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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sister Sins Story: Guard who cried Bimbo - Donation Release

Art by Lemonfont
It totals 16 pages and yes only 5 of them are posted.
*Update 5 - 3/17 - 5th Donation point reached - 5 extra pages posted*
(do note that some pages are adult and are only posted on the adult sister site.)

Going to try a donation release format.
That means after every X dollars donated the next page will be posted up to the public.
However any donators will get a e-mail copy with all 16 pages from the get go.
Minimum donation of 3 dollars please. Max is whatever your willing to spare
50% of the proceeds after fees/taxes will go back to the artist Lemonfont.
Donations through Paypal - page with Donation link
In the Comments of the donation list 'X4as6dg11' so i know your referring to this one.
Before you donate Do note that several of the pages are XXX rated and will be posted on the sister site instead if the donation hits that point. (also the random star censoring below will be removed from the donation copies)

Anyways onto the comic

Once upon a time...


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