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Thursday, July 28, 2011

General stuff

Yah we broke a 100 watchers on deviant not bad people...
Monthly poll on the blog also, so vote on it when you can as the July tally will determine a future commission. August is coming up soon

Kiriban related prize for whoever screen shots the deviant group at 20,000 views or 250,000 on the blog, whichever comes first.  (on the blog there's a tally number on the bottom). If in the deviant group then you must also be at least a watcher or be disqualified.
The winner gets to 'something' (details are hush until finalized) for the next holiday special (artist(s) used in the commission is my and the artists choice)

Since apparently i have about 18~ open commissions (really it shouldn't be that high but I'm counting the ones I'm wait listed on or still in talks about) Either way I'll probably take a break from actively recruiting people until people finish some of them... If your interested in a script you can contact me still but for now I'm going to pause on poking artists.

CCP - CYOA up to 20
MasterKraken - Beast Knight
ClueDog - Blood Knight
Wren - Coliseum Intro
Diggermen - Knights Conclusion - In talks
Imirc - Knights Conclusion - In talks
Elsevilla - Massive character collages
Grandstorm - extra hero shaman
toonexterminator - extra hero archer
DKSTUDIOS05 - rest of Jail intro
lychee-soda - character shots
Drunkfu - Training 'Time'
bybystarlight - Training 'Soul'
Ai - Training 'Balls'
Sleepmaid - Usa something
BSB - Fetch Quest - in talks
Ozzie - extra hero amazon - in talks

In the mean time I'll throw some mini-contests out there..

1. Mini-Contest 1 - Create a Character - design a character for the Overlord Universe
Prize - winning character(s) will be featured in a future series of my choosing
2. Mini-Contest 2 - Create a Script/Story
Prize - winning script/story will be turned into a comic (within reason of course)
3. Mini-Contest 3 - Create a Story/Caption for the following
Prize - winner will get to 'something' for the next holiday special (details are hush until finalized)

so no monetary prizes this time around, though all the prizes will cost me money but will further the Universe.

either way this is more for all the writers out there.
Users can enter more then one mini contest if they so choose.
1 entry per a user per a mini-contest though.

(any artist(s) used in the prize commissions is my and well the artists choice... I can't do much if a artist won't draw it.)

All mini-contests end Sept, 1 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011


CYOA art by Crazy Cow Production

Monday, July 4, 2011

Comic Contest End Results

Let me know if you couldn't make it as going by the poll results there's 13 of you who can't/couldn't finish in time.

One Month to the Contests Ends, what's your stake?
I'm not entering because I can't draw!   115 (69%)
I'm not entering due to other possible reasons like time constraints.  9 (5%)
Contests are Evil they take away time from other stuff like things!  3 (1%)
I need more porn!! I mean time...  13 (7%)
HAHA!! I'm done or I'll be done in time!  5 (3%)
Jigglypuff (other.. comment)  20 (12%)

Admittedly only 5 entries isn't a whole lot but it's good for a first time, admittedly it didn't even pass the contest increase amount limit.
Guess I'll try for a smaller goal next time like a character design situation or such, live and learn.

The Entries

Crazy Cow Production -
Imric1251 -
LordEbonFuzu -
Dante and Toastedsmoke -
Kathalia -

Anyways the results are

1st Place is
Imric1251 -

Tied for 2nd (Eliminates 3rd place though)
LordEbonFuzu -
Dante and Toastedsmoke -

Also Honorable mentions (20 dollar prize cause i can)
Kathalia -
Crazy Cow Production -

Contact me for prize payments.

I'll do separate prizes for any late entries if there is a group of them (though i might do other contests later so you could also save it for those).

Friday, July 1, 2011

Contest Entry by Kathalia

Contest Entry by Kathalia

last official day of contest entries, if you can't make it let me know.

July Poll

 July Poll -
Which event should I script/commission for?

1 year! damn is that already coming up?
Authors B-day! do any of you actually care? 
Halloween! The obviously obvious choice  
Christmas again! or some of other winter holiday.
New Years! for some artists 5 months might not be enough time
Thanksgiving! cause only the US celebrates it!
National Hot Dog day... i know it exists i just dont know when.
Multiple!! because that's so not happening... (unless i win the lotto or something)
Other (Comment)

vote above
June Poll Results 
One Month to the Contests Ends, what's your stake?
I'm not entering because I can't draw!
  115 (69%)
I'm not entering due to other possible reasons like time constraints.
  9 (5%)
Contests are Evil they take away time from other stuff like things!
  3 (1%)
I need more porn!! I mean time...
  13 (7%)
HAHA!! I'm done or I'll be done in time!
  5 (3%)
Jigglypuff (other.. comment)
  20 (12%)

Votes so far: 165
Poll closed

if you seriously can't make it in time let me know.

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