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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Everything listed in here are ideas/plots/scripts that I haven't yet commissioned. If you're interested or know an artist that would be interested let me know and we'll see if we can work out the details.

There are several scripts not listed and several under work. If you have an idea or are looking for something in particular let me know.

Also considering doing a weekly 4 koma type web comic set up series based in the Bob’s universe in conjunction with the Dungeons and Barbies.

Concept General Listing (There are 2 era's Overlord Bob and Queen Barbie)
Extra Heroes vs. Bob - (Overlord Era) heroes attack Bob; Bob however is 'ready' for them. Sequence Heroes to Minions. (see general bob series)
Extra Villains vs. Barbie – (Queen Era) villains prepare to attack Barbie; Tammy however already planned ahead. Sequence Villains to Vassals. (see Moe side story)
Evil Knights attack - (Queen Era) Bob now Barbie disgraced the name of Fraternity of Evil Knights, so they attack only for one Mimi to get in there way. Sequence Evil Knights to Maid variations.
Good Knights attack - (Overlord or Queen Era) Tim/Tammy had a plan to deal with Bob; unfortunately for them it didn't include those annoying posing knights. Sequence Good Knights to magical girl variations.
Kura (former Bard) - Musical quest - (Queen Era) Kura was given a quest to cast the ultimate songs, first she needs members. First stop idol contest?
Pirates vs. Ninja or (Wenches vs. Geisha) - (Overlord or Queen Era) unending meme, choose a side and transform the other or both.
Saelnes (from Druid) – Item Quest - (Queen Era) Saelnes is in a quest for to create the ultimate item but first where are all these ingredients coming from?
Vice (former priest) - School for the Wicked - (Queen Era) Once a priest now a demon, she upgraded Bob’s dungeon of doom into an inescapable reform school. Incarcerated villains processing line starts to the left.
Moe (pronounced Moa, aka Japanese for cute) – Undead Nightmare - (Queen Era) The undead monsters of the world, soul less creatures of darkness... even they feel fear, the Pornomancers coming has signaled the slutification of them all.
The Coliseum - Every universe needs a location where tournament arc's can take place in... too bad they don't allow fatalities... but that doesn't stop the other options.
Amy’s Grinding Dimension –grinding dimensions are great for class leveling; just make sure you have the right class.
Not available – Miley or Usa
Script outlines (let me know if you need more detail on a script)
Extra Heroes 1-3 commissioned completed

Extra Heroes 4 – Commissioned in talks
Holy Knight – Saint type armor design, so lots of holy symbols welding a huge lance. Generic design in mind let me know if you need references.
Sequence to Dragon Brood Mother. 
Bob reading the scroll ‘While dealing with the main heroes, there will be a 2ndary party members waiting in the back story performing any number of side quests. Since you’ll likely still be dealing with the main heroes at the time it’s highly suggested that you preset some of your most powerful traps to deal with them before they finish their quests. One Notable location is the dragon hatchery, apparently heroes really don’t like flying lizards of death.‘
Bob thinks up various concepts ‘ESA (looks like a RL ESA (endangered species agency) banner but with a dragon rather than a duck’

Scene 1 – Has the Holy Knight standing over the fallen corpse of a defeated dragon his lance stuck through its heart "Finally with this I can craft the legendary Penetrator 2000" the knight says looting the, as an item box/option appears [Loot items: Dragon scale, Dragon Heart, Dragon appendix, 1000 gold, ESA letter] "Appendix? ESA Letter?" he says confused.
Scene 2 – Reading the letter "If you are reading this letter that means you are in violation of the endangered species act. By mandate 666.0E Rule 34 requires that the species populations needed to be maintained. Rest is legal jargon/scribble' [New quest acquired: Species Re-population] quest box appears next to his head.
Scene 3-8 – multiple panel sequence the letter glowing before zapping him, his stomach balloons as the letter disappears. His body gradually expanding outwards as he transforms into a female dragon in the throes of egg lying this armor turning into scales his lance turning into another type penetrator ‘hint hint wink wink’.
Scene 9 - Bob on this throne sweat dropping reading the scroll 'Using laws to deal with heroes while effective can be dangerous, be warned that some species have low population rates for a reason.' He’s surrounded by a dozen dragon whelplings making a ton of noise each calling him Uncle Bob.
Extra Heroes 5 - commissioned in talks
Male Orc Shaman – standard WoW orc design, aka stocky muscular green skin, mostly bald head with a top knot, muscular, under fang teeth, wearing furs and patchwork armor.
Bob reading from the scroll 'At some point there will be a hero that will attempt to infiltrate the dream plane for any number of reasons such as finding out your weaknesses, communicating with the other heroes, porn, etc... Remind him of the dangers dream have.'
Bob thinks up trap ‘Nightmare Road‘ - looks like an Indian dream catcher, symbol on it looks like an infinity sign.
Scene 1-2 – mystical pathway ‘Nightmare Road‘ Hanging on the door to the castle you can see the spirit of the shaman seeing the heroes getting teleported. As he moves closer the Dream catcher activates, sucking him in.
Scene 3 - Shows his real body stuck in a restless kind of sleep
Incomplete (I have something but the final result isn’t to my satisfaction still just thought I would list the idea out)
Extra Heroes 6 –
Human Female Amazon – stereotypical DND/fantasy Amazon, tall, huge boobed and muscled dark/tanned skinned raven haired female. She wears skimpy clothes and wields a large spear for her weapon.
Sequence to an arctic anthro (ex – ermine, arctic fox, mink, wolf, and wolverine, also possible sub-types like mythical creatures like abominable snow women, yuki onna, ice elemental, and fire fox)

Intro scene -
Bob reading from the scroll “The butch female of the group, the Amazon is needed if nothing else but to act as a natural counter balance to the whining of the elf or princess member. A ferocious warrior in their own right, it’s generally suggested males not fight them as there spear has a propensity impale jewels.  Their greatest weakness in this case is the most obvious… no not there boobs though that’s a close 2nd in this case it’s their lack warmth… once again no their boobs don’t count. ”
Bob thinks up ‘Arctic Flame’ looks like a glowing blue flame
Scene 1 – Scene 1 has the Amazon in a cage looking around she sees Bob carrying a keg of beer out of what looks like a medieval steel door used for underground storage, behind is actually a bluish portal.
Amazon looking at him speaking - “Bob did you really think this would hold me.”
Amazon does her she hulk expression as she bends/tears the bars open Bob making a ‘oh shit’ face while saying “oh shit”
Scene 2 - Amazon charging with her spear lunging for his balls.
Amazon shouting the standard “DIE BOB!!!”
Bob jumps up as the spear narrowly misses his groin as the Amazon lunge passes underneath him into the open freezer door.
Scene 3– Amazon falling into what looks like a giant tundra like freezer, the portal closing behind her.
Bob patting down there leaning against the closed door “Whew… Just missed…”
Scene 4 – Amazon shivering looking around her all she sees is ice/snow, beer barrels made from the ice, and the arctic flame burning brightly in the middle of the room.
Amazon speaking/ teeth chitterling “D-Damn y-you B-Bob… s-so c-c-cold”
Scene 5-9 – As the Amazon approaches the flame you can see the transformation start Amazon not noticing at first due to the cold. (Details of the transformation and type can be pretty variable as noted earlier.)
Amazon thinking ‘Whatever it is at least flame is warm’
Transformation progresses as the Amazon slowly curls up next to the flame.
Scene 10 - Bob on this throne sweating/shivering profusely (depending on what you go with) transformed Amazon is hanging her boobs on his head hugging him tightly, Bob the reading the scroll “Amazons once turned can be extremely loyal but their kind has always been the close contact creatures keep that in mind.”
Side Character Quests 1 – The Knights
Standard Characters
Prince that got turned into a maid from Bob series – I’ll refer to her as Mimi

All commissioned except the end script which isn’t done yet.
other side ideas floating around but nothing in a script atm.
other possible characters
Shadow Knight
Hell Knight
Dragon Knight
Eldritch Knight
Bone Knight
Plague Knight

Side Character Quests 2 – Usa
Standard Characters
Bunny girl from Wizard now bunny magician from Bob series – I’ll refer to her as Usa

Character 3 – CYOA set up
Standard Characters
Vampire Girl former Rogue from Bob Series – name Miley

Character 4 – The Band
Standard Characters
Cat Girl former Bard from Bob Series - name Kura

Part 1 – commissioned

Parts 2-4 is a American idol talent competition type scenario - Script Incomplete
Character 5 – Item Quest - being rewritten
Standard Characters

Saelnes -Cowgirl former Druid from Bob Series 
Part 1 - Intro
New Characters
Albert and Eddy the Alchemists - twin fat dwarf worker archetypes both wearing a traditional work bench type clothing, large gloves/boots, he has a big nose, wiry hair, and a pot belly. Only difference it I guess color coordination of their cloths.
The Cultist – anonymous black cloaked character

Scene 1 - Has Saelnes holding a book in one hand, knocking on the door of what looks like a half blown up multi-color building, that has tubes and other eccentric sticking out the sides. Angle it so that you can see a Sign post by the door 'Albert and Eddy's Alchemy Brothers' small font underneath 'We do not clap our hands! Time wasters will be transmogrified!'
"BAH who is it now!? If your another sales person you better start running!" can be heard from inside.
Scene 2 - Door opens and Eddy looks at her before saying "oh Searos it's you or did you want to go by Saelnes now? Come on in!"  
Scene 3-5 - Inside the room looks like what you would expect from a traditional fantasy lab with overly complex spiral tubes, multicolor liquids, and explosion marks everywhere. Albert further inside looking like he's working on something
"Those white liquid samples you sent us last time were quite interesting." Albert says
"So what do you have for us today?" Eddy asks.
"I just need your help on researching something." Saelnes says handing him the book
Eddy looking through the book says "These are some pretty interesting items, Shedding of Ancient Petrified Bone- wait wait wait... this formula it can't be!!
"Are you trying to make the ultimate item!? The item even greater than the philosophers stone!" the legendary TEARS OF CHUCK NORRIS!!!" Eddy says throwing the book up/away in his excitement.
"But no one has ever even managed to figure out all the ingredients much less how to get it to work!!" Albert says
"That's why I’m here." Saelnes says.
Scene 6 – Narration [Several hours later] Saelnes at the door now night time
The pair “We’ll need to pack up a few things before heading over to the lab at the castle”
Saelnes speaking “Guess I’ll see you guys at the castle then.”
Quick panel – Saelnes walking away from the house as a person in an acolyte hood/cloak outfit walks past her.
Scene 7 - outside view of the house exploding.
Scene 8 - Saelnes arrives back at the house, which is pretty much burn/destroyed everywhere. Al burnt protectively over the fairly good condition Ed.
"NOO!!! ALLL!!!" Ed shouts
Ed is kneeling over Alfred in an overly dramatic light, holding his hands.
"Brother avenge me" Al says before giving an exaggerated death gurgle. 
Saelnes interrupting "Oh cut that out I know you have ingredients for Phoenix downs in here."
Scene 10 - has Saelnes eating/drinking various ingredients Ed commenting behind her.
"Oh yeah I forgot about -ARE YOU EATING THOSE?!" Ed shouts
Saelnes "Just watch"
Scene 10-14 - has Saelnes breast feeding the dead brother. The brother burnt state gets even darker turning ash like for a second as flames burst out through the pores of his skin. As he revives his old body burns away as he gradually transforms into a Phoenix girl as a result.
"See good as new." Saelnes says "Well almost... I'm still working on the side effects."

Character 6 – Pixiebush - School of Redemption
Standard Characters
Demon girl former Priest from Bob Series – I’ll call her Vice Vrygindor (Gryffindor parody, sins lust) dressed like a sexy school teacher/principle BSDM skirt clothing design.
Drow former Barbarian – I’ll call her Lilith Lolitherin (slytherin parody, sins greed and envy) dressed in the ballerina outfit still.
Drider former Monk – I’ll call her Silvia Spidermaw (ravenclaw parody, sins sloth and gluttony)
Dressed in a tight fitting Chinese quipo tops like ranma wears.
Faerie former Hunter – I’ll call her Pu shi Pafu (hugglepuff parody, sins wrath and pride)

School Part 1- revised - commission in talks
New characters
Bandit Billy – generic look grimy middle aged bandit, brownish/black hair, missing teeth, with raggedly cloth and crappy armor/weapons he looks like someone you would beat up on the beginning of your adventure.
Mouse – weasel looking man, what one would expect of an underground information broker. Cloths are common man type but bit more expensive then level. Standard black hair black eyes, goatee, pale skin, skinny face.
Khan the Warlord - This is pretty much an evil Ogre leader type barbarian type, overly muscular 20 foot tall monster like humanoid in gaudy studded leather armor, accessories are made up of the bones/skulls of his enemies, think Hulk/berserker big.

Scene 1 – Starts off with first person point of view with an opening eyes/waking up blurry vision panel, voices being heard.
Someone speaking “Oh you’re awake.”
Billy thinking ‘Wait what?”
Panel - standard 3rd person view, as the bandit wakes up/looks around he finds himself sitting up in a link leg/arm/neck chains, the other villains rather non-descript except for Mouse also chained.
Mouse - “You were out the entire time, we’ve already arrived.”
Billy speaking - “What? Arrived where? Last thing I remember I was in the alley ambushing a super hot pink hair slut, I jumped out like normal then everything went black.”
Mouse – “Super hot pink haired? Hmmm that would likely be Miley, which would explain why you’re here. As for where we are just look outside.”
Panel - Panned out view of a cage cart being pulled through a large pair of front gates by one of the magical horse girl. Above the gates is a sign placed over the original engraving in fancy letters reads ‘Pixiebush, School of Redemption’ the gates have clean shiny look (polished and bright colors) but a dark foreboding design as if something horrible was just painted over, which it was.
Billy – “School? What’s a school?”
Mouse – “Apparently another name for prison, if I’m not mistaken this is Bob’s old escapable dungeon for relatives that shouldn’t be kept alive.”
Panel - Billy looks suspiciously at Mouse
Billy speaking – “Anyways who are you and why so chummy?”
Mouse speaking - “Me? I’m Mouse, information broker extraordinary; anyways we grunt levels need to stick together.”
Panel - Billy standing up speaking bumping into someone big behind him ‘Khan’ .
Billy speaking - “Grunt? I’m a Bandit Billy I’m no gru-! Ouch!”
Panel - Billy turns around looking at Khan the Warlord who’s much bigger and intimidating person behind him who doesn’t even notice him seemingly staring dumbly into space.
Billy speaking - ”Who the hel-” voice dying as he looks seeing Khan
Mouse speaking - “Yeah that’s Warlord Khan the chains of pacifism they put on him are probably the only reason your still alive so you might want to keep it quiet… you know just in case.”
Panel - Billy giving a handshake motion to Mouse – “Grunts stick together”
Mouse speaking – “Glad you agree.”
Scene 2 –The cart/cage suddenly stops in the court yard in front of what looks like a pair of tablets one pitch black and one pure white.
Billy whispering - “What’s going on now?”
Mouse whispering – “Hell if I know we're the first group here since the renovations finished, I’m guessing some sort of horrible torture.”
Panel - Cage wall opens up as in front of them appears a podium, Vice standing behind it.
Mouse whispering – “Aw crap a lecture, I hate it when I’m right.”
Vice speaking - “Villains! I’m Principle Vice and there is only one thing you must learn here and that is to follow the RULEZZZZ!! (Lisp is Demon sister’s reference from PSG) By following the rulez you’ll be able to graduate and return to society, however if you break these rulez you will be punished. First well go through the black commandments Rule 1 Thou shall not talk about \b\ Rule 2 THOU SHALL NOT TALK ABOUT \b\ Rule-” her speech bubble cut off by panel end.
Panel to Billy whispering to Mouse asking - “What the hell is \b\?”
Mouse whispering back speaking “Pretty sure it’s some sort of forbidden eldritch magic, apparently we only have to worry about rule 63 though.”
Billy asking – “Huh? rule 6-“ Billy is cut off as a shout is heard “RRAAAGGHHH!!” (Sound effect for extreme effort)
Scene 3 – Khan the warlord is shown breaking his chains knocking away those near him including Mouse.
Panel – Khan swing his fist at the one nearest him which is now Billy since the others were knocked away in the previous panel, Billy with oh shit face.
Billy thinking “I’m going to die and I never even got to level 10”
Short Panel - Khan’s fist stops inches from Billy’s head,
Panel – Billy looks up to see Vice is standing in front him facing Khan, who stopped in his tracks clearly straining.
Vice speaking – "To think that I haven’t even finished my speech and there’s already trouble makers. Guess this is a good a time as any to show how the rulezz are enforced. ”
Panel – Vice points to her side with her other hand, as a game show wheel in the middle of spinning appears. (wheel made up of 7 colors one for each of the default sins, Pride- Violet, Envy- Green, Wrath- Red, Sloth- Light Blue, Greed- Yellow, Gluttony- Orange, lust - blue)
Vice speaking - “Wheel of morality turn turn turn show us the punishment he has earned.”
Mini Panel – Wheel stops on Red
Vice speaking – “Wrath, not surprising.”
Panel - Khan disappears along with the wheel. Vice turning to the remainder of the crowd.
Roy speaking – “What did you do to him?”
Vice speaking – “Me? Nothing… yet.”
Panel zoom in on Vice’s face with an evil ‘knowing’ smirk/smile – “You’ll see the results later.”
Vice turning towards the rest speaking - “Anyone else?” Silence is her answer “Very well get in line for processing.”
Scene 4 – Narrator [Detention Room]
You see Lilith tightening the chained Khan to a table, head held still via vice or strap, gagged but struggling. On the side is a spiral tube opening above his head as it drips a pink liquid on his forehead (Chinese water torture method).
Khan initial thoughts of rage - ‘KHAN KILL YOU SILLY TORTURE NOT STOP KHAN!’
As the water drips on him transformation sequence into a sexified oni china girl, but instead we’ll just cut away after the initial few drips begin slowly to transform his face.

School Part 2
New Character
Executioner/torturer – Big bald black guy, stereotypical version that’s a little pudgy but not overly so.

Scene 1 - Billy and Mouse standing in line towards a door where Vice is standing in front of
Vice shouting - “Next!”
Billy whispering – “Not sure if I should be happy to still be alive or pissing myself wondering what they’ll do to us.”
Mouse whispering – “Yeah no one that has gone in has come out so far…”
Panel - Billy is now at the front of the line sweating.
Vice looks at him – “Next!”
Scene 2 - Sequence of panels showing the processing – shows Billy entering once inside it’s empty except for an old fashion camera device which take a mug shot.
Billy surprised/blinded by the flash shouting “My eyes!”
Panel – magical symbol appears under him teleporting him.
Panel – Reappears in a room minus his cloths and chains Billy covering his privates wondering “What the hell is going on” as the ‘Rick and roll’ music starts playing.
Panel – Billy feels weak, before looking up and realizing his experience bar is decreasing Billy shouting “NOOO!!! My hard earned levels!!”
Panel – Billy’s exp bar hits 0 as he looks drained as if they sucked the muscles out of him, a door opens which he passes through in shock muttering ‘m-m-my levels‘.
Panel – Silvia standing there waiting for him with a measuring tape, Silvia quickly measures Billy
Silvia speaking while working - “That was sadly fast for the de-leveler, I guess the villain standards have dropped”
Billy still in shock from losing his exp muttering “But-but-but”
Panel – Silvia handing Billy a bar of soap and a towel before pushing him into another room
Silvia speaking - “All done now get cleaned up”
Scene 3 - Panel – Billy lands inside what seems like a giant prison shower room before Mouse lands next to him.
Panel – Billy still in shock looks at Mouse
Mouse speaking - “She didn’t need to laugh at me just because I’ve never leveled up.”
Billy speaking – “But my level!”
Mouse responding– “Oh get a hold of yourself, you can always just level up again.”
Panel – Billy “but it’s so unfair” Shows Billy gripping the soap a bit too hard a as it pops out of his hand into the middle of the shower floor.
Panel – Both turn towards the soap looking sweat dropping, Billy paling as well.
Mouse speaking – “You’ve committed the cardinal mistake.”
Billy speaking – “Do I have to pick it up?!”
Mouse speaking – “I think littering is against the rules sooo… best of luck.”
Panel - Billy bending over to grab the soap with a scared look on his face, no sooner than he does then a big black shadow appear behind him.
Billy shouting - “AHH! Fuck! I mean don’t fuck!!”
Executioner speaking – “To bad you dropped the soap so the rul- erk”
Panel – Shows both Billy and Executioner paralyzed, Pu shi hovering by them.
Purva  - “WhoruleswasthatInogetBadmenpunrish!”
Panel – Next to Pussy a pair of wheels appear in the air, landing on lust/chastity and pride/humility (blue and Violet)
Mouse speaking – “Wait what? Why didn’t you sing and why two? He didn’t do anything wrong.”
Purva – “BudgetcutsIdontgetpaidtosing” “alsonaughtylanguagesbad. Hmm… Chastityandhumility.”
Mouse – “Wait what??”
Panel – both seemingly disappear, Purva turning to everyone
Purva – “Restofyouhurryhurryhurrytheceremonystartssoon.”
Scene 4 – Narration Text [Detention Room] shows Billy and Executioner chained to the wall facing it, Lily looking at them.
Lily speaking – “Hmm let’s do the light punishment first; the censorship accessory should suffice for you.”
Panel – Shows Lily piercing Billy’s ear locking what looks like a censorship pixel on his ear.
Lily speaking – “If you’re good they’ll come off eventually, if not well you’ll see”
Panel – Shows Billy be being let down.
Lily speaking - “All done.”
Billy speaking – “Wait just that?”
Lily speaking - “Did you want more?”
Billy pausing speaking – “Ah... never mind.” Thinking ‘What the (fuck, fuck has a black censor bar through it) nookie do these do, their all just crazy (bitches censored )meanies’ not realizing his thinking/speech has been censored.
Scene 5 - Lily gesturing behind towards some tables and a door.
Lily speaking – “Thought so, your clothes for the ceremony are over there. Get dressed.”
Panel – Billy dressed in traditional black and white prison uniform, he sees Lily carrying what looks like hose/tube with a horse size giant spiral dildo, Executioner making panicked noises.
Lily speaking to him - “It’s only an enema, it’ll just clear out all the bad things.”
Billy sweat dropping speaking – Gulp sound effect “I don’t want to know do I…”
Lily speaking - “Probably not, now get going just head left down the hall”
Scene 6 – Billy now in the hallway sees something in the door across the hall.
Billy thinking - ‘What’s to stop me from just escaping now, hmm wait isn’t that?’
Panel – Billy sweat dropping looks into the room on the other side, inside the room is Khan in the middle of the transformation, head fully transformed, the effect only just starting on his body as his nipples are growing into boobs. Behind him suddenly there are horrible screams.
Mini Panel - Billy shivering thinking - ‘or not…’

School Part 3
New character
Female drow elf Assassin –

Scene 1
Panel – Billy is walking in the hall, in the distance he sees the assassin in prison clothes running towards him, Silvia behind her.
Silva scolding tone shouting - “Stop right there!”
Panel – Shows Billy letting her run by as she jumps through one of the windows shattering it
Billy thinking “I’m so not getting involved in this”
Panel – Has as a scream of object horror coming from the open window “AHHHHhhhh!!!!”  (loud to smaller as if the person if getting farther away)
Panel – Silva now standing next to Billy with 2 spinning morality wheels
Silva asking - “Why didn’t you stop her?”
Billy replying – “What? It’s honestly none of my business that—(fuck censored replaced with) nookie… laziness is a sin isn’t it. This is (Bullshit censored replaced with) Bullpoo”
Panel – wheels land on sloth/diligence and greed/charity
Silva – “Now now your first lesson looks like it’s already working, now have fun with your Diligence lesson.”
Panel – Lily looking at Billy and the Assassin who appear chained to the wall, assassin sweating catching her breath as from shock, next to them is the executioner from part 2 now inflated like a blimp.
Lily looking surprised “Back already? And an escape attempt? I thought that would be an obvious bad idea you know with this being a flying island and all.”
Assassin sweating replying - “Hey you’re not suppose to actually practice proper procedure with flying islands! Hovering thousands from the ground is cheating!”
Lily sighs – “It’s called inescapable for a reason… anyways for you we have a special punishment it’s called ‘The Rack’!” (dun dun dunnn sound effect)
Panel – Shows Lily hooking the assassin to a traditional Rack looking device, Assassin struggling panicking
Billy looking on speaking “Aren’t you the good guys! I thought you don’t do torture!” pauses glancing towards the inflated executioner “err… never mind…”
Lily speaking – “Now now it’s not torture silly just corrections, now just watch.”
Multiple Panel(s) – Lily activating the rack, instead of pulling her limbs out the device causes her ‘rack’ (boobs) to gradually grow until there KK cups.
Billy nose bleeding looking on speaking - “I approve…”
Panel – Lily approaching Billy
Lily speaking – “Now now don’t think I forgot about you, hmm another minor punishment… fooeey I wanted to use ‘it’”
Billy resigned – “Just get it over with”
Panel – Shows Billy now unchained with a pair of gothic black and purple filly arm gloves.
Lily – “See that wasn’t so bad, these helping hands will make it much easier for--- “interrupted by a large cracking sound.
Panel – Assassin’s boobs are now a pair of ZZZ cups (body size) so big that her shirt ripped from it and the machine broke under the weight. Lily sweat dropping.
Assassin groaning/moaning in a mix of pain and pleasure.
Lily speaking - “Whoops… I thought I turned it off…”
Panel – Assassin groaning unable to stand up straight from the weight/size of her new boobs. Lily waving Billy over.
Lily speaking – “Ah well I guess the helping hands will suffice until we get new clothes, Billy come here.”

Character 7 - The Coliseum - Commissioned in talks
Oscarlun Lingdenst - Male Gnome Artificer - Midget, balding in the middle, but otherwise frazzled and spiky, wearing lab jacket, greasy overalls underneath, and glasses with tools on the side. Also sports a handle bar mustache, with a twirl-able end.
Lady Veronica – Red headed beautiful heiress type, pale soft skin tones to emulate her never working hard ever.
Eric the Butler – traditional teenage age highly trained butler types, general butler suit wearing a monocle, gloves, bow tie, etc…
Slime former Dwarf from Bob Series – I’ll call her Runa

Round – Pre Battle
Scene 1 - Planned out view of a coliseum like structure. Narration text [In the peace that followed Barbie’s rise a tradition was revived where men, women, monsters, bored PC’s, and out of idea artists characters pit their mettle against each other for level up arcs, the title of Strongest, and of course the obligatory grand prize of ludicrous amounts of money.]
Scene 2 - Oscar with a Mr. Burns evil grin standing in-front of a registration desk (sign post over desk with Tournament Registration) thinking ‘Prefect! Not only can I get revenge on those jocks who mocked my genius but with that much gold I could fund my plans without that spoiled brat’. 
Thoughts are interrupted by a shout "Hurry up!"
Scene 3 - Has Veronica waiting by the door in overly expensive noble women clothing air sparkling from all her gold/jewels, while Eric/butler at some point is next to Oscar handing in the paperwork.
Eric speaking - "Almost done Milady"
Veronica speaking - "We don't have all day! I want to show off my magical weapons!"
Eric speaking - "Very well Milady"
Oscar meanwhile thinking annoyed 'Speak of the devil… show off!? Their suppose to be secret!! Spoiled brat you'll be showing off everything soon enough!'
Scene 4 - Veronica sees Oscar, giving him haughty glare
Veronica speaking – “Oscar, what hole did you crawl out of? Shouldn’t you be preparing my armor for-“
Panel - Veronica’s bumped into by someone, turning it’s a familiar slime girl who’s chugging a beer.
Veronica looks at her haughtily speaking - "Out of the way slime, learn your place under foot like rest of your kind. OOhohohoh-" 
Scene 5 - Runa pimp slaps the Veronica so hard it knocks her out.
Runa speaking - "You speak big for a wee lass." before getting distracted "oh shinnies!"
Panel to pieces of Veronica’s clothing flying off, Oscar/Eric simply giving a thumbs up with nose bleeds.
Scene 6 – Now at the arena, inside what looks like a locker room. Veronica is now nursing black eye sitting on a bench, wearing a cloak over the rags of what was her clothing throwing a tantrum. Eric standing beside her looking worse for wear as the local target of the tantrum, Oscar in the background stifling laughter.
Veronica growling - "I'll never forgive her! Punching me and looting all my clothes in broad daylight! I can’t believe she even took my title!! How’s that even possible!!”
Oscar thinking – ‘Ah… Veronica the Slimed Slut what a wonderful new title, it fits so well.’
Veronica growling she says stomping like a brat – “You're sure she's here right! I’ll crush her!"
Eric/Butler responding - "But Milady fighting outside of the tournament isn’t allow.”
Veronica speaking - "I don’t care I wanna crush her now now now!”
Announcer shout – “All contestants enter grounds for the preliminaries!”
Veronica – “Dammit already!? I haven’t had my moonbucks yet! ARGHH I’ll crush them all then I’ll crush her! Oscar is it ready yet!”
Oscar speaking – “It’s on the table.” Thinking ‘Seriously only she would need a self glamour spell for a black eye…’
Veronica speaking – “Then get out of my sight!”
Scenes 7-12 – Veronica tantrum turns into a evil smirk as soon as Oscar exits the room, picking up what looks like a masquerade face mask with runes on it.
Veronica speaking - “Eric Eric Eric, since you didn’t protect me guess what you get to do.”
Eric sputtering – “But Milady you said-“
Veronica speaking – “I KNOW WHAT I SAID!!”
Veronica puts the mask on Eric who transforms into a body double of Veronica, the mask grips on to his face and have the transformation proceed down the body as he struggles futile. His cloths transforms into one of those armors where the breast plate is literally only covering the breasts and the leg armor looks like thigh high boots and thong.
Veronica speaking – “However much I hate him; I have to admit he does good work. Now hurry up and get out there, you better get to the finals or else!“

Event 8 – Pirates vs. Ninja
Standard Characters
Geisha former Ninja from Bob series
Bimbo former Pirate from part 1

Pirates Vs Ninja 2
New Characters
White Ninja – Pretty much a white male ninja that doesn't wear a face mask and is overly fat, what you would expect if a American graduated ninja academy.

Sequence to Japanese ninja girl/woman.

Scene 1 - You can see the American Ninja not being very ninja like, as he's walking around the beach showing off his pecks to the ladies on the beach. All the while using some corny pick up lines ex - 'Hey Baby Yeah I'm Sexy, Believe it!". 'Yeah they dig me' he thinks not realizing there ignoring him because he's a douche.
Scene 2 - He sees/hears the Bimbo Pirate stumbling as she giggles out "Wow like I'm so wasted!!" Ninja simply thinks 'NICE!!!!!'
Scene 3 - has the ninja 'helping' the Pirate Bimbo up, her thinking 'Like the mating call never fails, though like he’s pretty chubby…  did his dad pay his way through ninja academy? ' as she looks at him speaking "Like your cute! drink with me!" as she says as she wiggle her beer bottle which is empty "Empty! Like let’s go back to my place for more!". while the ninja is thinking 'SCORE and the rest of the guys at ninja academy said I had no chance' 
Scene 4 - Has Pirate Bimbo pulling a pair of beer bottles from a treasure chest Bottle Label 'Booty Bay' - rest is illegible. The ninja looks at it speaking "Well I'm not suppo... but I'll make a exception for you"
Scene 5-9 - Has the ninja start drinking the bottle but unable to put it down as it turns into full chugging. As he drinks from the bottle his body and clothing transforms into that associated with a captured Japanese anime ninja girl (aka - skimpy/revealing that uses unnecessary fish nets, ex -Kasumi/Ayane from DOA, Anko from Naruto) as he finishes the bottle he blacks out. Pirate Bimbo smirks "Like I knew it! like ninjas can't hold there boobz!"

Side Story 1 –
Standard Characters
Barbie/Tammy – main series
New Characters
Amy the Seer - Middle age milf design, aged but still beautiful but not on the same level of the female elf. Medium length Burnett hair tied in a pony tail, robes, wields a dagger and crystal ball.
Jim the Dark Priest – creepy brown haired man dressed in traditional bishop like clothing, he has the signal of the pedo bear instead of the cross on his clothes.
Parody character trainees dressed in traditional D&D class clothing –
Strawberry (Parody Ichigo from bleach) warrior class
Carrot (Parody goku from DB) monk class
Spring Onion (Parody adult Negi from Negima) mage class

Scene 1 – Has Amy standing next to a giant glowing blue portal talking to 3 shadowed figures in a sagely/wise woman manner. The portal seemingly connected by a series of glowing blue runes.
Amy – speaking “So you 3 are here for the hyperbolic grinding dimension. Do know that while it does allow you to fit years of training into mere days, be warned that you cannot exit until you complete the training. If you’re ready stand forth and state your names and titles.”  
Scene 2 – The 3 heroes come forth stating names and goals as they step forward.
Knight speaking “Strawberry, seeking knight training.”
Mage Speaking “Onion, seeking mage training.”
Monk speaking “Carrot, seeking monk training.”
Amy looks at them sweat dropping and sighing “Why are you all named after foods?”
“Well-“ one of them begins to says Ami interrupting “Wait! Rhetorical question don’t answer that”
thinking ‘Or I’ll lose any respect I have for you if you do’ before resuming with “Very well you may enter.”
Scene 3 – after the trio enters the portal. The seer faces a new figure that emerges from the shadows the figure revealing it to be [Jim the Dark Priest] character intro boxes stating that info.
Amy speaking - “I’ve done what you’ve asked and tainted the training now let my daughter go!”
Jim speaking - “Very well, I am a man of my word after all.”
Scene 4 – Out from under his cloak he throws a young girl (2~3ish year old kid but if possible make her obviously the seers daughter by appearance, if possible slightly like Tim as well.) at her.
Scene 5 - upon catching the daughter the flare of magic emits off her she as the Seer transforms, youthing her to the elementary school level (10ish).
Scene 6 –
“Go to safety dear.” Amy says as the girl is suddenly teleported away by the seer, the seer turning towards the priest shouting
“Without my child as leverage even transformed into a kid there’s nothing to stop me from destroying you priest! Explosion Array!”
The area around the priest explodes.
 Scene 7 –
Jim emerges from the explosion clouds without a scratch as +1000 stat bonus comes up above his head.
Jim speaking - “Oh really, you think that’s all I did.”
Aim speaking with a shocked face - “But that bonus should only apply against!!”
Seer pauses to examine herself only to realize that she was actually now a girly he “You turned me into a trap!” Amy exclaims in panic.
“That I did” Jim says with a creeper face.
Scene 8 – Amy fleeing from the Dark priest crashing/entering the still open portal, Jim chasing behind looking like a pedo bear almost stumbling inside as well.
Jim speaking “Well that was close, almost couldn’t control myself.” He says straitening his cloths/face until suddenly an explosive blast in the center of the room knocks him in as well.
Scene 9 – from the blast cloud emerges Barbie and Tammy
“So this is your ex’s home… You really should find a less grandiose teleport honey; no need for such large explosions.” Barbie says looking around. 
“True but there are more pressing concerns, while I was glad to see my daughter literally pop in, her mother isn’t one to forgive me so easily… I mean she even won my evil laugh in the divorce papers.” Tammy says.
Scene 10 – Tammy examines the portal, while Barbie looks around bored
Tammy speaking – “Hmm it looks like it was recently used... but -“as she’s interrupted by Barbie asking “Tammy look what I made!”
Scene 11 – Tammy looks only to see Barbie made a phallic symbol from some of the glowing runes
Tammy shouting - “Don’t touch that!!”
Barbie “What why-“
Scene 12 - Interrupted as the portal explodes, panel to outside of the building where blue sparks fly everywhere.
Panel to a NPC (artists guest design) thinking ‘I wish there was a training course for-‘sentence cut off mid word as they disappears in a flash of blue light.
Narration [throughout the world dozens of people disappeared, each summoned because of simple wish for skill boosts]
Scene 13 - When the dust/light clears Barbie’s gone, Tammy looking at the portal now glowing a reddish color now as tentacles are emerging from it now.
“Aw… fuck” Tammy says looking on.

Inside the Portal
Dimension 1 - Carrot - commissioned in talks
Sequence into a miko
Scene 1 - Carrot arrives at what looks like an offices front desk, on the desk is a scroll reading 'Training goal - Monk ranked Grandmaster of War. in small words underneath “The training will proceed until you can master the Fist of the Falling star.” "Sounds simply enough" Carrot says unsure, obvious/clueless too dumb to know the difference, suddenly the room shines.  
Scene 2 - The blinding light now gone the scenery still looks like a Japanese shrine with 'Turtle Shrine' written on the side. Paper from earlier on the wall now says 'Training goal – Miko ranked Supreme Mistress of Peace'
Scene 3 - A Bulma like turtle girl appears with a training regiment Carrot looking surprisingly eager.
Scene 4 - 9 - shows him in various forms of training, instead of monk/warrior like training it shows him undergoing a repetitive maiden training which gradually changes him into cute Japanese miko woman.
food is just plain bowl of rice, initially shows him complaining about it not being enough. As the day’s progress and he stop complaining having seemingly getting skinnier but more well rounded where it counts (boobs/ass) eventually getting to the point where she's full instead of still being hungry. 
waterfall mediation, hair gradually gets less and less spiky instead transforming into the long hime style cut.
sword swinging practice, clothing gradually changes replaced with a more traditional miko white/red robes as she gets more into it. 

Dimension 4 – Jim the dark priest
Scene 1 - Jim arrives at what looks like an offices front desk, on the desk is a scroll reading 'Training goal – Dark Priest rank Pedo Pope'. The scroll begins speaking "The training will-“ Jim interrupts “Oh shut it I know what the taint do-” gets cut off mid sentence as the room flashes
Scene 2 - The blinding light now gone the scenery is now a 'church' with a cross. The scroll now says 'Training goal – Dark Priestess rank Sister of Sin' 
Scene 3-4 - "WHAT?! Damn that seer, she’s trapped to! She shouldn't be able to change the classes in-murgh!" he shouts in panic as the items in the room come to life, a open mouth gag cutting him off as chains appear from the cross dragging him and binding him.
Scene 5-9 - strung across the cross, a black stream of sin enters his body.
Priest starts off brushing it off as nothing compared to his normal evils but soon the flood grows bigger and bigger as he realizes that it’s too much for him to handle and begins to panic. His clothing meanwhile changes into what looks like a hybrid between a dark magical girl (fate from nanoha, pretty cure black) and bondage nun's habit, while his body changes to fit his eyes roll up into his head as it's too much for him to take. As everything fades to black.
Scene 10 – has her awaking eye demonic as power rolls off the Dark Magical Girl as she thinks “The sins of the world shall be its rebirth”. 

Dimension Conclusion
Scene 1 – Has Amy emerging shivering from a portal into what looks like a magical control room, with countless magical viewing panels showing the other training characters in them. He looks similar to her adult female self but with a youthful and even more beautiful appearance; he has full breasts though still a male where is counts, you can show this if you want to directly or bulge.
Amy shivering while thinking – ‘Ugh that training took longer to bypass then I expected. I didn’t even know there was that class...’
Scene 2 – Has Ami looking at all the panels, before pausing on the Dark Priest one.
 ‘Hmm odd whatever happened must have drawn in people across the world seeking training. Still whoever messed with the training probably saved us all otherwise who knows what powerful minions Jim wo--‘ her words dying in her mouth.
Scene 3 – Zooms in on the transformed Jim who’s seemingly evolving from standard dark magical girl to super dark magical girl, cloths get spikier/flashier/tighter/black armor plates. In the side panels you can see the black energy from the other panels seemingly flowing into to her making her stronger.
Amy thinking – ‘Impossible!! That’s an avatar class!! Shit she’s draining all the other trainees Ero at this rate she’ll reach goddess class!! What to do! What to do! Wait what’s this? HER!!”
Scene 4 – Barbie inside training room however unlike the others she’s actually able to refuse training via force of will. Show her doing this by repressing the scrolls glowing
Scroll speaking “How about porn st-“interrupted by Barbie
Barbie speaking “No No No, that’s way too easy.”
Amy speaking/interrupting - “Hello, My name is Ami the Seer”
Barbie replying “Hi-hi I’m Barbie.”
Ami speaking “Yes, I know who you are… you are after all marrying my Ex after all. You’re the last one I wanted to ask but since you’re the only one not transmitting energy to Jim it has to be you. There’s a hidden training method in the scroll you just need to open it up and on the engravings hit up up down down left right left right and sign A B A.”
Ami still speaking “Do note that it’s quite dan-“ interrupted by Barbie inputting the Konami code as suddenly the dimension turns into a training course from hell. “gerous…”
Barbie responding “Oh! A challenge sounds fun! Let’s do it!”
Ami surprised tone “You know your weird but we could have—never mind good luck!”
Scene 5 – Has Jim emerging from the dimensional portal now at the galactic/goddess dark magical girl level, just make the outfit slightly more elaborate, so shadow wings/a dark halo/etc... Amy standing there with the other dimensional trainees (Strawberry, Onion, Carrot, etc...) waiting for her.
Amy thinking – ‘Damn she finished transforming and Barbie’s still not done… even with all these level 99’s can we take her?!’
Jim speaking – “Foolish mortals I have ascended, Revel in your new goddess Sin!!!”
Amy shouting - “Everyone be careful despite her whorish look she’s extremely dangerous!!!”
Jim/Sin with anger vain, with a shadow overhead.
Jim speaking “What do you mean WHORISH!”
Scene 6 – the shadow overhead turns out to be assassin who stabs her through the heart.
Assassin speaking “That was easy”
Scene 7 – Jim/Sin simply smirks shrugging it off slapping the assassin on the ass sending her flying.
Jim/Sin speaking “Silly ass was that it?”
Scene 8-11 – assassin ass expands rapidly he rapidly transforms into a donkey/ass girl this words transforming into braying sounds.
Other trainee’s attack, only to lose to her overwhelming Ero powers.

Dimension Conclusion Part 2
Scene 1 – Has Bob walking out of the portal no longer Barbie but in his original form no helm though, his face is surprisingly blonde hair bishi. Jim/Sin standing over the defeated other trainees/Amy.
Amy wondering ‘did it work?! or have I doomed us all.’
Jim/Sin speaking - “What? Another fool that dares stand in my way?”
Scene 2-5 – Bob does a magical girl power up, as he transforms back into Barbie instead of the standard wedding dress it changes into a combat magical girl wedding dress, which would essentially be a white mecha armored wedding dress, with super frilly laces, and angelic wings, halo, and other accessories.
Bob/Barbie doing a magical girl mini speech while transforming (being lazy on this detail right now as I’ll probably do a parody of SM so research would be required.)
Amy thinking – ‘She really did learn it… the legendary martial art skill of ultimate good! Befriending!’
Jim/Sin pondering ‘Wait why did I just sit through that… that was a good 2 minutes.’ before speaking “Anyways its futile just die.”
Barbie smiles sweetly speaking “That’s not very nice!”
Jim/Sin finds herself punched out the building.
Scene 6 – Jim crashing into a mountain seemingly unharmed.
Jim speaking – “Like that would be enough stop me! I am evil! I am the-“
Her speech interrupted as Barbie suplexs her through the mountain.
(panel out view of the mountain crumbling)
Scene 7 – Amy now standing up looking at the ‘fight’ thinking ‘Befriending, the ultimate charisma based skill using the power of charisma they beat their foes into friendship. Though it didn’t seem nearly so bad in the legends… right now I’m not really sure who the real devil is… I never imagined befriending would be so… so… ridiculously violent.’ Other characters (strawberry/carrot) are hugging each other with the horror/scared look as blood splashes them.
Jim screaming - “OH MY GOD NOT THE SPLEEN”
Barbie speaking between the screaming “Befriending Galactic Purple Nurple!”
Jim screaming - “THE PAIN!! PLEASE JUST LET ME DIE!”
Barbie speaking between the screaming “Befriending Stop Hitting Yourself!”
Jim/Sin screaming - “MY ARMS DON’T BEND THAT WAY” and various death gargles.
Other examples of attacks - Chuck Norris round house kick, Befriending Meteor Wedgie, etc...
Scene 8 – Has Barbie in a group shot of all the characters in the side story, each in various omake actions.
Narration [Thus Barbie defeated the dark goddess Sin, saving the world yet again (while also gaining more vassals, more lovers, and the informal title ‘The White Devil’) and the world rejoiced… well maybe not everyone].
Corner panel - Has Tammy still fighting with the tentacle monster screaming “HEY A LITTLE HELP HERE! ANYONE?!?!”


Thanks for reading through, there are others, but there most likely not complete enough for me to list. Or a part really needs to be done before I can list the rest.

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