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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conclusion Part 3

Conclusion Part 3
Art by Ian S

Script -

Part 3
Panel 1 - Tim absorbs the ravens like black energy getting up unleashing a spell of darkness [Spell: I Win] text appearing on the side, it blows away all the heroes shouting “ENOUGH”, however clearly still transformed/injured from the attacks.  
Panel 2 - Tim ‘poof’ changes back to normal (cloths still wreaked though) before chanting an uber spell, everything is blocked out by the light of the spell [casting Ultima] text on the side.
Panel 3 – far pan out he’s the only thing still standing, rest (castle/country side) is a smoking cloud covered crater. He does his evil laugh (giggles evilly, like the intro), until a 'creak' is heard from the dust cloud.
Panel 4 – Dust cloud parts, Bob still sitting on the throne queenly however no longer chained/gagged. Says “Stop that, now come here and behave yourself”
Panel 5-6 – Tim blubbering as he walks robotically towards her “This can’t be that power should have dispersed when the armor changed!!! Unless it’s wasn’t the armor!! But what could it be.” He casts [Scan] text on the side, lock on target on Barbie (Bob) [Rolling stats of Barbie’s, ends up focusing on charisma.] Tim screaming in terror “it’s over 9000!!!” then commenting how it shouldn’t be possible as stats cap at 999.
Panel 7-8 – As Tim approaches Barbie, she so pure that she even has a halo at this point, false pretense of courage he rebuffs her “You’re so good now you can’t possible do anything to me now can you.” Barbie replying “Hmm your right’ looking perplexed at the realization that he was right' eventually an idea comes to mind (light bulb) and she simply responses with “Well there is one thing… ‘dramatic pause’ Will you Marry Me.” Tim looks gab struck, and tries to resist however due to the charisma he eventually gives in and says “Yes”.
Panel 9 - 12– Barbie reaches over and grabs Tim head saying “Oh yeah, I only like girls” before kissing him like the bride. Tim transforms from the lips onwards, turning into beautiful female, his clothing turning into a black wedding dress, his hair a flowing pink color, as heart shaped magic bubbles float through the air.
Master Narrator ‘and thus the world was saved by the xanatos gambits of various parties… half of which don’t even appear in this story and a new era of world peace was ushered forth under the rule of Barbie and Tammy.’

Master Narrator ‘To bad it only lasted a whole 22 days, during which Barbie had her first period. It was at this time she declared war against heaven and hell for making her go through such a horrible ordeal… but that’s a tale for another time.  
End separate full page omake shot of Bob, Tim and the rest of the cast, in the throne room in various actions, from tfing random NPC’s (camera man, etc…), making out, like a photo shoot gone out of control, Standard ‘the end’ in the bottom right’

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