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Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Summer Contest Entries

List of the Contest Entries for Quick reference in the voting, several of the DA links have character details in the description which maybe interesting for undecided votes.

1) Melkorios - Swords women

Character History -  

Gust is a powerful warrior from a distant land to the east, a swordswoman that is agile and powerful in both sword combat and magical prowess, be able to cast wind spells to compliment her attacks. Her sword, Tempest, is made from a mysterious green crystalline material that seems to heighten her magical powers. It consists of the main blade and two smaller blades, which can be detached from the sword and manipulated with Gust’s magic.
As a fledgling warrior, Gust had an extremely unusual habit in battle. She would oftentimes stand still and allow her opponents to attack her after she made an attack of her own. While she has since dropped the tendency for the most part, old habits die hard and she will occasionally slip back into her old routine of allowing opponents to attack after her.
Her training and unusual combat style have given her several unique abilities, not the least of which is her Edge Shatter ability, a powerful move in which her speed, strength, and magical powers, allowing her to slash through opponents in rapid sucession, as well as pummel them with a torrent of wind magic. However, she can only use this ability when she is heavily injured and her body has been pushed to its limit.
Gust also has the ability to summon a large magical bird to aid her in combat, lending its own wind magic and combat ability to Gust’s own in battle. However, the summoning process is very time consuming, and leaves Gust incredibly open as she’s performing it, so she does not use it often, especially in the middle of a heated combat.

2) Grandstorm - Foreign Blade Master

3) Rustycrowbar - Mercenary

4) ComX-1 - Viking

5) py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) free entry - Artisummoner

6) Danopolis - Orc Warriormage

7) py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) entry 1 - Sword Saint

8) Panda-Pete - Archivist

9) py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) entry 2 - Geomancer

10) OOFness - Interdimensional Fighter
11) Grandstorm - Goblin Butcher

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