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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Character pin up's 3

few more pin ups for now, slowly going through all the characters.

Art by Comipa

Art by InfinitiSilence

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Contest Entry by CrazyCowProduction

Wooo 2nd contest entry,
like the other one it's still ongoing... you people really like big entries... >.>;

Art by CrazyCowProduction

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Extra Hero - The Paladin

Art by Locofuria
Paladin Pig Girl Storyline

By Anthony Pachin [Melkorios]

            Bob sat in his extravagant throne, deep in thought. He had managed to overturn the threat posed to him by the band of epic adventurers, true, but there must have been several more out there, waiting for their chance to strike, or simply biding their time until they, too, were strong enough to pose a threat to him. He decided that rather than wait for another threat to make itself known, he would nip the problem in the bud and eliminate potential threats before they became a problem. Without so much as a word, Bob turned towards his crystal sphere, channeling his magic through it to gaze upon the heroes of the land, looking for one who was the closest to achieving epic level, and move his way down.
            It didn’t take long for the orb to show its subject, a paladin, garbed in gleaming silver armor, with enchanted short sword in hand, and a pack filled with holy implements. Bob’s hand reached over and grabbed the stack of parchments next to his throne, and his gaze parted temporarily from the crystal to peruse the various scrolls, until his eyes came upon what he was looking for.
            [The Paladin: A holy warrior possessing great strength in addition to holy magic, the paladin is one of the most versatile and powerful members of a party, especially when leveled up. They can heal allies, buff himself or his comrades, and is deft of blade. One of the paladin’s most obvious shortcomings, however, is their personality. Because of their “holier-than-thou” positions, many paladins come off as arrogant, chauvinistic, overconfident, overzealous, and sometimes outright crude. Using these shortcomings is key when facing a paladin.]
            As he perused the scroll, Bob’s mind drifted to his vast array of magical artifacts, thinking on which one would prove the most useful for dealing with such a paladin. It didn’t take him long to think of a perfect fit for such an adventurer… the Persona Amulet, a charm designed to transform a person into a guise more befitting their true heart. With a snap of his fingers, one of his female servants stood before him, giving a polite bow.
            “What can I do for you, my master?” She asked, giving a polite bow, and a proper curtsy afterwards.
            “Fetch the Persona Amulet from the vaults. I’ll take care of the rest.” Bob replied, giving a wicked chortle from underneath his helmet.
            The lady simply bowed again. “Yes, milord…” she said, as she made her way to the vaults. Within short order, she had pulled the amulet from its storage, and was whisked away via Bob’s magic, to the place where the paladin currently resided, so she could deliver to him his fate.

            “It was then that I took the dragon’s head clean off its shoulders! It was at that point that the plague that was terrorizing that little village was vanquished! Not to mention that the treasure and wenches were mine for the taking!” A man said, letting out guffaws of laughter. A man, dressed in silver armor and with short, light brown hair was busy bragging to several tavern-goers near a fireplace, each tale serving only to boost his feeling of superiority.  It was at that time that Bob’s servant walked in the door. Being the beauty that she was, the paladin was quick to notice. The speed at which he was by her side, taking her hand in his, was almost magical. “Ah! I must truly be blessed, to have the company of such a fair maiden as yourself?”
            “I bring a gift to you from my lord. He has heard of your brave deeds, and has sought to give you a treasure.” With that, she held out the amulet, which was little more than a shiny glass orb on a small gold chain. The paladin took it in his hands, and grinned.
            “Ah, so the tales of Vincent the Grand have finally reached royal ears! It is time I received the true glory I deserved!” With that, he leaned down and kissed the girl’s hand. “Has your lord offered up your company as a prize as well, dear maiden?” he asked, as he put the amulet around his neck. The girl just smiled as she leaned against Vincent. Vincent couldn’t help but give a smug grin, however, this was cut short by a sharp pain spreading across his body, causing his teeth to clench, and his eyes to go wide with shock. He groaned, as he staggered in place, putting his hands to his head. “Urgh… that foul wench must have put something in the mead… this is not how you treat a pala… urk!” he groaned, as his short hair grew longer, the ever elongating locks of hair streaming down past his fingers, like silken rivers.
            Vincent couldn’t help but gasp as he saw his new womanly hair. “What sorcery is this? What in blazes is happening to me?” In addition to the changes to his hair, the rest of his body was also undergoing a change, as it grew slimmer and softer, a lot of the muscle he had melting away as his body gained a feminine daintiness. He screamed in shock, as he quickly darted out of the tavern, to a place he could at least transform in solitude, and not be embarrassed by his metamorphosis in front of all the people he had been bragging to mere moments before. As he ran, his face feminized, as his nose shrank down, while his cheekbones raised, and his eyes and lips grew noticeably bigger. As he stood in a nearby alleyway, panicking, the servant girl strode in, smiling.
            Vincent glared at the girl, his feminine eyes glaring with anger. “YOU! You did this! Change me back right this instant or… ugh… ohhh…” he groaned, as his armor began to melt away. As the top of the chest guard vanished, a pair of large luscious breasts, previously stifled by the armor, sprung free from their restrictive constraints. Vincent let loose a girly shriek as the armor continued to vanish, leaving the form of a luscious beautiful woman underneath, with a wonderful figure and a soft delicate face. However, the changes did not stop even there, as Vincent could feel her ears growing, becoming longer and pointed, not to mention bigger, while there was even more added weight on his chest. As the clothing that was underneath the armor began to fade, she noticed in horror that the weight was not from the breasts that were already there, but rather from a new pair that had surfaced just underneath!
            “What’s happening!?!” she asked in shock, as the last bits of her armor and clothing vanished, leaving her clothed only in her bracers. As her soft body was laid bare for all to see, it began to take a pinkish hue, as her ears continued to grow even bigger, her nose got pushed upward to form a sort of snout, and she sprouted yet another pair of breasts underneath her other four! She screamed out, which sounded more like a squeal, as her fingers and toes fused together, making her normal hands now only have three digits instead of five, with each of those digits becoming big, grey, and clunky, like pigs feet. 
            Vincent watched, horrified, as the changes finalized. Her skin was a bright pink in color, as she had many pig-like features, including her six breasts, her big floppy ears, her big round snout, and her curly tail. She laid there, squealing, like a pig in the mud, as the servant girl walked up to her, smiling.
            “Come on girl… come on, let’s go get you to your new master, okay? Come on, let’s go!” with that, the two were gone, back to the Overlord’s palace.

            Overlord Bob sat on the stone fence, looking down at his latest handiwork. Sue, the new pig-girl, rolled around in the mud, snorting happily, with absolutely no recollection of her old life as a paladin. However, with her living the good life, she didn’t care. She got to roll around in the cool wet mud all day, could always count on being fed good food, and had absolutely no responsibility! She didn’t have a care in the world. After watching his new pet pig roll around for a little while, Bob strolled back into his throne room. After all, there were still many more pesky heroes to attend to.

The End

Monday, April 4, 2011


April poll
Who's your favorite main series character?

March  2011
Should I do donation comics
Yes, Cheap and short
  33 (25%)
Yes, Moderate and longer
  40 (30%)
Yes, Upper Limit and complex
  28 (21%)
No, Can't/Won't afford it
  40 (30%)
No, just reduce the number of commissions instead
  7 (5%)
Maybe, depends on the topic/character/other
  26 (19%)
Other, leave a comment
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 132
Poll closed

Hmm tie between moderate and Can't/Won't Afford it, admittedly if you add in cheap and upper more people are willing to buy then not.
Either way I'll see what I feel like doing, I'm leaning towards Moderate length for 3-4 and if it ever hits the cost amount I'd release it to the public.
Could also do the release it fully and let people donate what they think it's worth.

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