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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hero 7

The Rogue in the overlord universe
Art by Powerman2000


Hero 7 –
Male Halfling Rogue - stereotypical middle age curly brown hair, brown eyes, white skinned, midget (about 3 feet tall), leather vest/armor, dagger/short sword, mildly dirty/grimy.
Sequence into Vampiress

Bob reading from the Scroll ‘The Halfling Rogue – there is only 1 word to describe this hero 'coward'. Needless to say out of all the heroes he is least heroic but also the most cunning, chances are he won’t fall for any traps and instead went straight for your treasury while you dealt with the other heroes. Needless to say with his epic save rolls he’ll never fall for normal traps, so if you want to deal with him you’ll need have something that will invoke his greed so much that it’ll outweigh his self preservation instinct.'
Bob thought up item ‘Blood Diamond' giant person size white diamond.
Panel 1 - rogue is sneaking around treasure room and passes by a huge person size chest that has a note on it 'OVERLORD ONLY' scoffing "like I'm going to fall for that" before looking at chest self justifying it "Well maybe just a little peak", proceeds to break the lock and opens the chest.
Panel 2 - chest open the diamond inside awe-stuck by the size of it, $ signs in his eyes he walks over and hugs the diamond saying something generic like "come to papa."
Panel 3 - hugging the diamond his body seemingly passes through the surface as he gets trapped inside.
Panel 4-8 - the diamond turns a crimson red tint, his body all the while seems to get paler and gaunt as the fluids are getting sucked out, reverse body begins to grow in every way, clothes ripping apart easily, his flesh regains its volume however in completely different areas (boobies etc), fang teeth growing, finally transforming into a crimson haired vampiress. Diamond shatters as the transformation is complete.
Panel 9 - Chest is closed but endless amount of babble can be heard coming from it. Bob the overlord is sighing sitting in-front of it reading the scroll 'It's highly suggested for your own sanity and profit margins that you dispose of the Halfling in a permanent manner, as their greed is endless.'

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