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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Everything listed in here are ideas/plots/scripts that I haven't yet commissioned. If you're interested or know an artist that would be interested let me know and we'll see if we can work out the details.

There are several scripts not listed and several under work. If you have an idea or are looking for something in particular let me know.

Also considering doing a weekly 4 koma type web comic set up series based in the Bob’s universe in conjunction with the Dungeons and Barbies.

Donation Project

This is still in the works but like other sites and other people, commissions aren't cheap and it does take up a considerable cash flow.

Essentially this is has 2 main purposes.
1. To reduce the commission costs
2. Provide a base fund for future commissions

Halloween Donation Project 1 is underway.  It'll be a 2 month donation drive.

I've already written the general script and such, it'll be 15~ page image story (not comic) with BlackShirtBoy.

This will be released regardless of how much is donated, however if certain numbers are hit donation wise, I will commission extras to it.
I'm not listing a minimum amount but be realistic in that there are fees and such so while 1 penny is a nice gesture after fees it would really just give me more hassle then needed.
I'll accept deviant point donations but I realistically don't have a use for them, at most it would just be a prime account for the group.

Side Story - Moe 6

Moe Side Story 6
Art by Pip

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conclusion Part 3

Conclusion Part 3
Art by Ian S

Script -

Part 3
Panel 1 - Tim absorbs the ravens like black energy getting up unleashing a spell of darkness [Spell: I Win] text appearing on the side, it blows away all the heroes shouting “ENOUGH”, however clearly still transformed/injured from the attacks.  
Panel 2 - Tim ‘poof’ changes back to normal (cloths still wreaked though) before chanting an uber spell, everything is blocked out by the light of the spell [casting Ultima] text on the side.
Panel 3 – far pan out he’s the only thing still standing, rest (castle/country side) is a smoking cloud covered crater. He does his evil laugh (giggles evilly, like the intro), until a 'creak' is heard from the dust cloud.
Panel 4 – Dust cloud parts, Bob still sitting on the throne queenly however no longer chained/gagged. Says “Stop that, now come here and behave yourself”
Panel 5-6 – Tim blubbering as he walks robotically towards her “This can’t be that power should have dispersed when the armor changed!!! Unless it’s wasn’t the armor!! But what could it be.” He casts [Scan] text on the side, lock on target on Barbie (Bob) [Rolling stats of Barbie’s, ends up focusing on charisma.] Tim screaming in terror “it’s over 9000!!!” then commenting how it shouldn’t be possible as stats cap at 999.
Panel 7-8 – As Tim approaches Barbie, she so pure that she even has a halo at this point, false pretense of courage he rebuffs her “You’re so good now you can’t possible do anything to me now can you.” Barbie replying “Hmm your right’ looking perplexed at the realization that he was right' eventually an idea comes to mind (light bulb) and she simply responses with “Well there is one thing… ‘dramatic pause’ Will you Marry Me.” Tim looks gab struck, and tries to resist however due to the charisma he eventually gives in and says “Yes”.
Panel 9 - 12– Barbie reaches over and grabs Tim head saying “Oh yeah, I only like girls” before kissing him like the bride. Tim transforms from the lips onwards, turning into beautiful female, his clothing turning into a black wedding dress, his hair a flowing pink color, as heart shaped magic bubbles float through the air.
Master Narrator ‘and thus the world was saved by the xanatos gambits of various parties… half of which don’t even appear in this story and a new era of world peace was ushered forth under the rule of Barbie and Tammy.’

Master Narrator ‘To bad it only lasted a whole 22 days, during which Barbie had her first period. It was at this time she declared war against heaven and hell for making her go through such a horrible ordeal… but that’s a tale for another time.  
End separate full page omake shot of Bob, Tim and the rest of the cast, in the throne room in various actions, from tfing random NPC’s (camera man, etc…), making out, like a photo shoot gone out of control, Standard ‘the end’ in the bottom right’

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Conclusion Part 1

Conclusion Part 1
Art by Ian S


Conclusion part 1
Honestly it's a bit wordy here but mainly because I have a character with monologues, if it’s too wordy just put ‘blah blah blah’ in the comic and I’ll combine the text into a short story to put into the description.

panel 1 – Semi -group panel with Bob sitting on his throne scroll still in hand however he's at the end of it, the various transformed heroes in various states of service to their new lord.
Panel 2 - dark column of flame bursts out from the center of the room from it emerges a slick/handsome black haired man in a trim looking dress suit with a pair of red eyed ravens on his shoulders. Bob speaking in an angry tone "Tim! What do you want?"
panel 3 - Tim speaking body/hands moving in flowery motions all the while "Oh can't a rival drop in every once in awhile; I mean I was hoping that the heroes had finished you and I could take them out while they were tired but alas your still standing I see. Anyways I can see your getting impatient with the small talk, so I admit I came here for another reason... I mean you really should check who writes those books."
Mini-panels - cuts to the scroll where it unrolls the bottom of it, Tim's name is signed at the end, a rather complex magic circle on it.
panel 4 - the glowing white scroll bursts into the air as white beams of energy emerge from it as it wraps around Bob mummifying/binding him, the various former heroes glowing as well as if in a trance.
Panel 5 - Bob's form is struggling but surely shrinking within the wrappings
Panel 6 - the wrappings disintegrate and Bob is now a petite white hair, white eyed, pale white girl in an angelic gown with crown however now gagged and chained to the throne. The throne is now a white angelic girly version of what it once was.
Tim monologues "You know it took me a while to think of a way to get rid of you, I mean the heroes were a threat too but you always were the bigger one, with your evil subjugating armor of the overlord. I mean I had no way of stopping you, not that I'd let you know that. So I lent a hand to those bozos that could. Anyways, you must be wondering how I defeated you. You now all that ‘good’ that you broke those heroes of... well the scrolls stored it. The purest of good you know all that fun stuff, it just needed some of my special magic to go off, and not even your armor could protect you."
Panel 7 - Tim walks over grabbing the floating scroll then gripping her by the cheeks forcing her to look into his eyes while still speaking "Ah the sweet smell of absolute victory."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Extra Hero 1

The Ninja
Art by BlackShirtBoy


Extra Heroes 1 -
Asian male human Ninja – Dressed like a traditional full body black ninja outfit. Standard ninja sword and shuriken fare.
Sequence to Gothic Geisha Ghost Girl

Bob reading the scroll ‘If your conquests have included eastern nations you must be careful of the legendary Super Ninja. Though this assassin is actually more likely to crash through the roof and challenge you to a duel then actually... well assassinate you. That said, there greatest strength is not 1 hit kill moves or kamehameha beams but rather there misshaped eyes. These eyes have the power to create plot holes, cause yaoi, and destroy fandom; however it is also there greatest weakness.’
Bob thinks up item ‘Mace of Doom’ looks like a normal spike Mace but the handle is a MACE/pepper spray can.
Scene 1 – Ninja crashes through the roof, landing in front of the overlord’s throne shouting “Dayabatto” or something equally narutoish.
Scene 2 – Ninja jump attacks with his sword, which bob blocks with the mace. In a weapons engaged contest scene.
Scene 3 - has the ninja opening his eyes, only for the 'mace' spray part of the weapon to go directly into his eyes, ninja falling over screaming in pain as the result. The 'Doom' countdown (FF reference/version) forms above his head starting at 10.
Scenes 4 – 10 – Ninja not recovered from the pepper spray, still goes to attack the overlord. Meanwhile doom countdown proceeds to zero; as it counts down it transforms him more and more. Each tick changes a portion of him until he's a gothic geisha. Sequence would be like he kicks at bob but count hits and he trips because his feet changed and are now sporting the wooden clog shoes (geta). Lands on butt as next count hits waist/ass changes into a plush ass with kimono waist sash now there, grabs at shurikens on a stash as chest but count hits and instead grabs his new set of boobs, next count hits boobs are in a kimono top instead, moves to stands up legs change, grabs sword arms change sword changes to a classic umbrellas, goes to use eye move face changes, etc... At 0 she literally dies and from her fully transformed body her ghost floats out.
Scene 11 – Ghost Geisha girl following Bob blabbing mindless and endlessly about revenge, emo, Mpreg, vengeance, aka like Sasuke. Bob wearing ear plugs that go through the helmet reading from the scroll "It's advisable that you when defeating a ninja you do so in a permanent fashion, otherwise their emo will outlast even the Duracell bunny."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hero 9

The Bard in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA


Hero 9 –
Male Half elf – (generic DnD traveling mistral) Dirty blond hair, fair complexion, slightly pointed ears, with slight stubble; he's dressed in a clean brown and green tunic, wearing a Woodman's hat, with pantaloons, carrying a lute.
Sequence Bard to Latex cat girl

Bob reading the scroll 'The Bard - once the heroes have reached an epic enough level, they will most assuredly be joined with a bard of sorts. Like the priest the bard is fairly useless once separated from the rest of the group, though unlike the priest he will be fit and will run away from trouble. The simplest manner to trap the a Bard is through the same way he gets his power 'sound', they will usually play music constantly to distract the large monsters and handle the small ones themselves.
Bob thinks up 'Kitty Slimes' small black slimes that look like they’re made of latex and with cat ears and tails.

Panel 1 - shows the bard lost in the sewers, his music seemingly driving away all monsters except for the Kitty slime that is cutely following him.
Panel 2 - shows the bard still playing his music kicking away the slime, but the slime sticks to his leg instead. He tries to shake it off but its firm so he gives up and continues walking/playing.
Panel 3 - bard still playing now has more kitty slimes following him, Bard now looking slightly worried. Meanwhile the slime on his foot seemingly melts into it the foot which is starting to change into a latex paw.
Panel 4-8 - Bard running frantically, legion of kitty slimes trailing him. Pouncing on him one at a time as each part covered begins to change. Eventually he's fully covered and the transformation turns him into a latex cat girl.
Panel 9 - Overlord yelling at the cat girl, who isn't paying too much attention, instead licking her paw, scratched up throne on the side. Bob reading from the scroll 'Bards like most other performers tend to be divas, so it's usually not ideal to capture them as they are the worst type of prisoners and will wreak havoc if attention isn't paid to them.'

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hero 8

The Druid in the overlord universe
Art by Blackshirtboy


Hero 8 –
Elderly Male Elf Druid - Elf old enough that his hairs are grey, giant bushy beard, dressed in green leafy robes, aka like a night elf from WoW.
Sequence into AR to cow girl/multi-anthro.

Bob reading the scroll ‘The Elf Druid – a master of transformation and nature this hero is not to be underestimated despite being a hippy. They can call upon the powers of any number of animals using their abilities to augment his own. Though however sharp his instincts are, his hippy nature will have dulled his mind so obviously this is where you should strike.' 
Bob thought up Morality Fleas 'like normal fleas but multiple colored, aka multi-colored dots since you really can't see fleas'

Panel 1 - Druid wakes up in what looks like a kitchen, looking around he's appalled to find that what broke his fall was a cow, which now looks like its dead. Chibi morality good/evil shoulder figures appear. Good saying that he should bury it, evil saying just to leave it. Good wins.
Mini panel - As he moves to bury it, fleas jump from the cow to him
Panel 2 - outside view cow is already buried; druid is holding the bell collar with a name tag on it says a prayer for 'Missy'. Meanwhile his morality figures begin to look ill.
Panel 3 - Druid reenters the kitchen, placing the bell on the counter and finds a piece of paper, commenting that it 'looks like a chore list'. Good chibi now has insect antennae’s sticking out of head, suggests that it's his responsibility to do the chores since he killed her, he grudgingly agrees.
Panel 4 - druid is sweating from doing the various kitchen chores his devil chibi (more insect like) suggests that he shape shift into a younger form. He resists at first citing it wasn't needed but after looking at the number of remaining chores he relents and shifts younger (20ish), his clothes not fitting he grabs a apron.
Panel 5-8- on the list he has 'fill up the milk carton' pondering how he could do that. Good chibi suggests becoming a cow, evil chibi notes that you need hands to do the milking. He settles on midway and hesitantly transforms into an anthro cow girl, the chibi’s egging him on to start milking which he eventual gives in to. End panel before she begins thought bubble of ‘how it feels so good’
Panel 9 – [hours later] text. She looks tired and milk container is full, she looks around grabbing at the list, instead grabs the collar. Both chibi's are insect hybrids now and say it's made for her and agreeably she put it's on.
Mini-panel – she’s looking at the next chore on the list, all you see is ‘Eggs’.
Panel 10 - druid is now cow girl anthro upper side, chicken girl anthro bottom side, still dressed in an apron. Scene has her serving breakfast to the overlord, milk and eggs. Bob reading the scroll 'Druids make for excellent pets once house broken, as they retaining enough of their human intellect to perform tasks, while animal instincts guide the rest.'

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hero 6

Skipping 4/5 as commissioned artists is still on haitus

The Prince in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA

Hero 6 –
Human Prince/Royal - long blond hair, blue eyes, handsome, wearing shining white armor, with shining sword, crown, sparkle teeth, etc...
Sequence Male to female maid

Bob reading the scroll ‘The Prince – Your arch Nemesis, in terms of skills or abilities he is easily the lowest in the band of heroes but with destiny on his side, charisma, and a legendary sword his overall threat level is Retreat!!. However like all royals ego is are there greatest weakness, unless they've already defeated there shadow... which case you’re screwed and likely need to restart. Ideally though you need rig the fight with their shadow however possible, otherwise they become unstoppable.'
Bob thinks up 'Inverted chamber' - room where things are is reversed ex - light is dark and dark is light sun shines darkness, shadows provide light (honestly probably weird to draw)
Panel 1 - Prince wakes up in the inverted chamber, the actual room itself looks like a bed room however he can’t control his body, and instead he finds that he has to mimic his shadow instead of the normal.
Panel 2 – SPrince (shadow prince) proceeds to the mirror in the wall, RPrince (real prince) like a shadow is forced mimic his shadows motions. RPrince struggles in vain, while the shadow taunts him. 
Panel 3 – SPrince’s strips his clothing while RPrince must do the same as a result [unequipped - master sword, imperial crown, etc...] text appears on the side, and SPrince proceeds to throw them out the window, RPrince follows curses him out futility as he laminates the how hard it was to get them.
Panel 4 – SPrince’s now naked scrounges through the drawers, closet and the rest of the room making a pile of stuff random junk. RPrince has to do the same but is confused at what exactly he’s grabbing.
Panel 5-6 – SPrince’s body starts dressing in some of the items he picked up as the prince does the same [equip girdle of femininity, cow cup bra, slave collar, etc….]. RPrince fumes in horror and embarrassment at what he was being made to wear.
Panel 7-9 – RPrince is now dressed like a French maid and his body morphs accordingly, while changing SPrince forces him to make a concoction and then forces him to eat it [use – will suppressant, lust draft, etc...]. RPrince screams against it but as after each drug she becomes more and more complacent/broken.
Panel 10 – Show’s the bimbo happy drugged Prince facing off with her shadow, lighting is again normal indicating it’s outside the chamber.
Panel 11 – Fully transformed prince, with reddish eyes serving a drink to the overlord on the throne. Bob reading from the scroll while taking a sip ‘Once the shadow win the ego/will/hope of the Prince will crumble accordingly, depending on how violent the battle was all that will remain will either be a dead corpse, a brain dead puppet, or a prefect servant.’

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hero 2

Hero 2 -
The priest in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA
Hero 2 –
Male middle age human Priest – Stereotypical D&D male priest with white robes and blue folds, fairly slim, blond hair, brown eyes, glasses, carries a mace, wears a one of those ugly cleric hats.
Sequence Priest to Demoness.

Bob reading from the scroll ‘Priest – The most annoying hero while in a group; however there isn’t much to fear from a solo priest unless your undead which case you probably should start running. Otherwise just make sure to gag there mouth to prevent Epic class martyr prayers. Priests however are ideal for demonic sacrifices though if the souls are too pure the demon in question may backstab you. If this is an issue it would be ideal to make you own via corruption.’
Bob thinks up item ‘Soul Breaker’ – small crystal ball looks like there’s a flame inside it.
Panel 1 - priest is chained to the wall, though loose enough to move around slightly his limbs are still spread like a X. Also gagged but he’s normal otherwise, scene has the Overlord pushing the ball into his body via the belly button.
Panel 2 - priest starts off resisting the change, the overlord meanwhile pulls out all kinky toys from the closet.
Bob reading from the scroll ‘sometimes if particularly strong willed, you may need to take direct action to move it along’
Panels 3-8th - the overlord whips him in response, each strike he transforms more and more into a demoness, if viable the overlord uses some of the other toys to push along major/final portions of his transformation, paddling, tickling, breast clamps, etc... Priest’s shouts start off rebellious and turn into pleasure by the end.
Panel 9 - fully transformed demoness seated leaning against the leg of the overlord. Bob reading from the scroll ‘If using the corruption method do note that you must regularly reinforce your will upon them lest they stray, otherwise enjoy.’

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hero 1

Hero 1 -
The hero wizard in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA
Hero 1 –
Male human Wizard– traditional concept of the old male magic user, aka – a Caucasian old man with long beard grey hair, pointy hat, staff, and blue robes.
Sequence – wizard to AR/TG self to bunny girl

Bob reading the scroll ‘The Wizard – The old crinkled man of the group, though frail he honestly poses the largest danger in terms of destructive capabilities with magical fireballs that level buildings and spells that turn your dragons into newts. Under no circumstances do you want to confront him directly even with anti-magic armor, instead the most effective method is to make him deal with himself. Confining him in small rooms with items that hypnotize are ideal for this purpose.' 
Bob thinks up item Mirror of Illusions - an oval shaped full sized mirror with a disco ball head at the top.
Panel 1 - the wizard wakes up is still normal, is cautiously looking around a medium size empty room when his eyes look into the mirror and gets the swirly hypnotized eyes.
Panel 2 -has the wizard casting a spell at the mirror and the spell bouncing off zapping himself the transformation beginning. Angle the mirror so that the viewer can see a portion of what the mage thinks he’s seeing aka the overlord.
Panel 3-4th - wizard changes into youthful female, version of himself, clothes remain the same
Panel 5th - wizard chats a super spell and hits the mirror with the beam, the mirror breaks/explodes and scatters the magic everywhere in the room.
Panel 6-8th - wizard’s clothes turn into a bunny suit, gains bunny characteristics, eyes get the ‘dull’ scatter brained vacant look.
Panel 9 - wizard fully transformed is nuzzling the overlords arm while Bob is reading the scroll with the other his helmet in a happy face mood
Bob reading the scroll 'In most cases, expect the room and mage to blow up as most mages are pyro's. However the results may vary as mages may possess any number of alternative spells.'

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Overlord Bob - Intro

The introduction to the overlord universe
Art by Ian S

Basic Script -

Master narrator ‘Once upon a time there was an Evil Overlord Bob that ruled half the known world (the other half was controlled by the Dark Sorcerer Tim). Bob's conquest plans were going according to plan until one day some Epic Heroes appeared, these pesky heroes somehow not only defeated Bob's legions of darkness but were currently breaking into his castle as we speak.'
 Panel 1 -will have a view of the Overlord in a dark throne room, standard evil knight gear with the horned helm that prevents his face from being seen  sitting on a throne. In his hands you can see him reading a scroll the sound effects of destruction in the background.
 Mini-panel close up of the scroll 'Evil Overlords for Dummies: Heroes edition' can be seen inscribed on it. Bob reading the scroll 'First off, booby trap the entrance, the first plan of attack is the separate the heroes. While together they have the skill set to defeat anything you throw at them.' bottom of panel has explosion sound effect.
 Mini panel - will have the shadows of the group of heroes streaming through the smashed open ruins of the castles gates.
 Large panel 3 - Bob snapping his finger, heroes (Human Mage, Human Priest, Dwarf Warrior, Elf Ranger and wolf, Human Barbarian, Paladin/Prince, blank spot where the Halfling rogue would be, Elf Druid, Half elf Bard) with surprised look/reactions as magic circle/traps separate all of them.
 Bob reading the scroll ‘If they've all been successfully separated skip to chapter 2 on how to deal with each of them, otherwise retreat and continue reading.'
Panel 4 - Elsewhere you can see a shadowed figure (Tim) hunched over crystal ball, in a chamber he begins to laugh, however the laughter looks like the giggling of a school girl. ‘cough interrupting laughter’ followed by mumbling ‘god damn curse always ruins my panels’.

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