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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hero 6

Skipping 4/5 as commissioned artists is still on haitus

The Prince in the overlord universe
Art by Mr-DNA

Hero 6 –
Human Prince/Royal - long blond hair, blue eyes, handsome, wearing shining white armor, with shining sword, crown, sparkle teeth, etc...
Sequence Male to female maid

Bob reading the scroll ‘The Prince – Your arch Nemesis, in terms of skills or abilities he is easily the lowest in the band of heroes but with destiny on his side, charisma, and a legendary sword his overall threat level is Retreat!!. However like all royals ego is are there greatest weakness, unless they've already defeated there shadow... which case you’re screwed and likely need to restart. Ideally though you need rig the fight with their shadow however possible, otherwise they become unstoppable.'
Bob thinks up 'Inverted chamber' - room where things are is reversed ex - light is dark and dark is light sun shines darkness, shadows provide light (honestly probably weird to draw)
Panel 1 - Prince wakes up in the inverted chamber, the actual room itself looks like a bed room however he can’t control his body, and instead he finds that he has to mimic his shadow instead of the normal.
Panel 2 – SPrince (shadow prince) proceeds to the mirror in the wall, RPrince (real prince) like a shadow is forced mimic his shadows motions. RPrince struggles in vain, while the shadow taunts him. 
Panel 3 – SPrince’s strips his clothing while RPrince must do the same as a result [unequipped - master sword, imperial crown, etc...] text appears on the side, and SPrince proceeds to throw them out the window, RPrince follows curses him out futility as he laminates the how hard it was to get them.
Panel 4 – SPrince’s now naked scrounges through the drawers, closet and the rest of the room making a pile of stuff random junk. RPrince has to do the same but is confused at what exactly he’s grabbing.
Panel 5-6 – SPrince’s body starts dressing in some of the items he picked up as the prince does the same [equip girdle of femininity, cow cup bra, slave collar, etc….]. RPrince fumes in horror and embarrassment at what he was being made to wear.
Panel 7-9 – RPrince is now dressed like a French maid and his body morphs accordingly, while changing SPrince forces him to make a concoction and then forces him to eat it [use – will suppressant, lust draft, etc...]. RPrince screams against it but as after each drug she becomes more and more complacent/broken.
Panel 10 – Show’s the bimbo happy drugged Prince facing off with her shadow, lighting is again normal indicating it’s outside the chamber.
Panel 11 – Fully transformed prince, with reddish eyes serving a drink to the overlord on the throne. Bob reading from the scroll while taking a sip ‘Once the shadow win the ego/will/hope of the Prince will crumble accordingly, depending on how violent the battle was all that will remain will either be a dead corpse, a brain dead puppet, or a prefect servant.’

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