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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 Poll

Well the July results weren't that surprising, mental seems to be the favorite by a good margin but overall it was spread out among all the categories fairly well. Maybe I'll try my hand at a slow mental tf sometime rather then the quick ones, still that requires more time. Anyways onwards we go.

August Poll - What's your favorite base class?
A) Warrior
B) Mage
C) Priest
D) Rogue
E) Other (comment)
F) None

July Poll - What's your favorite transformation type excluding general TG or TF?

A) Mythical beasts (dragon, phoenix, etc..)
  28 (8%)
B) Humanoids (elf's, demons, angels, faeries, etc..)
  67 (20%)
C) My Little Pony's
  13 (4%)
D) Aliens (xenomorphes, twiliks, etc...)
  10 (3%)
E) Inanimate (dolls, statues, etc...)
  13 (4%)
F) Mental (bimbo, sluts, etc...)
  93 (28%)
G) Growth/Shrink
  17 (5%)
H) BE or body part change
  30 (9%)
I) Age Change
  25 (7%)
J) Magical constructs (slimes, golems, etc...)
  16 (4%)
K) Other (pretend to comment)
  4 (1%)
L) None
  7 (2%)


  1. I would have to say from a D&D standpoint my favorite is the Ranger. They shoot bows and arrows plus attack with two handed swords to boot.

    1. Ah, true enough it depends on the system. In lots of versions rangers usually are a sub/future class of rogue due to the dex theme they have similar stats already.

      either way thanks for commenting.


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