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Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2012 Poll

So the February poll ended up being moderately even, nothing dominated but the school series did win out. Though apparently people dislike contests, which I guess is understandable as its limited participation.
Anyways the next comic for the school series is already commissioned, though I'm still on the wait list as far as i know so I can't tell you how long that will take.

 March Poll(s)
What's the series missing?
A) Needs more Porn
B) Needs better character development
C) Needs better storylines
D) Needs more tf/tg's
E) Needs more money/comics
F) Needs more everything
G) Needs (comment)


Which side stuff to Prioritize?

A) Card/Board Game
  23 (15%)
B) Sisters Sin Fairy Tales
  22 (14%)
C) Extra Heroes
  43 (28%)
D) Training Series
  51 (33%)
E) School Series
  67 (44%)
F) One of the other Series (pretend to comment)
  7 (4%)
G) Holiday Event
  3 (1%)
H) Contests
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 151
Poll closed

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