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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2012 Poll

So the March poll resulted with the mostly anticipated results.
TF/TG dominate the polls with a good chunk wanting adult material as well. A handful actually want more development for the universe (yahh) and of course the obligatory comment option selected with no comment.

April 2012 Poll - 

Quantity or Quality (admittedly this is variable and depends on artist but in general)?
A) (quantity) Sketches cheap but larger number of them and faster
B) (Balanced) Inked/Shading  not the cheapest but not the most expensive level.
C) (Quality) Colored, what most of them currently are
D) (Varied) Depends on the event/subject
E) Other/comment


March 2012 Poll

What's the series missing?

A) Needs more Porn
  59 (25%)
B) Needs better character development
  18 (7%)
C) Needs better storylines
  8 (3%)
D) Needs more tf/tg's
  124 (53%)
E) Needs more money/comics
  5 (2%)
F) Needs more everything
  18 (7%)
G) Needs (comment)
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 233
Poll closed


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