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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Conclusion Part 1

Conclusion Part 1
Art by Ian S


Conclusion part 1
Honestly it's a bit wordy here but mainly because I have a character with monologues, if it’s too wordy just put ‘blah blah blah’ in the comic and I’ll combine the text into a short story to put into the description.

panel 1 – Semi -group panel with Bob sitting on his throne scroll still in hand however he's at the end of it, the various transformed heroes in various states of service to their new lord.
Panel 2 - dark column of flame bursts out from the center of the room from it emerges a slick/handsome black haired man in a trim looking dress suit with a pair of red eyed ravens on his shoulders. Bob speaking in an angry tone "Tim! What do you want?"
panel 3 - Tim speaking body/hands moving in flowery motions all the while "Oh can't a rival drop in every once in awhile; I mean I was hoping that the heroes had finished you and I could take them out while they were tired but alas your still standing I see. Anyways I can see your getting impatient with the small talk, so I admit I came here for another reason... I mean you really should check who writes those books."
Mini-panels - cuts to the scroll where it unrolls the bottom of it, Tim's name is signed at the end, a rather complex magic circle on it.
panel 4 - the glowing white scroll bursts into the air as white beams of energy emerge from it as it wraps around Bob mummifying/binding him, the various former heroes glowing as well as if in a trance.
Panel 5 - Bob's form is struggling but surely shrinking within the wrappings
Panel 6 - the wrappings disintegrate and Bob is now a petite white hair, white eyed, pale white girl in an angelic gown with crown however now gagged and chained to the throne. The throne is now a white angelic girly version of what it once was.
Tim monologues "You know it took me a while to think of a way to get rid of you, I mean the heroes were a threat too but you always were the bigger one, with your evil subjugating armor of the overlord. I mean I had no way of stopping you, not that I'd let you know that. So I lent a hand to those bozos that could. Anyways, you must be wondering how I defeated you. You now all that ‘good’ that you broke those heroes of... well the scrolls stored it. The purest of good you know all that fun stuff, it just needed some of my special magic to go off, and not even your armor could protect you."
Panel 7 - Tim walks over grabbing the floating scroll then gripping her by the cheeks forcing her to look into his eyes while still speaking "Ah the sweet smell of absolute victory."

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