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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Overlord Bob - Intro

The introduction to the overlord universe
Art by Ian S

Basic Script -

Master narrator ‘Once upon a time there was an Evil Overlord Bob that ruled half the known world (the other half was controlled by the Dark Sorcerer Tim). Bob's conquest plans were going according to plan until one day some Epic Heroes appeared, these pesky heroes somehow not only defeated Bob's legions of darkness but were currently breaking into his castle as we speak.'
 Panel 1 -will have a view of the Overlord in a dark throne room, standard evil knight gear with the horned helm that prevents his face from being seen  sitting on a throne. In his hands you can see him reading a scroll the sound effects of destruction in the background.
 Mini-panel close up of the scroll 'Evil Overlords for Dummies: Heroes edition' can be seen inscribed on it. Bob reading the scroll 'First off, booby trap the entrance, the first plan of attack is the separate the heroes. While together they have the skill set to defeat anything you throw at them.' bottom of panel has explosion sound effect.
 Mini panel - will have the shadows of the group of heroes streaming through the smashed open ruins of the castles gates.
 Large panel 3 - Bob snapping his finger, heroes (Human Mage, Human Priest, Dwarf Warrior, Elf Ranger and wolf, Human Barbarian, Paladin/Prince, blank spot where the Halfling rogue would be, Elf Druid, Half elf Bard) with surprised look/reactions as magic circle/traps separate all of them.
 Bob reading the scroll ‘If they've all been successfully separated skip to chapter 2 on how to deal with each of them, otherwise retreat and continue reading.'
Panel 4 - Elsewhere you can see a shadowed figure (Tim) hunched over crystal ball, in a chamber he begins to laugh, however the laughter looks like the giggling of a school girl. ‘cough interrupting laughter’ followed by mumbling ‘god damn curse always ruins my panels’.

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