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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Donation Project 1

Halloween Donation Project 1 is underway.  It'll be a 2 month donation drive.

I've already written the general script and such, it'll be 15~ page image story (not comic) with BlackShirtBoy.

This will be released regardless of how much is donated, however if certain numbers are hit donation wise, I will commission extras to it.
I'm not listing a minimum amount but be realistic in that there are fees and such so while 1 penny is a nice gesture after fees it would really just give me more hassle then needed.
I'll accept deviant point donations but I realistically don't have a use for them, at most it would just be a prime account for the group.

Essentially this is has 2 main purposes.
1. To reduce the commission costs
2. Provide a base fund for future commissions

Donation is through paypal which i know people have issues with. Still it's the most efficient and widely used option I could find.

Monday, August 22, 2011

World Information

General list of Information on the Series.
Per various peoples requests I've made a character listing, along with when they first appear.
Maybe I'll edit a pinup and display status and stuff at like stat points like comic cards or a SJ data book... but for now just the simple stuff.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mini Contest Entries

Contest entries by a variaty of people

Mini contest 1
LordEbonFuzu - Character Design

Mini Contest 2 - Script/Story

Scene 1: Man crests over hill with staff in hand, wearing robes marking him as a wizard’s apprentice.
“I hath studied the arte of maygick longe and hard.”

Scene 2: Man walks by knights fighting, sign saying “Ye Olde Tourney”.
“But the inner arte hath avoided the keen yearnings of my mind.”

Scene 3: The Apprentice Mage “knock spells” apprehensively at the gate, wincing.
“Many a long tale hath been told of the magics commanded by the Dark Overlord Bob and Tim. But no sane magus would approach them.”

Scene 4: Top of image shows Bob and Tim, bottom image shows Barbie and Tammy.
“Until now. Now they have been transmuted by forces, though wheyther divine or infernal few can say. But it is my chance to, my chance to ask…”

Scene 5: The doors swing wide, various castle attendees looking shocked at the young mage, shouting “I come here to be The Apprentice!”

Scene 6: Queen Barbie and Tammy sit patiently, sipping tea, as the mage prostrates himself.
“Oh great and powerful sorceress Queens, please give audience to this humble mage that he might absorb all you have to teach!”

Scene 7: Tammy rolls her eyes “Even with a life time, I doubt you could ever master the kind of magics we have to teach.”

Scene 8: Queen Barbie looks out the window at the gathered knights with a frown, then, gets a light bulb above her head.

Scene 9: Queen Barbie speaks to the prostrate Apprentice. “It occurs to me that all the local kings, knights, and clergy are convinced that, as ladies, we won’t have any heirs to continue on our kingdom (not that we plan on aging). Knights gather about the castle walls insisting upon a proper marriage, but I have no plans of leaving my beloved Tammy.”

Scene 10: The Apprentic opens his eyes, sitting up. “I see. And what would you have me do?”

Scene 11: Queen Barbie gets very close, eyes half lidded, while the Apprentice blushes, looking embarrassed. “Would you be willing… to provide me an heir? If you could do that, you’d get all the magic training you want.”

Scene 12: The Apprentice gets a crazy smile, eyes watery, thought bubble “This is too good to be true!”. Says “Of course I am willing! When do we get started?”

Scene 13: Queen Barbie plunks a tiara on the Apprentice’s head “Right now!”.

Scene 14-?: The Apprentice is slowly but surely transformed into a princess. Ends with the Apprentice Princess frowning, Queen Barbie and Tammy smiling at one another, thought bubble “It WAS too good to be true…”

Scene 15: The Next Day: Queen Barbie and Tammy come out to the balcony, speaking to the Ye Olde Tourney below. “We have an announcement to make.”

Scene 16: Scene of gathered knights, listening. “I Queen Barbie am married to Queen Tammy, and shall not be taking any suitors for the realm.”

Scene 17: The lovely Apprentice Princess is pushed forward to the edge of the balcony, small whistle at bottom corner of picture.
“However, my lovely daughter Winme, IS available should a knight prove himself worthy of her.”

Scene 18: Princess whispers to smiling Barbie “What about my magic training?” Queen Barbie: “Well…”

Scene 19: A knight kneels before the throne, a little pink pixie wheeling toward him “…and having won the day’s tourney, you are most certainly worthy of my daughter…”

Scene 19: There is a pink zap around the now Female Knight in shining armor. “Oh no! Another suitor suffers spontaneous feminization… well, that certainly won’t provide grand children. Next!”

Scene 20: Princess Winme giggles, little pixie’s dancing around her fingers. “It’s fun to learn.” END


Mini Contest 3 - Caption/Story


Paladin Pig Girl Storyline

            Bob sat in his extravagant throne, deep in thought. He had managed to overturn the threat posed to him by the band of epic adventurers, true, but there must have been several more out there, waiting for their chance to strike, or simply biding their time until they, too, were strong enough to pose a threat to him. He decided that rather than wait for another threat to make itself known, he would nip the problem in the bud and eliminate potential threats before they became a problem. Without so much as a word, Bob turned towards his crystal sphere, channeling his magic through it to gaze upon the heroes of the land, looking for one who was the closest to achieving epic level, and move his way down.
            It didn’t take long for the orb to show its subject, a paladin, garbed in gleaming silver armor, with enchanted short sword in hand, and a pack filled with holy implements. Bob’s hand reached over and grabbed the stack of parchments next to his throne, and his gaze parted temporarily from the crystal to peruse the various scrolls, until his eyes came upon what he was looking for.
            [The Paladin: A holy warrior possessing great strength in addition to holy magic, the paladin is one of the most versatile and powerful members of a party, especially when leveled up. They can heal allies, buff himself or his comrades, and is deft of blade. One of the paladin’s most obvious shortcomings, however, is their personality. Because of their “holier-than-thou” positions, many paladins come off as arrogant, chauvinistic, overconfident, overzealous, and sometimes outright crude. Using these shortcomings is key when facing a paladin.]
            As he perused the scroll, Bob’s mind drifted to his vast array of magical artifacts, thinking on which one would prove the most useful for dealing with such a paladin. It didn’t take him long to think of a perfect fit for such an adventurer… the Persona Amulet, a charm designed to transform a person into a guise more befitting their true heart. With a snap of his fingers, one of his female servants stood before him, giving a polite bow.
            “What can I do for you, my master?” She asked, giving a polite bow, and a proper curtsy afterwards.
            “Fetch the Persona Amulet from the vaults. I’ll take care of the rest.” Bob replied, giving a wicked chortle from underneath his helmet.
            The lady simply bowed again. “Yes, milord…” she said, as she made her way to the vaults. Within short order, she had pulled the amulet from its storage, and was whisked away via Bob’s magic, to the place where the paladin currently resided, so she could deliver to him his fate.

            “It was then that I took the dragon’s head clean off its shoulders! It was at that point that the plague that was terrorizing that little village was vanquished! Not to mention that the treasure and wenches were mine for the taking!” A man said, letting out guffaws of laughter. A man, dressed in silver armor and with short, light brown hair was busy bragging to several tavern-goers near a fireplace, each tale serving only to boost his feeling of superiority.  It was at that time that Bob’s servant walked in the door. Being the beauty that she was, the paladin was quick to notice. The speed at which he was by her side, taking her hand in his, was almost magical. “Ah! I must truly be blessed, to have the company of such a fair maiden as yourself?”
            “I bring a gift to you from my lord. He has heard of your brave deeds, and has sought to give you a treasure.” With that, she held out the amulet, which was little more than a shiny glass orb on a small gold chain. The paladin took it in his hands, and grinned.
            “Ah, so the tales of Vincent the Grand have finally reached royal ears! It is time I received the true glory I deserved!” With that, he leaned down and kissed the girl’s hand. “Has your lord offered up your company as a prize as well, dear maiden?” he asked, as he put the amulet around his neck. The girl just smiled as she leaned against Vincent. Vincent couldn’t help but give a smug grin, however, this was cut short by a sharp pain spreading across his body, causing his teeth to clench, and his eyes to go wide with shock. He groaned, as he staggered in place, putting his hands to his head. “Urgh… that foul wench must have put something in the mead… this is not how you treat a pala… urk!” he groaned, as his short hair grew longer, the ever elongating locks of hair streaming down past his fingers, like silken rivers.
            Vincent couldn’t help but gasp as he saw his new womanly hair. “What sorcery is this? What in blazes is happening to me?” In addition to the changes to his hair, the rest of his body was also undergoing a change, as it grew slimmer and softer, a lot of the muscle he had melting away as his body gained a feminine daintiness. He screamed in shock, as he quickly darted out of the tavern, to a place he could at least transform in solitude, and not be embarrassed by his metamorphosis in front of all the people he had been bragging to mere moments before. As he ran, his face feminized, as his nose shrank down, while his cheekbones raised, and his eyes and lips grew noticeably bigger. As he stood in a nearby alleyway, panicking, the servant girl strode in, smiling.
            Vincent glared at the girl, his feminine eyes glaring with anger. “YOU! You did this! Change me back right this instant or… ugh… ohhh…” he groaned, as his armor began to melt away. As the top of the chest guard vanished, a pair of large luscious breasts, previously stifled by the armor, sprung free from their restrictive constraints. Vincent let loose a girly shriek as the armor continued to vanish, leaving the form of a luscious beautiful woman underneath, with a wonderful figure and a soft delicate face. However, the changes did not stop even there, as Vincent could feel her ears growing, becoming longer and pointed, not to mention bigger, while there was even more added weight on his chest. As the clothing that was underneath the armor began to fade, she noticed in horror that the weight was not from the breasts that were already there, but rather from a new pair that had surfaced just underneath!
            “What’s happening!?!” she asked in shock, as the last bits of her armor and clothing vanished, leaving her clothed only in her bracers. As her soft body was laid bare for all to see, it began to take a pinkish hue, as her ears continued to grow even bigger, her nose got pushed upward to form a sort of snout, and she sprouted yet another pair of breasts underneath her other four! She screamed out, which sounded more like a squeal, as her fingers and toes fused together, making her normal hands now only have three digits instead of five, with each of those digits becoming big, grey, and clunky, like pigs feet. 
            Vincent watched, horrified, as the changes finalized. Her skin was a bright pink in color, as she had many pig-like features, including her six breasts, her big floppy ears, her big round snout, and her curly tail. She laid there, squealing, like a pig in the mud, as the servant girl walked up to her, smiling.
            “Come on girl… come on, let’s go get you to your new master, okay? Come on, let’s go!” with that, the two were gone, back to the Overlord’s palace.

            Overlord Bob sat on the stone fence, looking down at his latest handiwork. Sue, the new pig-girl, rolled around in the mud, snorting happily, with absolutely no recollection of her old life as a paladin. However, with her living the good life, she didn’t care. She got to roll around in the cool wet mud all day, could always count on being fed good food, and had absolutely no responsibility! She didn’t have a care in the world. After watching his new pet pig roll around for a little while, Bob strolled back into his throne room. After all, there were still many more pesky heroes to attend to.

The End

Overlord Bob Script
Psion into Bimbo

Scene 1: Bob looking into his crystal sphere, observing his next target, the psion. The psion is currently in a dungeon, fighting monsters. The monsters have whimsically bewildered looks on their faces, as they are being floated around in the air by the psion.
Scene 2: (Obligatory Scroll Scene) [The psion is an incredibly powerful mage, who utilizes his mental power instead of arcane magicks and tomes in order to perform his feats of power. With his power over the mind, the psion can do such things as telekinesis, illusions, mental backlashes, mental reading, brainwashing, etc… They also have an odd fascination with crystals, using them to focus their powers as well as to become their own kind of familiar. However, their greatest strength is also their greatest weekness. If you find a way to alter and thus weaken their mental prowess, they shall be powerless before you.]
Scene 3: Bob rubbing his hands together evily as he concocts his plan, the Stupor Diamond, a shimmering diamond with an unusual darkness at the very center.
Scene 4: We see the psion standing triumphantly over a group of defeated monsters. He is dressed rather simply, with a single robe that covers all of his body except for his hands, and a hood that blocks out most of his face. He’s grinning happily as he looks down at his latest conquest, giving a victory pose. His crystal construct is floating above him.
                Psion: “Awww yeah! I’m getting better with every battle! That Bob guy is going DOWN!”
                Crystal: “Well done indeed sir. I must say, your combat skills have grown impressive.
Scene 5/6: Close up on crystal, which has smiley style “eyes”, in an aggravated look. Split with scene with crystal’s eyes in a happy upside down curve look.
                Crystal: “It’s at this point where I would warn you about the dangers that lurk ahead, but since you never listen to me, I think I’ll sing instead…” (crystal begins to sing “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” in other half of panel, with happy face)
Scene 7: Close up on Psion, who is facepalming. Crystal is in background, still singing the coconut song.
                Psion: “Jeez Sam, you can be so uptight sometimes… why can’t you just learn that I can take care of myself! I sometimes regret even making you.”
Scene 8: Psion finds a crystal, which we already know as the Stupor Diamond. Psion foolishly reaches down and picks it up, causing it to flash with a brilliant light.
Full page of transformation from psion into bimbo, his robes shrink down into a skintight dress, while his body softens up and gets some rather generous curves that tightly fill out the dress. His boots (which are revealed as the robes shrink), become high heeled boots of similar length, his short black hair turns long and blonde, and his face has a heavy application of makeup magically appear on it, giving her a cute vapid face. Her fingernails grow long and painted as her hands shrink down to dainty proportions.
Scene 10: As Sam drops to the ground, lifeless (no longer animated by psion’s powers), bimbo (Jenny) bends down to the ground, picking up the various pieces of equipment found on the ground.
Scene 11: A rather humorous sight, as Jenny is wielding/wearing the equipment, but in humorously wrong ways. The helmet is backwards, covering her eyes. The chestplate is resting gently on top of her heaving bosom, she is holding a mace by the head rather than the handle, and she’s holding a shield by its edge.
                Jenny: “Like, look at me! I’m an adventurer!”
Scene 12: Bob magically teleports behind Jenny, causing her to whip around, losing the equipment.
                Jenny: “Like, Hi Bob!”
Scene 13: Closeup of Jenny, putting a finger to her plump lips.
                Jenny: “Like, it’s been fun having an adventure and stuff, but I think I wanna go home now…”
Scene 14: Bob is sitting proudly on his throne, Jenny snuggling up with him, dressed up either in an Arabian harem getup, or in a skimpy styled princess outfit. Scroll contains last piece of segment [While lowering the psion’s mental facilities is recommended, overlords who wish to enslave their victims might wish to take note that the mental decay makes the finished product unable to do much of anything. Best not to expect any work out of your new servant.]


By Ecphoneme

The Downfall of Sir Keith

Scene 1: {Shows a blackened and withered land, with Bob and Tim on opposite sides of the background, staring each other down menacingly} Narration box: For years, the world has suffered under the iron grip of two opposing tyrants: the Evil Overlord Bob and the Dark Sorcerer Tim. But when a band of Heroes joined forces in a daring attempt to put an end to Bob’s reign, the consequences would be greater than what anyone could have imagined.

Scene 2: {Shows a more bountiful version of scene 1’s land, with the background now occupied by Barbie and Tammy, kissing or snuggling or the like} Narration box: When the dust settled, Overlord Bob was no more, replaced by Queen Barbie. The Dark Sorcerer Tim had similarly become Barbie’s consort, Empress Tammy, and the Heroes had become the new monarchs’ unanimously feminine servants. Their realms were joined, the land flourished, and the fragments of evil wasted no time in running afould the new regime and being turned into new disciples of the Queen.  For all intents and purposes, good had triumphed throughout the land.

Scene 3: {Cut to a muscular man in bright armor, with chiseled features and a cape fluttering in the wind, striking a heroic pose against a shining background} Narration Box: But one man was not convinced evil had been purged from the world. The very same man who, if not for an unfortunate case of food poisoning, would have been at the very forefront of the heroes’ struggle against Bob. He was Keith- Champion of the Downtrodden, Defender of the Innocent, Scourge of the Malevolent and the Incorrigible.

Scene 4: {Keith standing amidst some very sinister looking ruins, at the top of a flight of stairs that leads down into a dark temple of doom and the like. Nearby is a bored looking squire, holding the reigns to Keith’s horse.} Narration Box: His quest has led him here; to what is quite possibly the very source of the dark powers which once had this world by the throat. Below is no doubt all manner of eldritch abominations and malevolent forces beyond comprehension, waiting to face the cold hard justice of Keith’s-

Scene 5: {Squire interrupts Keith’s heroic narration} Squire: Are we going to go below, sir, or are you just going to stand there and smile at the ruins until they surrender?

Scene 6: Keith: Of course not, my young companion. In order to achieve victory, we must plunge into the very bowels of evil, so as to make sure it never unleashes its vile droppings upon the latrine of our world. {Composure regained, Keith begins to descend stairs, followed by his squire, still leading the horse and looking as if he’s heard that sort of speech a million times before.}

Scene 7: {Keith marches through a long corridor, oblivious to a series deadly traps which miss him only by sheer luck} Narration Box: And so our hero plunges on, confident in his mission to tear out evil at its root.

Scene 8: {Keith and Squire reach a large chamber, with an evil looking and vaguely feminine artifact/idol situated in the middle on a pedestal} Narration Box: After many hard won victories and triumphant trials, the champion enters the inner sanctum of evil, the creamy center of evil’s malevolent pie.

Scene 9: {Keith takes one look at the idol, pulls out a fancy looking sword, and then hacks down a two handed blow on the idol.}

Scene 10: {The sword cuts into the idol but fails to slice it through, leaving the blade caught in the idol. Keith looks with confusion down at the partially chopped idol.}

Scene 11: {Shadowy tendrils begin to leak from the idol, crawling up the blade of the sword.} Keith: That… is not good.

Scene 12-16?: {Tendrils reach Keith, covering his body and transforming him into a sinister looking woman in an ornate black and purple gown, accentuated by a few pieces of spiky armor and a horned crown.}

Scene 17: {The new Duchess Kelly’s hands and eyes glow with evil energy} Kelly: Yes… yes! I can feel the power! I could do anything! I could raise an army of destruction, unseat those pretenders Barbie and Tammie, and make the world bend to my whims! Sir Keith the fool is gone, but the world shall soon tremble at the name of the Wicked Duchess Kelly!

Scene 18: {Kelly cackles, causing the room to shake and boulders to fall from the fall from the ceiling..}

Scene 19: {Kelly notices the exit has apparently collapsed due to her earth shaking laughter.} Kelly: Oh. Well that’s a problem. Guess that means I’m stuck down here. And I was so looking forward to conquering the world. {Kelly pouts.}

Scene 20:{Kelly spots the Squire and the horse, which are cowering in one corner of the room, bringing a sinister grin to her lips.} Kelly: Well it would seem at least I will have some entertainment down here while I wait...

Postscript: And so the day was saved by the heroic sacrifice of one seemingly insignificant tunnel. The realm could rest a little easier, knowing that the world now had one less annoying hero, and one more trapped evil waiting to wreak havoc on the world. Though that last part might not be so comforting...

Enchant by Amber
Donna Travers groaned as the hot spray of her shower began to wash away the smell of the teenage whores she was forced to teach. “Only another year, and then I can retire,” the older woman thought.

She fully immersed her gray hair into the water and then pulled it back. Her day had seemingly been nothing but scolding those high school senior tarts about the proper way to dress in public. Sure, it was their senior year and they were entitled to a little bit of fun, but the idea of bouncing around with their 18th-birthday-gift enhanced breasts contained in nothing but tube tops was... inexcusable!

Little did Donna know that while the “senior tarts” were giving her fits, the juniors who sought to become next year's top sluts were assigned a top secret mission to change the old bat's attitude on dress code. The girls were eager, but clumsy. Donna had found her back door opened and shrugged off the mysterious scent in her bedroom, but what she noticed in her shower was just too much to go unnoticed. There, among her soap and shampoo was a bright pink bottle labeled “Enchant”.

Donna sighed at this horribly thought out practical joke. The incoming senior girls were always trying to prank her as a rite of initiation. Her house had been broken into a number of times, and it got to the point where she didn't even call the police. A week of strict detention usually did the trick nicely. She thought back to last year's prank, which went horribly awry after the vibrator the girls left under her pillow was accidentally turned on. Donna had come into her bedroom and found the disgusting purple vibe buzzing on the floor.

She rolled her eyes while she reminisced, then picked up the pink bottle. “Enchant, hmm? I'll bet it's just glue,” she muttered as she popped the cap open. A rush of lovely, fresh smelling bliss instantly hit her nostrils. It smelled of wonderful berries and the slightest bit of vanilla and maybe cocoa. Donna found herself cooing at the mere scent of Enchant.

Going against her better judgment, she turned the bottle over and felt the shampoo ease out onto her hand. The wonderful scent got perhaps more powerful, filling the entire bathroom with the pleasing fruity aroma. With a smile, Donna rubbed her hands together and began massaging the wonderful Enchant into her scalp. Her eyes closed; the mere action of working it into her scalp made her feel so at ease that she couldn't even notice the tingling sensation it caused.

For countless blissful minutes, Donna continued to rub the shampoo into her hair. Finally, with a breathy sigh, she stopped. The smell had seemingly grown stronger as it continued its assault on her nose. She tilted her head forward and began to wash Enchant out of her hair. If she had opened her eyes, she would see the long mat of gray hair begin to take on a more youthful, vibrant blonde color while it grew longer and longer over her bent over form. With another deep breath, Donna snapped up, the hair flying to her back and landing on her bare behind with a thwack!

Donna's eyes bolted open. She attempted to look behind her, but, unable to see anything out of the ordinary, she reached to her back and pulled on the... hair? She grabbed a firmer hold and brought the soaking wet locks to her eyes. Long, honey blonde, and looking like it was just styled a few days ago. She let out an audible gasp. This wasn't proper at all! And how... how did this Enchant do that?

She looked at the bottle and turned it over.

“ENCHANT Shampoo and Body Wash...

Just use for a simple half hour in the shower and you'll feel like a brand new woman!
ENCHANT uses only the best organic and natural ingredients to bring out your body's
natural beauty.

Through our patented blending process, we are able to change your body into that
of your wildest dreams. Don't fear it, embrace the you that you deserve to be.
Let our wonderful product help you ENCHANT the world.”

Donna felt a shiver run through her spine. She would love to Enchant the world... but no! She couldn't possibly do that. That's what those little strumpets would want! But the smell... the feel of her scalp was so lovely... She turned to the small mirror inside the shower and ran her hand over it to clear the fog. She quickly stopped as she watched her hand, which had suddenly become more interesting than the mirror.

Before her very eyes, Donna's hands were losing the nasty veins, wrinkles, and lines of a long-time school teacher. Instead, they looked slightly more youthful, more healthy, and complete with gorgeous two-inch, red nails. Another gasp escaped her lips. “What th-... eek!” The sound of her own voice took her by surprise. Her once harsh, raspy voice had been replaced by the sultry, melodic tones of a most sensual woman. “Oh my goodness...”

Donna finally found the courage to bring her gaze to the mirror, intent to look at her hair. She did indeed see the gorgeous honey blonde mane that had replaced her drab gray bun, but also bore witness to a luscious bubbling in her lips. She let out a gasp, which quickly turned into a moan as her lips began to pucker and plump into a gorgeous pair of soft pillows, coated in the most decadent of reds. A quick moan escaped her brand new lips, which started a brand new chain reaction in her face. Her wrinkles began to fade while her face tightened. Though she wasn't a teenager by any stretch of the imagination, her face began to look like that of a woman who knew just how to please and be pleased. Her once dull, steel colored eyes were now a bright baby blue, while her large beak of a nose became more and more slender; a perfect fit on her soon to be Enchanting body.

Donna felt Enchant continue its assault, but refused to waver in her belief that the girls that did this needed to be severely punished. What was this poison that was changing her body? She had just enough time to think of this conundrum when another one sprang forth... well, two conundrums, that is. Her tiny old nipples had suddenly sprung to life, growing slightly larger and much rounder. Her aureole quickly followed suit, becoming darker and much rounder. Her old, flabby tummy slowly tucked, leaving her with a smooth, flat belly that any woman would be proud to show off. Her hips, once bony and brittle, began to flare outward, wider and wider until it showed that she was a perfect mate for any male.

She let out a low groan and bent over, her manicured hands pressed against the wall. A slight pain had built in her ankles, and she watched from behind as her now dainty feet rose to their tiptoes, unable to stand completely down on the floor of the tub. From her vantage point, she could also see her flat bottom begin to bubble and jiggle upward and outward, leaving her with a very delicious bubblebutt that would surely bounce around if smacked. Just like those awful senior girls that she had just scolded today!

But again, her thoughts were cut off by more wonderful sensations. Her back, which had been a problem area for her since she turned 45, was not only ache-free, but also incredibly fit, as if preparing for some sort of... weight?!?! Donna's eyes went wide as she shook her head. No, no, no! This cannot happen to her! How would anybody take her seriously if she had giant-......

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The gurgling sensation began to build in her chest. Donna found herself in full out panic mode as her chest started gurgling like an empty stomach... but it wasn't her stomach that was empty... it was her bust. And Enchant would know just how to fill her bust's appetite.

She watched in horror as her breasts began to push outward, slowly at first, but then quickening to a nice steady pace. She watched as the mounds easily shot past any of the bras she owned, and into the territories of some of the senior girls she had to lecture. But these weren't fake like the other girls'... no, these were very real. She could feel the weight of the glorious flesh as her melons doubled, tripled, and quadrupled in size, until she was left with a gorgeous rack that would make any pornstar jealous. Plus, thanks to her newly mended back and tummy, the gigantic juggs perched high atop her chest.

The woman on the outside looked positively gorgeous, but inside, a battle still waged. Donna refused to accept this devious body, but soon felt a nagging voice in the back of her head, which was growing louder and louder by the minute. This Enchantress, though definitely reminiscent of the little sluts at the school, began to make more and more sense.

“Everyone wants to be beautiful, Donna... Don't worry. Together, we can make sure that you're as beautiful as you can be, and that the world will be as beautiful as it should be... We'll be making a real difference to these kids... That's what you want, to make a difference with the children, right?”

Donna felt herself nodding to this invisible voice.

“Yes... you want to be a lovely role model for everyone. And guess what, Donna? Enchant is letting us do that... Enchant is letting us help everyone be beautiful, one step at a time... We're not meanies... We're helpers... Good helpers with great bodies... Don't you want to be a good helper?”

Donna moaned and opened her eyes. “I want to be a good helper...”

With those final words, Donna Travers ceased to exist, and in her place was a good helper... an Enchantress.

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