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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hero 9

The Bard in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA


Hero 9 –
Male Half elf – (generic DnD traveling mistral) Dirty blond hair, fair complexion, slightly pointed ears, with slight stubble; he's dressed in a clean brown and green tunic, wearing a Woodman's hat, with pantaloons, carrying a lute.
Sequence Bard to Latex cat girl

Bob reading the scroll 'The Bard - once the heroes have reached an epic enough level, they will most assuredly be joined with a bard of sorts. Like the priest the bard is fairly useless once separated from the rest of the group, though unlike the priest he will be fit and will run away from trouble. The simplest manner to trap the a Bard is through the same way he gets his power 'sound', they will usually play music constantly to distract the large monsters and handle the small ones themselves.
Bob thinks up 'Kitty Slimes' small black slimes that look like they’re made of latex and with cat ears and tails.

Panel 1 - shows the bard lost in the sewers, his music seemingly driving away all monsters except for the Kitty slime that is cutely following him.
Panel 2 - shows the bard still playing his music kicking away the slime, but the slime sticks to his leg instead. He tries to shake it off but its firm so he gives up and continues walking/playing.
Panel 3 - bard still playing now has more kitty slimes following him, Bard now looking slightly worried. Meanwhile the slime on his foot seemingly melts into it the foot which is starting to change into a latex paw.
Panel 4-8 - Bard running frantically, legion of kitty slimes trailing him. Pouncing on him one at a time as each part covered begins to change. Eventually he's fully covered and the transformation turns him into a latex cat girl.
Panel 9 - Overlord yelling at the cat girl, who isn't paying too much attention, instead licking her paw, scratched up throne on the side. Bob reading from the scroll 'Bards like most other performers tend to be divas, so it's usually not ideal to capture them as they are the worst type of prisoners and will wreak havoc if attention isn't paid to them.'

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