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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guest Story - Extra Hero the Berserker

Writer wanted to remain anonymous so they shall not be named. Still once again thanks for the fan work if your reading this. (admittedly editors would be helpful for proof reading this and other stories I have but it's a thankless job.)

Anyways on to the story 


Bob sat in a large red velvet armchair in the middle of the tallest tower reading over a scroll on a hero called a Musketeer. Beside him was an ornately carved table covered with other scrolls, empty wine bottles and his still partially filled gold goblet. He was enjoying a light breeze as the afternoon sun light up the tower which he normally used for star gazing to better prepare for summons and other powerful spells.
As he was reaching for his goblet loud roar erupted from the forest, in the direction of the front fortress gate. Quickly he set down the scroll and went to the balcony that circled the tower and looked for the source of the noise. Another roar let him pinpoint to a figure that had just exited the forest and was now heading for the gate.
“Another Hero…” Muttered Bob annoyed as he watched the figure approach. Oh well one the ladies would deal with whoever it was, he thought for a moment before changing his mind as a thought struck. No he would deal with this foolish hero himself after all he didn’t want his skills to get rusty and it would be amusing to change another hero. But first he had to figure out which hero it was so he walked over to the pile of scrolls on the table and started to dig through it for one with a matching description.
It didn’t take him long to find the right one and he immediately started reading. This hero was the Berserker:
‘The Berserker is a large thick built hero that prefers to wear furs and plate armor that is often scratched, dented and blood stained from previous fights. Likes to fight with two weapons at once, usually swords, axes or hammers and often carries more around his waist in case one breaks or he throws one at something. Is unusual from most heroes by being quite aggressive and single minded. They can shrug off most attacks once their battle fury has started and they keep going until he wins the fight or passes out. Curses or charms are suggested to stop his fury before it starts.’
Bob went back on to the balcony to see how close the Berserker was to fortress. A quick look placed him a good ten minutes from the gate and Bob smiled under his helm plenty of time to prepare. He headed into the tower drained his goblet and went down the stairs at a brisk pace. Making his way through the fortress passages he went to the armory and grabbed a simple looking stone carved snake then made his way to the gate to wait for the Berserker.
A short while later as Bob waited in the courtyard for the Berserker when the gate burst open and the Berserker charged in shouting oaths and battle cries. Bob waited as he suddenly stopped and looked around a slightly confused look on his face as if he had been expecting more. Bob on the other hand leapt into action and threw the snake directly at the hero and watched in satisfactory as the snake hit him is the neck and preceded to wrap tightly around it.
“Nothing will stop me from defeating you Bob!” yelled the Berserker reacting instantly and charging towards Bob not noticing the sound of flute music filling his ears and mind.
Bob watched as nonchalantly as possible and prepared to move as the Berserker came into range with his rather large swords and causally side stepped the first swing. He continued to dodge as it became almost like a strange dance as he goaded the Berserker on. It would be the easiest way to get the Soothing Snake Charm to work faster so he just duck under the cleaving swing, turned to let a stab fly past him and stepped out of range of the riposte that followed it.
The Berserker roared in anger at his inability to hit the overlord and redoubled his efforts to try and catch him with his swords. But no matter how he slashed and hacked something was keeping his battle fury down and putting off aim. He tried to focus and aim his blows but the strange sound of flute music flared up and distracted him.

He tried to keep up his constant stream of attacks but the music seemed to keep calling for him to listen it instead. The song was calm and steady never faltering as it tried to be the center of his attention with its clear relaxing notes and drifting melody. He wanted to listen to it but he had to defeat Bob he had promised to but the song just continued to play and him to half listen it and half focus on fighting Bob.
Bob was smiling as he saw the effects of the charm begin to work. Every swing the Berserker took lacked power and aim. All Bob had to do now was simply walk backwards around the court yard in a circle as the Berserker followed him on clumsy feet. Other changes were happening now as well.
The Berserker’s helmet was slowly receding back as his hair could now be seen out of the bottom of his helmet and was continuing to grow. Below his arms a space had formed in the sides of his chest plate and a lump on either side that was growing outwards. And his boots once dark brown hide were now a pale green and looked smooth and shiny.
“I’ll get you Bob!” said the Berserker as he swung halfheartedly at him. It was such a nice day, he thought, as the song played in his head. He really wished he could just stop and lay on the grass but some part of his mind kept telling him he had to defeat Bob. He swung again and was surprised to see another arm copy the movement underneath it. Stopping he checked his other side and saw there was another arm there too. Both arms were small and thinner than his top ones and made that part of his mind freak-out but he didn’t really care. Maybe with four arms he could defeat Bob faster and then get to relax, he thought as he made the extra arms grab an axe and hammer hanging from his belt.
Bob was rather enjoying himself now as the partial changed Berserker seemed to be forcing himself to attack which allowed the charm to work at maximum efficiency. The changes were now happening rather quickly the Berserker was shrinking in height while his body shape became slimmer and curved. His boots had extended all the way up to his waist and his legs were beginning merge together. His hair had gone from light brown to blue black and easily reached the small of his back as what was left of his helmet formed a silver circlet on his forehead. While his skin had paled and the Berserker had barely noticed expect for the extra arms.
The Berserker now just swayed slightly from side to side as he listened to the flute song in his head. His arms now thin and pale were becoming lighter as the armor on them reformed into silver wrist bands on the top arms before ones also appeared on the bottom arms as well. His armor and clothes on his chest changed as well into a simple white frilled apron that was tied back with cords between his two sets of arms and around his waist. The weapons in his hands which had been up till now rather heavy began to shrink and change. The sword in his top right hand became a carving knife, the axe in the bottom right was now a wooden stirring spoon, while the hammer in the bottom left turned into metal pan and the last sword formed into a serving fork.
“Oh” said the Berserker in a surprised soft light voice as he almost fell forward as his legs completely fused together, as scales formed on the pale green skin of the now extending limb. Meanwhile his attention was drawn to the feeling of pressure around the waist as it pinched in and hips flared outward before the feeling moved up to his chest causing it to narrow and thin. And while this was happening his face became smaller and rounder. Before her breasts expanded to fill the top of the apron and show a fair amount of cleavage.
“Welcome to my fortress good chef,” said Bob helping the mental changes along. “How was the journey here?”
The Marilith shook her head as she focused on the man in front of her, for a second her head seemed to be a strange mix of memories of her life as chef and those of someone else. As her head cleared and the flute song died away she smiled and replied. “It was pleasant a bit long though. Where is the kitchen I will be working in?”
“Inside the fortress I’ll show you the way.” said Bob motioning her to follow as he started walking. “What is your name by the way?”
“Why its Cecilia” said the Marilith as she slithered along behind him a lingering anger in her mind fading to nothing.

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