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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hero 8

The Druid in the overlord universe
Art by Blackshirtboy


Hero 8 –
Elderly Male Elf Druid - Elf old enough that his hairs are grey, giant bushy beard, dressed in green leafy robes, aka like a night elf from WoW.
Sequence into AR to cow girl/multi-anthro.

Bob reading the scroll ‘The Elf Druid – a master of transformation and nature this hero is not to be underestimated despite being a hippy. They can call upon the powers of any number of animals using their abilities to augment his own. Though however sharp his instincts are, his hippy nature will have dulled his mind so obviously this is where you should strike.' 
Bob thought up Morality Fleas 'like normal fleas but multiple colored, aka multi-colored dots since you really can't see fleas'

Panel 1 - Druid wakes up in what looks like a kitchen, looking around he's appalled to find that what broke his fall was a cow, which now looks like its dead. Chibi morality good/evil shoulder figures appear. Good saying that he should bury it, evil saying just to leave it. Good wins.
Mini panel - As he moves to bury it, fleas jump from the cow to him
Panel 2 - outside view cow is already buried; druid is holding the bell collar with a name tag on it says a prayer for 'Missy'. Meanwhile his morality figures begin to look ill.
Panel 3 - Druid reenters the kitchen, placing the bell on the counter and finds a piece of paper, commenting that it 'looks like a chore list'. Good chibi now has insect antennae’s sticking out of head, suggests that it's his responsibility to do the chores since he killed her, he grudgingly agrees.
Panel 4 - druid is sweating from doing the various kitchen chores his devil chibi (more insect like) suggests that he shape shift into a younger form. He resists at first citing it wasn't needed but after looking at the number of remaining chores he relents and shifts younger (20ish), his clothes not fitting he grabs a apron.
Panel 5-8- on the list he has 'fill up the milk carton' pondering how he could do that. Good chibi suggests becoming a cow, evil chibi notes that you need hands to do the milking. He settles on midway and hesitantly transforms into an anthro cow girl, the chibi’s egging him on to start milking which he eventual gives in to. End panel before she begins thought bubble of ‘how it feels so good’
Panel 9 – [hours later] text. She looks tired and milk container is full, she looks around grabbing at the list, instead grabs the collar. Both chibi's are insect hybrids now and say it's made for her and agreeably she put it's on.
Mini-panel – she’s looking at the next chore on the list, all you see is ‘Eggs’.
Panel 10 - druid is now cow girl anthro upper side, chicken girl anthro bottom side, still dressed in an apron. Scene has her serving breakfast to the overlord, milk and eggs. Bob reading the scroll 'Druids make for excellent pets once house broken, as they retaining enough of their human intellect to perform tasks, while animal instincts guide the rest.'


  1. Probably a quirk of my browser, but I can't seem to zoom in sufficiently to read the image. I can read the transcript and match it to what's happening on the image, but I can't actually see the image in any great detail.

    Firefox 21.0, for reference.

    And I'm sorry for nitpicking everything I run across, it's just that this story is so good, and has such potential, I'd hate for some minor issues to lead to people not enjoying it.

    ...and I'm in it for both the initial transformations and the aftermaths, I admit it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. looks like it's a resizing limitation of the blog.
      i'll see if i can fix it, till then read it on the DA link


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