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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Contest 3 - Prizes

Contest 2 results and final judgements.

ComX-1 - Viking
  28 (17%)
Danopolis - Orc Warriormage
  31 (19%)
Py-primal (SmokedToast/Dante) - Sword Saint
  48 (30%)
Panda-Pete - Archivist
  52 (32%)

Votes so far: 159
Poll closed

So the winner of the Polling was
Panda-Pete - Archivist

admittedly I think it was because of his advertising campaign which was likely the most effective, but I have nothing against that.

So popular choice winners are
1) Panda-Pete - Archivist
2) Py-primal - Sword Saint

Personal choice
1) Danopolis - Orc Warriormage
2) Grandstorm - Goblin Butcher
(in a monster girl mood)

Honorable mentions
1) Rustycrowbar - Mercenary
2) ComX-1 - Viking

contact me for prize allocation addresses (as noted I'm assuming you all have paypal, if something else let me know.)

everyone else (OOFness, Melkorios) thanks for entering and contact me as well for random extra consolation prizes 

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