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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer 2012 Contest

Contest Extended until 8/31.

Contest - Create a Tournament Character/Participant
Draw 1 Tournament 'Worthy' Character
Required - Draw their Before/Original form

Optional/cookie points - anything else
examples - their after/transformed form, weapons, moves, boobies, etc...

no real requirements or restrictions on the characters. Do keep in mind this is the Bob universe, while a master chief parody would be fun it wouldn't really fit the setting unless he was a Indian chieftain as well or such.... hmm that could actually work...)

Winners may appear in a future comic

if you have questions just ask.

Contest Prizes -
Top 4 - 50 dollars each, via Paypal or other (if you require other though notify me what first)
Honorable mentions 2 - 25 dollars each
so 6 prizes for 250 dollars in all together assuming i get that many.

2 of the top 4 will be chosen by public voting brackets I'll toss the readers.

Contest ends 9/1/12 so 2 summer months.


  1. How do I enter in this contest. I have something for it!

    1. e-mail me the contest entry and any other info pertinent (such as contact info though i guess that would be the e-mail address your sending from)

      evangelion19_84[at] replace the [at] with @


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