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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Like Clock Work Part 3 - Sand of Time

Art by Ibenz, story by me
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"Impressive" I said to no one in particular as I entered the new opened Cathedral with mingled with all the other tourists and reporters. As the group openly marveled at interior, I searched for guards or wards, after all it honestly looked more like something you would find in an arcanists lab then a church. The walls, windows, and even chairs were seemingly made up of cogs and other gears. The tick tock of the gears and other machinations, reverberated throughout the building as they cranked back and forth slowly pulling the giant front gates completely open for the grand opening.

"Thank you for joining us today for the reopening of Alinavious Temple, I am High Priestess Akita and I will be your guide today." The priestess said as she did a short bow, her bodysuit type clothing leaving very little to the imagination as the various magitograher pictures flashed out catching her every pose.

Making a Band

Art by Darkoshen

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