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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Donation Project 1

Halloween Donation Project 1 is underway.  It'll be a 2 month donation drive.

I've already written the general script and such, it'll be 15~ page image story (not comic) with BlackShirtBoy.

This will be released regardless of how much is donated, however if certain numbers are hit donation wise, I will commission extras to it.
I'm not listing a minimum amount but be realistic in that there are fees and such so while 1 penny is a nice gesture after fees it would really just give me more hassle then needed.
I'll accept deviant point donations but I realistically don't have a use for them, at most it would just be a prime account for the group.

Essentially this is has 2 main purposes.
1. To reduce the commission costs
2. Provide a base fund for future commissions

Donation is through paypal which i know people have issues with. Still it's the most efficient and widely used option I could find.

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