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Friday, July 1, 2011

July Poll

 July Poll -
Which event should I script/commission for?

1 year! damn is that already coming up?
Authors B-day! do any of you actually care? 
Halloween! The obviously obvious choice  
Christmas again! or some of other winter holiday.
New Years! for some artists 5 months might not be enough time
Thanksgiving! cause only the US celebrates it!
National Hot Dog day... i know it exists i just dont know when.
Multiple!! because that's so not happening... (unless i win the lotto or something)
Other (Comment)

vote above
June Poll Results 
One Month to the Contests Ends, what's your stake?
I'm not entering because I can't draw!
  115 (69%)
I'm not entering due to other possible reasons like time constraints.
  9 (5%)
Contests are Evil they take away time from other stuff like things!
  3 (1%)
I need more porn!! I mean time...
  13 (7%)
HAHA!! I'm done or I'll be done in time!
  5 (3%)
Jigglypuff (other.. comment)
  20 (12%)

Votes so far: 165
Poll closed

if you seriously can't make it in time let me know.

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