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Friday, December 10, 2010

Extra Hero 1

The Ninja
Art by BlackShirtBoy


Extra Heroes 1 -
Asian male human Ninja – Dressed like a traditional full body black ninja outfit. Standard ninja sword and shuriken fare.
Sequence to Gothic Geisha Ghost Girl

Bob reading the scroll ‘If your conquests have included eastern nations you must be careful of the legendary Super Ninja. Though this assassin is actually more likely to crash through the roof and challenge you to a duel then actually... well assassinate you. That said, there greatest strength is not 1 hit kill moves or kamehameha beams but rather there misshaped eyes. These eyes have the power to create plot holes, cause yaoi, and destroy fandom; however it is also there greatest weakness.’
Bob thinks up item ‘Mace of Doom’ looks like a normal spike Mace but the handle is a MACE/pepper spray can.
Scene 1 – Ninja crashes through the roof, landing in front of the overlord’s throne shouting “Dayabatto” or something equally narutoish.
Scene 2 – Ninja jump attacks with his sword, which bob blocks with the mace. In a weapons engaged contest scene.
Scene 3 - has the ninja opening his eyes, only for the 'mace' spray part of the weapon to go directly into his eyes, ninja falling over screaming in pain as the result. The 'Doom' countdown (FF reference/version) forms above his head starting at 10.
Scenes 4 – 10 – Ninja not recovered from the pepper spray, still goes to attack the overlord. Meanwhile doom countdown proceeds to zero; as it counts down it transforms him more and more. Each tick changes a portion of him until he's a gothic geisha. Sequence would be like he kicks at bob but count hits and he trips because his feet changed and are now sporting the wooden clog shoes (geta). Lands on butt as next count hits waist/ass changes into a plush ass with kimono waist sash now there, grabs at shurikens on a stash as chest but count hits and instead grabs his new set of boobs, next count hits boobs are in a kimono top instead, moves to stands up legs change, grabs sword arms change sword changes to a classic umbrellas, goes to use eye move face changes, etc... At 0 she literally dies and from her fully transformed body her ghost floats out.
Scene 11 – Ghost Geisha girl following Bob blabbing mindless and endlessly about revenge, emo, Mpreg, vengeance, aka like Sasuke. Bob wearing ear plugs that go through the helmet reading from the scroll "It's advisable that you when defeating a ninja you do so in a permanent fashion, otherwise their emo will outlast even the Duracell bunny."

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