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Friday, December 21, 2012

Annivesary Poll - Results Comic

Refresher of the poll results

Anniversary Poll - still a few more before I formulate anything but the completed ones below.

Class - Warrior  27.78%  (15 votes)
Alignment - Chaotic Jigglypuff  30.61%  (15 votes)
Existing Story Cameo/Interaction - interact with the school/jail events  36%  (16 votes)
Anniversary 'Hero' Quest!- Pimp that harem!  27.78%  (15 votes)
Partner - The pet that he's had since he was a little boy, by little boy he just bought it a hour ago  24.32%  (9 votes) 

Friday, November 30, 2012

'School' Song "Sexy Devil"

Short little comic bring back mention of the school/jail series.
Art Kobi94

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anniversary Poll

Anniversary Poll - still a few more before I formulate anything but the completed ones below.

So Far -
Warrior  27.78%  (15 votes)
Chaotic Jigglypuff  30.61%  (15 votes)
Existing Story Cameo/Interaction
interact with the school/jail events  36%  (16 votes)
Anniversary 'Hero' Quest!
Pimp that harem!  27.78%  (15 votes)
The pet that he's had since he was a little boy, by little boy he just bought it a hour ago  24.32%  (9 votes) 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 2012 Poll

And the Results

What's you favorite fantasy monster sub-type? (Poll Closed)
Total Votes: 112

NYCC 2012 - Character Art

Just some fun stuff commissioned at 2012 NYCC that relates to the Bob series from Mr. DNA.
There were others but those are non-bob related as such will not be posted here at least. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Contest 3 - Prizes

Contest 2 results and final judgements.

ComX-1 - Viking
  28 (17%)
Danopolis - Orc Warriormage
  31 (19%)
Py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) - Sword Saint
  48 (30%)
Panda-Pete - Archivist
  52 (32%)

Votes so far: 159
Poll closed

So the winner of the Polling was
Panda-Pete - Archivist

admittedly I think it was because of his advertising campaign which was likely the most effective, but I have nothing against that.

So popular choice winners are
1) Panda-Pete - Archivist
2) Py-primal - Sword Saint

Personal choice
1) Danopolis - Orc Warriormage
2) Grandstorm - Goblin Butcher
(in a monster girl mood)

Honorable mentions
1) Rustycrowbar - Mercenary
2) ComX-1 - Viking

contact me for prize allocation addresses (as noted I'm assuming you all have paypal, if something else let me know.)

everyone else (OOFness, Melkorios) thanks for entering and contact me as well for random extra consolation prizes 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Contest 3 results

Part 1 Closed

1) Melkorios - Swords women
  4 (3%)
2) Grandstorm - Foreign Blade Master
  10 (7%)
3) Rustycrowbar - Mercenary
  13 (10%)
4) ComX-1 - Viking
  15 (11%)
5) py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) free entry - Artisummoner
  3 (2%)
6) Danopolis - Orc Warriormage
  30 (23%)
7) py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) entry 1 - Sword Saint
  21 (16%)
8) Panda-Pete - Archivist
  30 (23%)
9) py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) entry 2 - Geomancer
  2 (1%)
10) OOFness - Interdimensional Fighter
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 129
Poll closed

Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Summer Contest Entries

List of the Contest Entries for Quick reference in the voting, several of the DA links have character details in the description which maybe interesting for undecided votes.

1) Melkorios - Swords women

Character History -  

Gust is a powerful warrior from a distant land to the east, a swordswoman that is agile and powerful in both sword combat and magical prowess, be able to cast wind spells to compliment her attacks. Her sword, Tempest, is made from a mysterious green crystalline material that seems to heighten her magical powers. It consists of the main blade and two smaller blades, which can be detached from the sword and manipulated with Gust’s magic.
As a fledgling warrior, Gust had an extremely unusual habit in battle. She would oftentimes stand still and allow her opponents to attack her after she made an attack of her own. While she has since dropped the tendency for the most part, old habits die hard and she will occasionally slip back into her old routine of allowing opponents to attack after her.
Her training and unusual combat style have given her several unique abilities, not the least of which is her Edge Shatter ability, a powerful move in which her speed, strength, and magical powers, allowing her to slash through opponents in rapid sucession, as well as pummel them with a torrent of wind magic. However, she can only use this ability when she is heavily injured and her body has been pushed to its limit.
Gust also has the ability to summon a large magical bird to aid her in combat, lending its own wind magic and combat ability to Gust’s own in battle. However, the summoning process is very time consuming, and leaves Gust incredibly open as she’s performing it, so she does not use it often, especially in the middle of a heated combat.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Card Art - Booby Trap

Generic design for one of the card game traps, my use this for one of the other ones but for now it'll be defaulted to the 'Booby Trap' card. Character in the picture was the male berserker if you couldn't figure it out.

Art by HentaiNeko

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Character Art - Harpy

Bit lazy with the naming for these character as I haven't actually used her for anything else yet. Maybe some day but anyways for now here's a pinup.
Art by Rush-it

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Knights vs Maid Promo 2

Just another promo arts for the conclusion of the Maids vs Knights series
Art by Bleedman

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maids vs Knights

Just some promo arts for the conclusion of the Maids vs Knights series
Art by Bleedman

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 Poll

Well the July results weren't that surprising, mental seems to be the favorite by a good margin but overall it was spread out among all the categories fairly well. Maybe I'll try my hand at a slow mental tf sometime rather then the quick ones, still that requires more time. Anyways onwards we go.

August Poll - What's your favorite base class?
A) Warrior
B) Mage
C) Priest
D) Rogue
E) Other (comment)
F) None

Summer 2012 Contest

Contest Extended until 8/31.

Contest - Create a Tournament Character/Participant
Draw 1 Tournament 'Worthy' Character
Required - Draw their Before/Original form

Optional/cookie points - anything else
examples - their after/transformed form, weapons, moves, boobies, etc...

no real requirements or restrictions on the characters. Do keep in mind this is the Bob universe, while a master chief parody would be fun it wouldn't really fit the setting unless he was a Indian chieftain as well or such.... hmm that could actually work...)

Winners may appear in a future comic

if you have questions just ask.

Contest Prizes -
Top 4 - 50 dollars each, via Paypal or other (if you require other though notify me what first)
Honorable mentions 2 - 25 dollars each
so 6 prizes for 250 dollars in all together assuming i get that many.

2 of the top 4 will be chosen by public voting brackets I'll toss the readers.

Contest ends 9/1/12 so 2 summer months.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Touhou Crossover

Completely random commission that I had... Touhou POWAAA!!!!!! Cameo with Tammy is the reason it's posted here.


Beast Knight

As a few people have asked where the cat maid in the 'Knights vs Maids 2' came from I've decided to post a few of the initial sketches that i had... the artist for it however has disappeared (and the commission is past 18 months now) so it's unlikely it'll ever be done. I could be wrong and the artist could reappear but I'll not hold my breath.

side note the artist name and such were removed from the page to prevent possible abuse. (even if you do recognize the artist I ask that you refrain from bothering them, while I don't approve of the situation of being burned I also don't approve of harassment and 2 wrongs doesn't make a right)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Poll

So yeah the June poll pretty much reiterated what I was guessing in that people rather me finish a project before starting another (though a large group wanted me to do ninja training... ). Which makes sense except for the fact that most of them are outside of my control and dependent on the commissioned artist at this point. But still there are a few under my control so work on those i shall
On this note I'm close to finished with the beta set of the card/board game and I'm looking for a few testers. This will essentially run like a online Table top RPG as I need to test the numbers as well as the fun factor.

Anyways on to the July Poll

July Poll - What's your favorite specific transformation  excluding the general types?

A) Mythical beasts (dragon, phoenix, etc..)
B) Humanoids (elf's, demons, angels, faeries, etc..)
C) My Little Pony's
D) Aliens (xenomorphes, twiliks, etc...)
E) Inanimate (dolls,  statues, etc...)
F) Mental (bimbo, sluts, etc...)
G) Growth/Shrink
H) BE or body part change 
I) Age Change
J) Magical constructs (slimes, golems, etc...)
K) Other
L) None


June Poll - What other things should I (ZeroForever) practice/attempt?


A) Ninja Training
  29 (25%)
B) Drawing traditional
  6 (5%)
C) 3D CG graphics
  2 (1%)
D) Learn another program language to make the game
  18 (15%)
E) Finish one of the things you're already doing you bum.
  44 (37%)
F) Full Length Stories
  17 (14%)

Votes so far: 116
Poll closed


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dungeon Keeper - Character Design 2

Art by Comipa once again

Another before after character design I had commissioned for the video game idea, the character is the Horner Reaper class demon name Gyzibal, more or less bound and imprisoned with a accursed Dungeon Heart for thousands of years. When Jimmy awakens him, he was very displeased at receiving such a fool for a master however between him and another thousand of years waiting for the next one he took his chances... only to find out his master is a bigger fool then even he could have imagined. Needless to say he's a important character plot wise and game play wise designed as one of the strongest units in the game assuming you don't trigger any of the dozens of bad end flags...

Before and after

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 2012 Poll

June Poll - What other things should I (ZeroForever) practice/attempt

A) Ninja Training
B) Drawing traditional
C) 3D CG graphics
D) Learn another program language to make the game
E) Finish one of the things you're already doing you bum.
F) Full Length Stories

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dungeon Keeper Jimmy - Character Design

One of the game ideas that I had involving a perverted merchant and a 'unlucky' string of events resulting in him fighting for her virginity and life among other things. I initially started writing it like a visual novel rpg style game design but the sheer time requirement resulted with me putting it off indefinitely. Could try it with the ren py light novel only system just for the dialogue but I really wanted to make a valid game play system utilizing a Dungeon keeper like tower defense system to make it fully interactive. Maybe one day...

Art by Comipa



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 Poll

Aprils winner by a tiny amount was quality, people i guess tend to want higher level works then massive amounts of it but are willing to take a slight drop for some more.

Either way this poll again, I did something similar in one of the previous polls, just checking out other donation methods then just selling comics.

May 2012 Poll
Donation Methods
A) Private Donation only Group with unique material
B) making certain series run on donations, so every X dollars I'll post up the next page to the public.
C) donation comics, which essentially is just selling some comics.
D) other? (comment)


Quantity or Quality (admittedly this is variable and depends on artist but in general)?

A) (quantity) Sketches cheap but larger number of them and faster
  7 (5%)
B) (Balanced) Inked/Shading not the cheapest but not the most expensive level.
  41 (32%)
C) (Quality) Colored, what most of them currently are
  42 (33%)
D) (Varied) Depends on the event/subject
  37 (29%)
E) Other/comment
  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 127
Poll closed

Friday, April 13, 2012

Create a Character

Going to do mini Create a Character design and tf based on polls and comments, then write a story/comic on it.


First off - Decided
Before: After

Option 1 - Gender
Male: Female

Option 2 - Race
WINNER - Human:Meduse  17 (26%)
Elf:Harpy  2 (3%)
Angel:Beyonder  2 (3%)
Orc:Faun  4 (6%)
Human:Merfolk  8 (12%)
Demon:Human  10 (15%)
Centaur:Minotaur  0 (0%)
Human:Golem  11 (17%)
Mind Flayer:Elf  8 (12%)
Drow:Lizardman  2 (3%)
Votes so far: 64
Poll closed

Option 3 - Class
Paladin:Oracle  3 (4%)
Spellsword:Cheerleader  4 (5%)
Sorcerer:Concubine  16 (23%)
Duelist:Waitress  1 (1%)
Assassin:Bride  2 (2%)
Artificer:Puppet  3 (4%)
WINNER - Summoner:Summon  19 (28%)
Hunter:Slave  2 (2%)
Knight:Dancer  10 (14%)
Cowboy:Gypsy  7 (10%)
Votes so far: 67
Poll closed

Create a Character 4 - Clothing

WINNER - Greek/Traditional
  45 (45%)
  3 (3%)
Near Nude
  3 (3%)
  6 (6%)
  6 (6%)
  0 (0%)
  8 (8%)
  2 (2%)
  25 (25%)

Votes so far: 98
Poll closed

Create a Character 4 - Misc 


Alignment - Lawful Good
  15 (17%)
Alignment - True Neutral
  16 (18%)
Alignment - Chaotic Evil
  52 (60%)
Style - Pig tails??
  38 (44%)
Style - Princess cut?
  32 (37%)
Build - Petite
  14 (16%)
WINNER - Build - Top Heavy
  54 (62%)
Build - Bottom Heavy
  4 (4%)

Votes so far: 86
Poll closed

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Overlord Card Game Concept

Overlord Card Game Concept

Modes of Play
Free for All - All players attempt to get to rank of Epic Hero (Rank 6) in order to challenge/defeat the Overlord first and become the new Overlord, players may aid and oppose each other with cards, such as traps, spells, items, and combat events.                                                                                
Group Play - All Players work together in order to defeat the Villain, in short it's like a giant on-going quest mode. If a player falls they become a servant to the GM literally…                                                                                              

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2012 Poll

So the March poll resulted with the mostly anticipated results.
TF/TG dominate the polls with a good chunk wanting adult material as well. A handful actually want more development for the universe (yahh) and of course the obligatory comment option selected with no comment.

April 2012 Poll - 

Quantity or Quality (admittedly this is variable and depends on artist but in general)?
A) (quantity) Sketches cheap but larger number of them and faster
B) (Balanced) Inked/Shading  not the cheapest but not the most expensive level.
C) (Quality) Colored, what most of them currently are
D) (Varied) Depends on the event/subject
E) Other/comment


March 2012 Poll

What's the series missing?

A) Needs more Porn
  59 (25%)
B) Needs better character development
  18 (7%)
C) Needs better storylines
  8 (3%)
D) Needs more tf/tg's
  124 (53%)
E) Needs more money/comics
  5 (2%)
F) Needs more everything
  18 (7%)
G) Needs (comment)
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 233
Poll closed


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guest Story - Extra Hero the Berserker

Writer wanted to remain anonymous so they shall not be named. Still once again thanks for the fan work if your reading this. (admittedly editors would be helpful for proof reading this and other stories I have but it's a thankless job.)

Anyways on to the story 


Bob sat in a large red velvet armchair in the middle of the tallest tower reading over a scroll on a hero called a Musketeer. Beside him was an ornately carved table covered with other scrolls, empty wine bottles and his still partially filled gold goblet. He was enjoying a light breeze as the afternoon sun light up the tower which he normally used for star gazing to better prepare for summons and other powerful spells.
As he was reaching for his goblet loud roar erupted from the forest, in the direction of the front fortress gate. Quickly he set down the scroll and went to the balcony that circled the tower and looked for the source of the noise. Another roar let him pinpoint to a figure that had just exited the forest and was now heading for the gate.
“Another Hero…” Muttered Bob annoyed as he watched the figure approach. Oh well one the ladies would deal with whoever it was, he thought for a moment before changing his mind as a thought struck. No he would deal with this foolish hero himself after all he didn’t want his skills to get rusty and it would be amusing to change another hero. But first he had to figure out which hero it was so he walked over to the pile of scrolls on the table and started to dig through it for one with a matching description.
It didn’t take him long to find the right one and he immediately started reading. This hero was the Berserker:
‘The Berserker is a large thick built hero that prefers to wear furs and plate armor that is often scratched, dented and blood stained from previous fights. Likes to fight with two weapons at once, usually swords, axes or hammers and often carries more around his waist in case one breaks or he throws one at something. Is unusual from most heroes by being quite aggressive and single minded. They can shrug off most attacks once their battle fury has started and they keep going until he wins the fight or passes out. Curses or charms are suggested to stop his fury before it starts.’
Bob went back on to the balcony to see how close the Berserker was to fortress. A quick look placed him a good ten minutes from the gate and Bob smiled under his helm plenty of time to prepare. He headed into the tower drained his goblet and went down the stairs at a brisk pace. Making his way through the fortress passages he went to the armory and grabbed a simple looking stone carved snake then made his way to the gate to wait for the Berserker.
A short while later as Bob waited in the courtyard for the Berserker when the gate burst open and the Berserker charged in shouting oaths and battle cries. Bob waited as he suddenly stopped and looked around a slightly confused look on his face as if he had been expecting more. Bob on the other hand leapt into action and threw the snake directly at the hero and watched in satisfactory as the snake hit him is the neck and preceded to wrap tightly around it.
“Nothing will stop me from defeating you Bob!” yelled the Berserker reacting instantly and charging towards Bob not noticing the sound of flute music filling his ears and mind.
Bob watched as nonchalantly as possible and prepared to move as the Berserker came into range with his rather large swords and causally side stepped the first swing. He continued to dodge as it became almost like a strange dance as he goaded the Berserker on. It would be the easiest way to get the Soothing Snake Charm to work faster so he just duck under the cleaving swing, turned to let a stab fly past him and stepped out of range of the riposte that followed it.
The Berserker roared in anger at his inability to hit the overlord and redoubled his efforts to try and catch him with his swords. But no matter how he slashed and hacked something was keeping his battle fury down and putting off aim. He tried to focus and aim his blows but the strange sound of flute music flared up and distracted him.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2012 Poll

So the February poll ended up being moderately even, nothing dominated but the school series did win out. Though apparently people dislike contests, which I guess is understandable as its limited participation.
Anyways the next comic for the school series is already commissioned, though I'm still on the wait list as far as i know so I can't tell you how long that will take.

 March Poll(s)
What's the series missing?
A) Needs more Porn
B) Needs better character development
C) Needs better storylines
D) Needs more tf/tg's
E) Needs more money/comics
F) Needs more everything
G) Needs (comment)


Which side stuff to Prioritize?

A) Card/Board Game
  23 (15%)
B) Sisters Sin Fairy Tales
  22 (14%)
C) Extra Heroes
  43 (28%)
D) Training Series
  51 (33%)
E) School Series
  67 (44%)
F) One of the other Series (pretend to comment)
  7 (4%)
G) Holiday Event
  3 (1%)
H) Contests
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 151
Poll closed

Thursday, February 9, 2012


List of related/fun sites that wish to associate.

Banner if you want to link
Overlord Bob Banner
HTML code
<a href="" >
<img src="" width="300" height="140" border="0" style="border:none;" alt="Overlord Bob Banner" />

Dungeons and Barbies Banner
ZeroForever/Creator Deviant
Deviant Overlord Bob Group
Empress Tammy (adult)

Sins Banner

The Transformation Repository
Tg Comics

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Training Magic

More training series side events, all the training inside the dimensional portals is occurring in the same time frame as a fyi.
Art by On-na

Febuary 2012 Poll

Febuary 2012 - Which side stuff to Prioritize?

A) Card/Board Game
B) Sisters Sin Fairy Tales
C) Extra Heroes
D) Training Series
E) School Series
F) One of the other Series (pretend to comment)
G) Holiday Event
H) Contests

Vote and comment either here on the forums or on DA


January Poll - New Years Resolution/Goal

A) Exercise/Live Healthier
  23 (16%)
B) Draw/Write More
  37 (27%)
C) Run for President or some other office!
  5 (3%)
D) Do something no one expects
  29 (21%)
E) To lazy to bother
  42 (30%)

Votes so far: 136

Monday, January 2, 2012

Animated Knight TF/TG

Art by ComX-1

was considering making a bunch of these for the game concept but I have budget constraints like everyone whose not a billionaire, still commissioned this one as a test.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Poll

January Poll - 2012 New Years Resolution/Goals

A) Exercise/Live Healthier
B) Draw/Write More
C) Run for President or some other office!
D) Do something no one expects
E) To lazy to bother


December Poll - Holiday Time!

A) Merry Christmas
  92 (55%)
B) Happy Hanukkah
  5 (2%)
C) Happy 'some other holiday that isn't one of the major well known ones'
  14 (8%)
D) Happy New Year
  23 (13%)
E) Bah Humbug
  33 (19%)

Votes so far: 167
Poll closed

Large majority went with Christmas to no ones surprise
still there was a surprising amount of humbugs.

Fan Art

Just starting off the new year with some new art

Chibi of Cosplay ComiPa by ComiPa

Amazon stuffs