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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beast Knight

As a few people have asked where the cat maid in the 'Knights vs Maids 2' came from I've decided to post a few of the initial sketches that i had... the artist for it however has disappeared (and the commission is past 18 months now) so it's unlikely it'll ever be done. I could be wrong and the artist could reappear but I'll not hold my breath.

side note the artist name and such were removed from the page to prevent possible abuse. (even if you do recognize the artist I ask that you refrain from bothering them, while I don't approve of the situation of being burned I also don't approve of harassment and 2 wrongs doesn't make a right)

script included as well as to provide a frame of reference.

 Part 4 - Beast Knight
Sequence into a Nekomimi Maid
Scene 1 - Has the beast knight seemingly jump landing on the castle wall looking around and sniffing the air his nose picking up something "Now where is Bob... Wait! This smell!" 
Scene 2 - Mimi in the kitchen humming happily taking off some latex gloves a bottle of milk on the table next to her 'How nice it is to have new girls, though nursing is--' is cut off by a loud Roar emanating from outside.
Scene 3 - she enters the area only to find the beast knight completely high off of the catnip plants in the garden making a mess. "Monsieur! What are you doing!?" Mimi says
"I'vvee comee forrrr Barb-hick! no that's not right... it was-" his stomach growls loudly interrupting "MUNCHIESS!!" he shouts as he takes another sniff of the catnip before running off like a pot head.
Scene 4 - 9 - Has the beast knight eating/sating himself on the 'pet' food bowls and drinking the fresh nurse milk on the table. As he eats and drinks he gradually transforms more into a cat girl with a nekomimi maid clothing design, more Felicia (from dark stalkers) style rather than full anthro aka his hands and feet paws, cat tail/ears, fang teeth, and fur that matches in line with the maid clothing (so black and white fur colors) and a collar. Eventually she passes out happily as she finishes eating/transforming.
Panel 1 - Has the beast knight seemingly landing on outer castle wall
Beast K - thought bubble 'That was surprisingly easy. Now where is Bob... not that he could hide from my nose.'
Panel 2 - facial close up has him sniffing the air, before seemingly pausing   
Beast K - thought bubble 'Hmm it seems lik-- Wait!! This smell it can't be!'
Panel 3 - Mimi is inside what looks like a kitchen looking like she's thinking, milk based food stuff on the table (pizza, cheese rolls, cheese cake, ice cream, milk jugs)
Mimi - thought bubble 'Saelnes is away but we zill have so much extra mil-' Thought bubble interrupted by the 'ROAR' sound effect' 
Panel 4 - Mimi opening the back castle door
Mimi - thought bubble 'What was zhat?! Another guest? Why is it from zi garden though?'
Panel 5 - Mimi arriving at the garden seeing, the beast knight hunched over a bunch of the flowers/planets.  
Mimi - speech - "Monsieur! What are you doing!?"
Panel 6 - Has the beast knight turning around his mouth pieces of the cat nip plant is sticking out and hands he's has a large blunt, seeming smoking it. Facial expression indicating he's clearly stoned.
Mimi - speech - "Monsieur! Is zhat zi cat nip!?"
Beast K - speech - "Me?!? Yeahhh it's so good!! butt I'vvee comee forrrr Bo-ba?" hick up sound effect "no that's not right... it was-" 'GROWL sound effect emanating from his stomach'
Panel 7 - Beast K - jumps up arms outstretched like a shouting, clearly stoned still.
Beast K - speech "I need MUNCHIES!!!"
Panel 8 - Has the Beast knight running inside Mimi chasing shouting
Mimi - speech - "MONSIEUR! Zose are not for you!"
Panel 9 ~ 15 - as the Beast knight munching on the various kitchen foods from earlier. Each food that he eats he changes a little more. ex- drinking the milk he chest grows boobs as his cloths turn frillier, eating the pizza he grows shorter as his feet turn into paws, eating the cheese cake his face turns feminine as he helmet turning into neko mimi ears, licking the ice cream off his hands as they turn into paws, eating the cheesy rolls the maid outfit fleshes out. There can be others depending on how detailed you’re willing to go.
Panel 16 - has her passed out on the floor completely transformed looking sated/happy, Mimi standing over her face palming.
Nekomaid/Beast K - speech mumbling in her sleep "nya so good, nya"
Mimi - speech - "I give up... zho Saelnes really needs to stop milking after drinking from zi fountain of girlz" 

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