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Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Poll

So yeah the June poll pretty much reiterated what I was guessing in that people rather me finish a project before starting another (though a large group wanted me to do ninja training... ). Which makes sense except for the fact that most of them are outside of my control and dependent on the commissioned artist at this point. But still there are a few under my control so work on those i shall
On this note I'm close to finished with the beta set of the card/board game and I'm looking for a few testers. This will essentially run like a online Table top RPG as I need to test the numbers as well as the fun factor.

Anyways on to the July Poll

July Poll - What's your favorite specific transformation  excluding the general types?

A) Mythical beasts (dragon, phoenix, etc..)
B) Humanoids (elf's, demons, angels, faeries, etc..)
C) My Little Pony's
D) Aliens (xenomorphes, twiliks, etc...)
E) Inanimate (dolls,  statues, etc...)
F) Mental (bimbo, sluts, etc...)
G) Growth/Shrink
H) BE or body part change 
I) Age Change
J) Magical constructs (slimes, golems, etc...)
K) Other
L) None


June Poll - What other things should I (ZeroForever) practice/attempt?


A) Ninja Training
  29 (25%)
B) Drawing traditional
  6 (5%)
C) 3D CG graphics
  2 (1%)
D) Learn another program language to make the game
  18 (15%)
E) Finish one of the things you're already doing you bum.
  44 (37%)
F) Full Length Stories
  17 (14%)

Votes so far: 116
Poll closed


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