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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hero 3

Dwarf Warrior
By CrazyCowProductions

 (he also did his own ending which i also attached.)

Hero 3 –

Male Dwarf Warrior– Stereotypical male dwarf, short, stubby limbs, heavily armored, wields an axe; honestly most dwarves would fit this.
Sequence Dwarf to Slime girl.

Bob reading from the scroll ‘Dwarf Warrior – Like a normal warrior, except with bloodlust, magic resistance, and stronger than an ogre. If a dwarf warrior has reached your castle, chances are you do not want to be dueling them as they will decked out in dwarven made epic gear. All dwarves of this type though have a major weakness, epic armor doesn’t befit swimming, so if the dwarf was able to do a resist roll against the magic trap, there’s always the standard pitfall. After you dunk him assuming he didn’t choose the drown option, we recommend using his wet equipment-less status against him.’
Bob thinks up item ‘Puni mix‘- it essential looks like a rainbow colored Jell-O powder packet.
Panel 1 - shows the dwarf underwater struggling stripping off his heavier outer armor and dropping his weapons under the water.
Panel 2 – shows the overlord pouring the mixing into the toilet and flushing. Meanwhile the dwarf now armor-less is getting sucked into a whirl pool as a result.
Panel 3 – dwarf dizzy eyed, is still in water but only waist high now, the water is rainbow colored and very hot as steam blocks his view of everything around him. 
Panels 4-8 – He rages as he runs through the steam clouds towards what seems to be a door (blurry silhouette), however the color from the water seems to melt into his skin, his body seems to lose its composition as he transforms into a slime girl. His rage changing to scatterbrain things as his brain also turns to slime as well making him bubbly dumb. Eventually reaching the silhouette which turns out to be mirror she’s fully transformed and giggling like a bimbo.
Panel 9 - scene has the slime girl glomping a statue of the overlord… crushing it with said grip. Bob  slightly hidden reading the scroll ‘Dwarves  even without weapons should be taken seriously as epic level ones still retain monstrous strength capably of splitting the earth, that and they have a stubborn streak a mile long regardless of their situation so be wary of biting off more than you can chew.’


  1. The transcript doesn't match the images, and the transcript goes into more detail and seems to be more complete. I vaguely remember when this was first posted that one of the heroes ended up with an abortive first attempt that the artist had to abandon because of RL issues, and another artist did their own version? Maybe this is that hero, and the unfinished version was posted?

    Also, of the images that are posted, pages 2 and 3 seem to be in the incorrect order.

    Or maybe I'm just dense, and everything's fine...

    1. your correct the artist didn't follow my script, not a huge issue as I gave a lot of freedom to the artists for the original set.
      2 and 3 were alternate ending that he drew for it so it's technically more of a either or situation.

      as for the abandoned one, there's been a few of those.
      I posted up some that were partially complete depending on the situation,
      others I never bothered as some had incidents where the artist passed away so I never felt comfortable posting the partial work.


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