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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mimi's Fishing

Bane Knight 
Art by imric1251

Part 5 - Bane Knight
Sequence into a MerMaid
Scene 1 - Bane Knight crashes like a meteor into the courtyard landing on what was a cart of fish "Zi kitty had just got those too…" Mimi says angrily the annoyance nerve effect on her head.
Scene 2 - From the dust cloud appears the flaming/smoking Bane knight "BOBBBB!!!!!" the Bane knight shouts before running into the castle.
"Monsieur no smoking or flaming inside zi castle!" Mimi says as the knight is suddenly frozen solid like an ice cube at the doors 'freeze' sound effect can be heard, Mimi simply sighs. 
Scene 3 - "Monsieur can defrost in here" Mimi says pushing the knight into a pool. As she walks away the knight now floating in the middle of the fountain begins to glow red as the ice melts quickly, suddenly bursting out shouting "BOBBB!!!!" before realizing the pool is quite large and isn't shallow as he quickly sinks drowning due to the weight of the armor.
Scene 4-9 - suddenly while he's sinking/drowning he sees what looks like a white object floating near him, grabbing it turns out to be a glove. He's suddenly reeled back up, hands pulled like a fish on a hook, as he's pulled up-words he transforms into mermaid; the lower body becoming standard fish the upper body becoming a maid/bikini swimsuit hybrid clothing. She's fully transformed as she bursts through the surface Mimi on the other side of the line reeling her in. 

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