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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hero 1

Hero 1 -
The hero wizard in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA
Hero 1 –
Male human Wizard– traditional concept of the old male magic user, aka – a Caucasian old man with long beard grey hair, pointy hat, staff, and blue robes.
Sequence – wizard to AR/TG self to bunny girl

Bob reading the scroll ‘The Wizard – The old crinkled man of the group, though frail he honestly poses the largest danger in terms of destructive capabilities with magical fireballs that level buildings and spells that turn your dragons into newts. Under no circumstances do you want to confront him directly even with anti-magic armor, instead the most effective method is to make him deal with himself. Confining him in small rooms with items that hypnotize are ideal for this purpose.' 
Bob thinks up item Mirror of Illusions - an oval shaped full sized mirror with a disco ball head at the top.
Panel 1 - the wizard wakes up is still normal, is cautiously looking around a medium size empty room when his eyes look into the mirror and gets the swirly hypnotized eyes.
Panel 2 -has the wizard casting a spell at the mirror and the spell bouncing off zapping himself the transformation beginning. Angle the mirror so that the viewer can see a portion of what the mage thinks he’s seeing aka the overlord.
Panel 3-4th - wizard changes into youthful female, version of himself, clothes remain the same
Panel 5th - wizard chats a super spell and hits the mirror with the beam, the mirror breaks/explodes and scatters the magic everywhere in the room.
Panel 6-8th - wizard’s clothes turn into a bunny suit, gains bunny characteristics, eyes get the ‘dull’ scatter brained vacant look.
Panel 9 - wizard fully transformed is nuzzling the overlords arm while Bob is reading the scroll with the other his helmet in a happy face mood
Bob reading the scroll 'In most cases, expect the room and mage to blow up as most mages are pyro's. However the results may vary as mages may possess any number of alternative spells.'

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