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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Overlord Card Game Concept

Overlord Card Game Concept

Modes of Play
Free for All - All players attempt to get to rank of Epic Hero (Rank 6) in order to challenge/defeat the Overlord first and become the new Overlord, players may aid and oppose each other with cards, such as traps, spells, items, and combat events.                                                                                
Group Play - All Players work together in order to defeat the Villain, in short it's like a giant on-going quest mode. If a player falls they become a servant to the GM literally…                                                                                              
FFA Start
1) Determine who is the GM for the game.
2) Starting roll to determine player order, roll whatever dice you agree on.
                Each Player draws 5 cards to start, Max hand size of 10 play cards, active/on table cards such as played/equipped gear does not count towards this limit.                                                                                 
                Each Player draws one class/race card at random, those will be your starting classes. In Group play you may select class/race combinations at will.                                                                                 
                Each player starts with 20 Physical and 20 Spiritual health                                                                                              No race specified means your human by default.                                                                                             
                No class specified means your NPC by default                                                                                   
                GM shuffles all remaining cards together.                                                                                           
                Play mode either Dice or Board.                                                                                               
                Dice mode, GM splits the cards into 6 different randomized decks specifying each a different number between 1-6. Each turn for events the player rolls a 1d6 dice and draws from associated pile.                                                 
                Board game mode players move in random motions along the dungeon board, the DM is to place cards at each space on the board. Each time a card is used up a new card is placed on the spot.                              Empty board spaces are then filled by the DM.                                                                                   
                Each player starts at a different section of the board.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Heroes Units have 2 types of HP, Physical and Spiritual.                                                                                                
                Physical - Easy to lose and restore                                                                                           
                Spiritual - Harder to Lose and restore                     
                In free for all mode if your spiritual HP hits 0 you’re out.
In group play when spiritual hits zero the player loses and gets turned into GM Minion.                                                
If you bring a monsters spiritual HP down to 0 you can capture the unit, (add to your inventory where you can use it on other players or sell it for gold.)                                                                                         
                When Physical hits 0 if due to trap or combat the player loses a turn, permanently suffers the negative effect (based on whatever reduced hp to 0) and suffers 5 spiritual damage.                                                     They find themselves in the inn with full physical health after.                                                                                                                            
                Non-permanent Curses/TF and Physical health restored whenever you gain a rank.                                                                                       
                Permanent curses/tf can only be removed by special cards.                                                                                       
                Gold cannot be saved, so if you’re selling cards make sure you use all your gold
Players Turn      
·         Main Phase -Player can play trap cards face down, select equipment cards, play monsters against other players, play curse/spell cards
·         Draw/Event Phase - Draw a card if none is played against you. If a monster is played against you prepare to fight                                                                               
·         Combat                Attack/Event Roll - 6 sided dice to determine if a attack succeeds/fails times Rank, so rank 1 rolls a 1d6 while rank 5 rolls 5d6                                                                                             
·         Player and Monster roll dice depending on there rank, difference = damage to the opponent   
·         Bravely run away - hero can choose to flee combat for there combat roll must roll greater then 3 x Rank to flee combat.                                                                                              
·         Player suffers 1 spiritual damage for fleeing combat and ends there turn, if the monster rank is more then 2 ranks higher take 0 damage                                                                                   
·         Consumables - Can play any time from your hand or inventory disappears after a single use.      
·         End Turn                                                                                             
                used/defeated cards go into a 'The waste basket' aka graveyard                                                                                              
Ranks:   Levels/Ranks occur every 4 EXP, all monsters give 2 exp, quests give 4 exp, monster/quests lower rank give -1 exp, exp does not carry over rank to rank.                                                                                    
                Ranks range from 1 to 5, after 5 your hero reaches Epic Rank whoever reaches epic rank 'wins' becoming the new dungeon master.                                                                                            
                Each time heroes/class will Rank Up and they unlock a skill/title which can replace/add on to whatever they have.                                                                                               
                Monster Selection based on rank, if facing a monster greater then +2 your rank no penalty incurred for fleeing.                                                                                               
                Ranks 1 Noob -> Rank 2 Experienced -> Rank 3 Professional ->
Rank 4 Elite -> Rank 5 Legendary -> Rank Epic                                                                                     
                Cards can be sold from inventory for 10xRank, excess gold is not retained.

Class:     Each player may have one class card in play at a time                                                                                      
Curse/Fallen class:           Can be played on opposing players like a item card as long as a the parameters required are reached.                                                                                             
Race:     Players can have any many races stacked as they wish.                                                                                 
Events:                 These are basic cards drawn each turn by players, the card types include                                                                                             
These range from Rank 1-5 and when defeated give the player EXP and Gold/Treasure depending on the particular monster and bonus effects.                                                                                       
                A player can fight a monster either by encountering it when they draw a event card or by a forced encounter by another player.                                                                                
                Monster Changes - these are cards which affect combat by either enhancing or subtracting from the combat skills of a monster.                                    
In combat at start bonus cards may be used on both sides to affect stats of the combatants and/or affect the combat itself               
                Players can also ask for help, allowing one player to help them in combat. Helping players do not automatically gain anything from helping, but players can ask for something for the help.
Deck version only players in adjact piles can aid.
Board version players within 10 spaces can aid.                                                                                 
Optional action - allows for direct combat with a target player, winner can select either inflict an existing curse 'permanently' or steal/claim one treasure card from the loser.                                  
                Board version this is occurs when players land on the same square or adjacent squares                                 In card version this occurs when 2 different players draw from the same piles twice in a row                      Cannot trigger multiple duels with the same user consecutively.
Curse/Trap cards take effect immediately if drawn when a player draws it as an event, and can be used to trap/curse other players if drawn as a hand card.                                                                             
                When played by a player in board game mode it affects any player that crosses the space where it is laid. In deck mode it affects the next player to draw from that deck.                                                                                               
There are also a multitude of other cards, some of which affect combat, some of which give players in-game bonuses, and a bunch which just have weird effects                                                                                      
These are drawn when a player defeats a monster, they include monsters/event/quest cards, and treasure cards they include:                                                                                     
Item cards typically give permanent benefits to the player who equips them.  They can also be sold for gold or traded to other players.                                                                                               
only one can be used/equiped at a time per a slot                                                                                           
                Slot types -         Head     Chest    Legs       Accessories 1     Accessories 2     Weapon
                Some items are gender, Race, or Class specific, and can normally only be used by a character of that gender, Race, or Class                                                                                                
Potions/Food/Usable Goods    
One shot items, these can be played from a player's hand or from the table, they have various effects.                                                                                                
There are many Treasure cards which have a huge range of effects that do not fit into any other category. They can retrieve things from the discard pile, buff the player's weapons by adding bonuses                                                                                        
Players can spend gold to buy/draw treasure cards items from the grave yard or merchants.                       items sell for 10xRank
                Items cost 10xRank                                                        
Specialized Events which multiple players must/can work together in, made up of X cards of GM's choice within level limit                                                                                                
GM Abilities     
Selects a specific Villain unit, draws and can use events based on villain.                                                                                               

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