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Monday, September 5, 2016

2016 - Contest Entry List

 by Fuze
 by Com-X
 by ARTgazer12
 by Primal-py
by Dewani90

The Gestalt Hydra is probably the most unusual creature in the Dragon, Reptilian, and/or Slime races if it could be determined which of the three it best fits in. While other species of hydra generate new heads as a result of age or their regeneration abilities, the Gestalt Hydra takes a completely different approach. It will seek out a humanoid of any kind, usually an adventurer, and swallow them. The consumed humanoid will be absorbed into the Gestalt Hydra, increasing its mass and adding a new head to it. The main head will gain all the knowledge and abilities of the absorbed humanoid, though its skill in using those abilities depend greatly on what stage of development it is in.

The Gestalt Hydra goes through five stages of maturity, advancing to the next stage for each two heads it gains. Its behavior and abilities change for each stage.

Stage 1-Fledgling: A Gestalt Hydra that has not yet assimilated anything resembles a long lime green serpent with a single stubby horn on its head. Their bright coloration can give away their presence and a wary adventurer can usually fight one off. Killing a Gestalt Hydra, even at this low stage, is very tricky as their bodies are more similar to a slime's in composition, coming back together and reforming itself after it's been hacked to pieces. Fire can keep a Gestalt Hydra from regenerating. At this simple stage, a Gestalt Hydra acts like a basic snake. While it can consume non-sentient prey and plants, it will always be looking for a humanoid to absorb. A secondary head is usually powerless to resist its serpentine instincts.

Stage 2-Trapper: After assimilating two humanoids, the Gestalt Hydra will go through a significant change. Its heads will extend much further from its larger body on long flexible necks. The lesser heads of the Gestalt Hydra will start to regain some of their original features while the main head will have a blend of the two. At this stage, the Gestalt Hydra is more cunning and willing to use its enhanced brainpower. It will lay traps for potential assimilations, generally using its sticky spit. Its body has darkened to an emerald green, making it easier to blend into its environment and ambush victims. The heads will be capable of speaking the languages its absorbed victims know, though the lesser heads are usually still subservient to the main head.

Stage 3-Legion: After a Gestalt Hydra has gained its fifth head, its body and temperament shift dramatically. Its moss green body has gained considerable mass, so much that it grows a pair of lizard-like legs to help pull itself across the ground. The necks of the Gestalt Hydra have developed into forms resembling snake people with torsos and arms. This stage is when a Gestalt Hydra is at its most aggressive. It has gained enough strength and power at this point that it doesn't need to trap adventurers. It can attack with great ferocity, wielding the multiple abilities that it has absorbed. While the lesser heads do have more independence in this stage, they are usually too filled with a thirst for battle to resist the commands of the main head.

Stage 4-Noble: Once a Gestalt Hydra has managed to add a seventh member to its throng, it goes through another major shift in form and behavior. The main body now resembles that of a large lizard with dark green scales. The necks of the Gestalt Hydra now resemble lesser nagas with the end of their 'tails' joining the main body. The lesser heads have almost all of their former appearance, though they still have serpentine scales, claws, fangs, and other features common with less nagas. Having acquired all the strength it requires, the Gestalt Hydra now focuses its efforts on expanding its mental capabilities. As such, it will act more genteel and aristocratic, becoming much more sociable with other beings. Instead of trying to acquire new members by traps or force, it'll try to persuade potential joiners to willing assimilate. Gestalt Hydras can make very convincing cases about the benefits of becoming one with them. It would be most likely to seek out those of higher intelligence like scholars or mages and be very picky with their selections.

Stage 5-Royal: The rare nine-headed Gestalt Hydra has reached the peak of its growth. Its main body resembles a brontosaur, making it larger than other species of hydras. The nine necks now resemble greater nagas. The lesser heads have all their original features from before they were assimilated from the waist up. From the waist down, they resemble a long serpent though they are still joined to the main body. The main head is often a sight to behold, combining all the best traits of the other heads with a magnificent crown of nine horns. The alignment of a Gestalt Hydra depends on the alignments of its members, though at this stage, they are typically charismatic enough to be respected by almost all other races.

At this final stage, Gestalt Hydras are known to engage in something known as 'trading off'. There are times where one of the lesser heads want to leave, the main head wants to have a better member, or an individual wants to join a fully-occupied Gestalt Hydra. When that happens, the lesser head will envelop both itself and the individual into a cocoon-like sac. After a day of gestation, the sac will open, releasing the lesser head freed from the Hydra with the individual taking their place.

Separating an absorbed person from a Gestalt Hydra is very difficult outside of the trade off. Simply chopping them off of the Hydra isn't usually enough as their gelatinous body structure makes reattaching very simple. Absorbed components also feel a very strong connection towards the Gestalt Hydra, only those with very strong wills can resist if they don't want to be a part of the Hydra. Slaying a Gestalt Hydra is a difficult feat due to their regeneration powers. But it can be done, usually by targeting the main head. Targeting the main body is also effective, but their expansive mass makes hitting the center a challenge. When a Gestalt Hydra is slain, the people they've absorbed will be freed, but the shock of suddenly becoming individuals again can be very traumatic and it could take them weeks if not months to recover.

Are they fairies, dream demons? Something else entirely? Nobody knows. Jesters just are what they are and nobody can quite get a handle on that, not that it helps adventurers who encounter one much. They are as unpredictable and chaotic as their garish clothing and can be entertaining to talk to, but frightfully dangerous if you approach one wrong.

Jesters are said to come in both male and female. This can be difficult to tell as their actions and usual slim girlish figure make differentiation hard. If one looks androgynous it is best not to even question and just go with the flow. Usually females will be slightly easier to define if you find one with a generous chest and caboose. Just be sure not to stare too long as they give their playful and acrobatic dance, they may take things the wrong way and challenge you to a game.

Jesters are social creatures, but not often with their own kind. Instead they will wander into civilized settlements and play their merry pranks, sometimes they are just another citizen with a slight wacky streak, sometimes they will use their mysterious powers for good...but the vast majority of the time things get

Using their mysterious powers, Jesters are able to pull off a number of odd tricks. Usually these can involve variations of slight of hand or mental trickery. With these mental powers focused on more than just a simple trick however, a Jester can easily hypnotize other thinking beings that they focus on. This results in their slight of hand through skilled use of illusions and sensory manipulation. Usually when focused on a female, they can utilize her as a pawn or more commonly a lovely assistant.

When a Male is focused on by a Jesters attention, something even stranger may happen. Jesters will rarely offer to share their vast mental powers with a humanoid sentient creature, granting them the Jesters card, which will then transform into a marking on the skin. these "marked" are granted a portion of the Jesters power but at a price. With each use the mark slowly transforms them, robbing them of their manhood and eventually transforming them into a female that the jester will be free to recruit as a hypnotized assistant. It is said that the very best assistants are eventually offered a mask of their own and transformed into a Jester sister themselves.

This is not to say that the mysterious and odd Jesters are all bad. While they operate on an alien moral code, they rarely ever do anything out of malice and seem to find nothing wrong in their actions. Some of the more mild Jesters are quite sociable and have even joined adventuring parties, offering their special brand of bizarre entertainment and their powerful mental abilities to the heroes aid. On the rarest of occasions told only in story books of questionable account, male humanoids have even courted a Jester, usually a jester maiden that accompanied their adventuring party. Needless to say their relationship was...never boring. Above all however Jesters are strange and unpredictable and should be treated with caution.

Jesters appear to be almost humanoid but are constantly clad in colorful jester outfits that cover their entire bodies, showing no skin aside from sometimes their hair style. All jesters wear a distinctive mask that has a default expression showcasing their usual personality, although often these masks change expression to fit the jesters current mood. Nobody knows what a Jester looks like under their colorful clothing and mask. Some have assumed that merely seeing a jesters true face will drive you mad. Some have made assumptions that the colors of a jesters suit have to do with their family ties, but nobody knows for sure.

When made to fight Jesters utilize their mental powers and acrobatic tricks in a weaponize form, sometimes having odd and offbeat weapons like thrown playing cards. 
Vos carefully pulled the large dusty book on monsters from the shelf and grunted at the weight. Huffing he hurried over to a table and set it down with a thump.

For a moment he stared at the figure drawn on the cover. Mauler Martyn, the author of the book according to the caption above him, looked like the typical monster hunter. Tall brawny and decked out in leather Martyn gave the reader a winning smile and thumbs up while balancing a wicked looking knife on one finger.

As a novice wizard just out of the academy Vos had accepted the first quest he came across. And said quest was to stop Dust Bunnies raiding a town. So just like he had in the academy he went to the library to look up everything on them and how to deal with them.

Opening to the appropriate entry instead of writing he found a swirl of colour on the pages. Then a few seconds later the colours shimmered and reformed to show the edge of a forest with Mauler Martyn himself leaning against the tree a few feet away.

“Welcome to hunt with me, Mauler Martyn!” he announced in a loud excited voice as he stepped away from the tree. “Today we’re after Dust Bunnies!”

Vos recognized the entry as being from a recording orb as the viewpoint the book was showing followed Martyn as he started into the forest.

“Now Dust Bunnies are magical critters,” explained Martyn as he picked his way through bushes and undergrowth. “They can be found just about anywhere they can find food, water, and a place to make a burrow.”

“There are plenty ideas about their origins. The two most popular theories are magical experiments by a lonely wizard on regular rabbits. Or corruption due to illegal potion dumping by cheap wizards,” he continued. “Whatever the case, the result is a monster that’s life consists of breeding and eating. During the day they search the area around their burrow for suitable males and food. Then at night they return to their homes to rest.”

“Oh! We’re in luck,” said Martyn as he crouched behind a tree and pointed ahead of him. The view shifted slightly to look over his shoulders at a figure picking and eating berries from a bush. “There’s one now.”

At first glance a person might mistake it for a human woman, but on closer examination several inhuman features could be made out. And Martyn was quick to do so as he turned to face the reader/orb.

“Now, as you can see she’s fairly short as most Dust Bunnies don’t reach past four feet in height. Her legs and rear are thick and curvy for running after men or away from threats. Also it may look like she’s wearing thigh high stockings but that’s actually fur and if you look at her feet you can see their just like a rabbit’s.”

Vos noticed as Martyn was still talking the Dust Bunny had stepped away from the berry bush and was looking over where Martyn was as her ears twitched. “They have tails and ears like rabbits while the rest of them is human-like. Their hair is very curly but doesn’t grow very long leaving their nose and up covered by hair. Usually they go nude like this one, but occasionally they due wear skimpy tops to make their relatively modest C cup chests more noticeable. ”

“Now, Dust Bunnies get their name from the strange amplifying effect they have on sneezes. This effect causes sneezes to become so strong the sneezer passes out.” Looking back at the Dust Bunny Vos saw it had was now near the left edge of the page where it was glancing at Martyn while waving and gesturing to something out of sight.

“Now, normally Dust Bunnies are not aggressive unless they are looking for a male or are hungry and you have food. Now if you are fighting them,” finally thought Vos, though he did wonder how the recording was going to go as six Dust Bunnies emerged from the forest and gathered around the first. “It’s best to fight them at a distance because their kicks hurt! And I say their because when dealing with Dust Bunnies always remember if you can see one there are probably half a dozen more nearby.”

“Also remember all a single Dust Bunny wants to do is breed but a group will generally get mean. Though since they aren’t that bright, the most they will do is rough you up,” Vos noted grimaces on the Dust Bunnies faces as their ears twitched and they started creeping towards him. “They do know so instinctive nature magic which can turn a person into a bunnygirl. But they usually only do that if you make them really angry.”

Vos wasn’t sure if Martyn didn’t know or care about the Dust Bunnies who were now almost on top of him but the hunter continued speaking. “Now as for the loot Dust Bunnies will generally have little to nothing on them. As I already mentioned they don’t wear much and aren’t big enough to have eaten it so don’t try carving them open. Instead it’ll all be in their burrow. Gold, silver, and equipment all are things they collect as trophies or shiny things to- OH GODS!!”

The novice wizard sighed in disbelief as he watched as six of the Dust Bunnies dogpiled on the now shouting Martyn and forced him to the ground. The first Dust Bunny grinned wickedly as a faint green glow surrounded her hands. Reaching down the other Dust Bunnies mirrored her face as she touched Martyn and his immediately voice rose several octaves to a feminine pitch. Then the Dust Bunnies gave one another a satisfied smile and nod and scattered into the trees.

Martyn groaned and pushed himself up into a sitting position with his now slender arms. Dark hair grew and fell across his, or more correctly, her face as lips plumped, chin narrowed, and long dark rabbit ears emerged from the top of her head.

Her clothes were now several sizes too big for her now smaller and curvy frame. But that didn’t last long as her leather pants and shirt fused and reformed into a black one piece corset. The new outfit fit quite snuggly due to the large fist sized breasts she had grown and showed off her well rounded butt. Her boots changed last shrinking down until they only covered the tops of her feet and had several inch long heels.

“And finally, when on the hunt be aware of your surroundings and if a Dust Bunny does change you, seek magical aide at once.” said Martyn as she focused on the orb and the pages swirled into a mix of colour again.

Blast them with magic it is thought Vos as he shut the book and wondered if any of his former classmates would be willing to lend him a hand.

 The Tillies by watcher313

Type: spirit/vengeful ghost
Body type: Petite/average
Boob size: Large a to large c Cup.
Apparance: They look generally how they did in life. Save for being paler, thinner and the clothing they appear to be wearing. All Tillies wear tattered white gossamer dresses that makes there bodies appear as a outine. There legs apear to be in thick tights that end in a box like shoe that you can't tell where it begins or ends. And on there heads is at least one pale white ghost flower. The longer they exist the more flowers grow on there heads usually in a writhe like pattern.

Habitat: Tillies useally live in dark places like old ruins, dark forests, cemeteries, or  if there is a place all of the above at once. They generally exsist in the ground and will pop up out of it in a grand display when they sense there prey.

Background: This world has seen many a dark thing. But one that is to often in this world is betrayal. When one is on a quest to become a man again. (when they remember or care to go on a quest that is.) They will most likely bring allies with them. These allies should be trusted friends that will stick by them thru thick and thin. They should be but are offten not. Tillies are created when a questie finds the object of there desires and are just about to use it when they are stabbed in the back. Literally in some cases. When the spirit rises it is full of hate and wraith and if Tillie is near by they will become a Tillie. The new Tillie then proceeds to haunt the person who wrounged her cuaseing great distrest and in some cases death to the victim. The only way to get rid of a tillie (without a cleic of somekind) is to eather die or be changed into a woman permnitly. The Tillie then goes and joins the nearest group of Tillies or starts a new group in the nearest of its favorite habitat.

Powers: Tillies like to dance around to cause different effect on a victim or area. Notable dances include. Dance of forces: This dance a very forceful dance that makes any loose object in the area to start flying around causing damage. Dance of ill winds: This dance is a very flowy dance that cause a cold wind to surge thru the area cause great discomfort to anyone in it. Dance of the puppet: A very wooden and stiff dance that looks like the Dancer is a wooden doll but its the victim that is the puppet any move or action the Tillie does the victim does aswell what ever that movement mite be. And finally the most frightning dance. The dance of guilty conscience: A very dark and malevolent dance that cause the victim to hallucinate about every wrong thing they have every committed in life and feel the pain of the victims he has wronged. Other than that normal ghost powers flight ,invisibility ,intangibility and etc.

Victims: The favorite prey is those that have betryed there allies. If a new Tillie is made she will hunt him with her sisters providing backup. If a new Tillie is not made then the group will being there hunt and take turns doing all sorts of nasty things to the victim. In any case the first thing the Tillies do is apear before the victim and present him a wreath of black flowers. When (not if) the flower are taken a black flower mark is placed on the victim and the haunting begins. As above the only way to get rid of a Tillie is to die or change yourself into a woman permanently. (tho it has been thought that if you confess and make restitutions to and family or friends of your victim while in female form you could start a quest to become a man again. This has never been proven one way or the other.) The only other victim of the Tillies (that are not innocent bystanders) are those poor souls that survie there betrayal. In this case the Tillies offer this soul a wreath of white flowers. If they accept then they are marked with a white flower and there cloths change to that of Tillies only not in tatters and you can tell were the shoes begin and end. The Victim of this will then go on a tear thru the world looking for her treacheries ally and more often then not die in the process. Thus becoming a Tillie fully. If the ally is found a right beating is sure to follow. A victim of this possion can be saved if the accused is brought to justice for there crimes.

Notable Tillies: Most Tillies are lacking in what you would say the individual personality department. They focus on punishing there victims and welcoming there new sisters. That pretty much the beginning and end of there personality. Tho there is one expiation and that is Marlie the Queen of the Tillies. She is the oldest of them and is slight diferent in appearance to them. Her gown is much longer and more finely detailed with what apears to be sequins ribbions and ruffles tho still in tatters. On her head is a writhe full of white ghost flowers but in the center of it near her crown is Pale blue glowing rose. Unlike most Tillies that can only smile evily or passive stare. She can talk in sad and melancholy voice. Her powers are enhanced versions of any of Tillies dances. A few special dances that she is the only one that can perform. The only one of which has been seen and recorded fully is her dance of parasitical endurance where she beings to dance a physcial demanding dance that would stress even the best of dancer effortless tho at the expense of the people around her as they tire and quickly collaps. She also has the abillty to command and empower any tillie she comes across. Tho she rarely leaves the deserted castle she calls home. Her history is unknow to anyone as is the castle she calls home.  

(A kind of altration to the Ghosts called the Willies form the Ballet Giselle.)

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