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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Like Clockwork 4 - New year/New You

Story by Me, Comic will be posted when done. Poll will be posted at that time as well.

Remind me, why are we here again?” I asked my friend as we were once again forcible mushed against rest of the crowd as we stood outside in the cold blustery winter night.
Zach, Dude you saw the ad, I mean why wouldn’t we be here. There giving out free high end DLC’s for first hundred people to pray their New Year's resolutions here. FREEEE!!!” Joshua responded with his normal extrovert flare as the rest of the crowds seemingly agreed if the loud shouts and hollers erupting around them continued. My friends rather festive bulky red armor while not the most outlandish thing in the crowd definitely still made him stand out, at least compared to my more casual appearance of generic brown leathers on cloth.
Also this is like one of the most happening spots in the city. It is the first time in our lifetimes that the Centennial Clock will gong for the new years countdown.” Joshua shouted trying to speak over the increasingly loud din of the crowds.
Yes but we’ve been here since yesterday and it’s freaking cold!!!” I shouted back my guts rumbled once again in horrible pain, after all holding it in after 10 plus hours kind of does that to a person.
Oh stop being such a downer we’re almost there! Just pee inside.! WOOOOO!!!!!!!! Anyways Last Minute!!” Joshua shouted brushing me off once again as the roar of the crowds began to crescendo louder and louder. The sheer volumn and energy made me feel like my body was vibrating, magical confetti filled the night sky as I watched the giant building size clock slowly count down as the roar of the crowds joined in.
The teeming masses in the streets roared in chaotic harmony as the various fireworks, gongs, prayers, magics, and countless other noise makers went off in the streets of Stepolis in a head ringing tin. No sooner did the doors and gates of the various institutions opened for the various festivities, including the one we were waiting for.

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