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Monday, May 28, 2012

Dungeon Keeper Jimmy - Character Design

One of the game ideas that I had involving a perverted merchant and a 'unlucky' string of events resulting in him fighting for her virginity and life among other things. I initially started writing it like a visual novel rpg style game design but the sheer time requirement resulted with me putting it off indefinitely. Could try it with the ren py light novel only system just for the dialogue but I really wanted to make a valid game play system utilizing a Dungeon keeper like tower defense system to make it fully interactive. Maybe one day...

Art by Comipa



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 Poll

Aprils winner by a tiny amount was quality, people i guess tend to want higher level works then massive amounts of it but are willing to take a slight drop for some more.

Either way this poll again, I did something similar in one of the previous polls, just checking out other donation methods then just selling comics.

May 2012 Poll
Donation Methods
A) Private Donation only Group with unique material
B) making certain series run on donations, so every X dollars I'll post up the next page to the public.
C) donation comics, which essentially is just selling some comics.
D) other? (comment)


Quantity or Quality (admittedly this is variable and depends on artist but in general)?

A) (quantity) Sketches cheap but larger number of them and faster
  7 (5%)
B) (Balanced) Inked/Shading not the cheapest but not the most expensive level.
  41 (32%)
C) (Quality) Colored, what most of them currently are
  42 (33%)
D) (Varied) Depends on the event/subject
  37 (29%)
E) Other/comment
  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 127
Poll closed

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