that they could find willing to spend months out on this kind of adventure.  After the month and change it took to get here, he was fairly sure that Lenna just wanted to get back at him for breaking up with her.  
Where is it?” Dorian asked.  This landscape was confusing, covered in mist and rather cold.  Thick rocks stuck out from the mist, and the highlands here had the shadow of what was once habitations. Old mounds that could have been buildings lined the old road leading into the city, but now that they were inside the place it was impossible to tell.  “All I see is mud and stone.”
Ai.” Thurn’s word for everything under the sun.  “Over there.” He pointed at a row of nearly identical stones running along the road.  Just like everything else around here. He stopped in front of what was conceivable the millionth stone he had seen.  “Ai.” There was nothing here. Just a couple of mounds of stone and grass. Yet Thurn seemed to know what he was doing.  Dorian waited patiently, as the man hammered a few stones with the backside of his enchanted iron axe. He would pick up one featureless rock, replace it with another, until they were in an arrangement that looked exactly the same as it did before.  “Ai!” He pronounced gladly. Then he kicked the middle stone.  
The entire hill before them collapsed inwards, stairs and thick iron railings extending out of the mud like bones.  Dorian leaned forward, hearing the creaking and clanking that arose. There! Completely hidden, yet the mechanism rose out of the mud without any problem after what had to be hundreds of years.  With a flash of magic, the mud concealing the entrance sucked away into the walls, revealing dark stone steps, going down into the deep. The stone was black, almost reflective. Dorian ran his hand over it, the smooth stone cool and comforting.  
Stay your hand.” Lenna called.  Dorian froze. “Don’t lose your fingers.”  The part-time Rogue stepped forward with a stick, jabbing the featureless stone just inches from his hand.  The entire face of the stone rippled, as rusty needles sprayed out. A burst of fire came from her hand, the short woman lighting up the black stone.  “Thurn, you can read the stones here, can’t you?”
Ai.” The man nodded.  “Don’t know the meaning but me Da showed me all the dangerous ones.  T’was before he become a stonelion.”
Stonelion?” Dorian asked carefully.  Thurn had been mentioning creatures that he hadn’t known about for weeks.  
Ai.” Dorian’s least favorite word.  “Big. Mean.” Durn wasn’t overly descriptive about it.  As per usual. Why did he even bother asking him? It was just going to be some other thing that bore no further thinking.  “This stone is black iron. Won’t break.” He tapped the walls. “No one knows how it was done.”
The real reason Dorian was here.  He, unlike the rest of the College of Whispers, thought that the secret to its creation lied in alchemy, and not magic.  His opinion wasn’t very popular, and if it wasn’t for Alexandra they wouldn’t be here. “Have you heard of any golems or native eidolons made from this?” He asked.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

2018 Contest - Dungeon's

Hmm pondered it for a bit but eventually decided on the topic for the 2018 contest


The land where adventurers rise and fall.

Your job if you choose to accept it is to create a Dungeon or something related to a Dungeon.

Be it the designing a special dungeon, the POV of the boss/owner of a dungeon, an adventurers quest inside a dungeon, the merchant seller of the boobie traps for dungeon or countless others possibilities.

So surprise me with your silly, vain, slime filled Dungeon's.

Do note that it does not have to be set in the Overlord bob universe.
Fanfic's of series/base universes and original concepts are allowed.

Entries can be art or written stories/designs.
(if it's some other format ask me first but generally it'll be fine)

Here's a silly comic 

1st - 200
2nd - 100
3rd/4th -50

Payout via Paypal or Venmo, if you have a issues with this you can bring it up to me beforehand as I will accept other methods but some verification will be required.

Multiple Entries are allowed per user, but max one prize per a person.

Judging will be done by me.

Standard no copying/plagiarizing/other copyright issues.

Contest end day is 9/1/2018.
(some flexibility is afforded but generally earlier is better then later)

Dungeon and Pussies

Art by Skello

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Milfs Day 2018

Posting a little early to make up for the missing comic post this week due to comp issues with Imiric.

Art by Speeh

Amazon stuffs