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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overlord Bob / Queen Barbie Contest

Overlord Bob / Queen Barbie Contest

1. Mini-Contest 1 - Create a Character - design a character for the Overlord Universe
Prize - winning character(s) will be featured in a future series of my choosing
2. Mini-Contest 2 - Create a Script/Story
Prize - winning script/story will be turned into a comic (within reason of course)
3. Mini-Contest 3 - Create a Story/Caption for the following
Prize - winner will get to 'something' for the next holiday special (details are hush until finalized)

so no monetary prizes this time around, though all the prizes will cost me money but will further the Universe.

either way this is more for all the writers out there.
Users can enter more then one mini contest if they so choose.
1 entry per a user per a mini-contest though.

(any artist(s) used in the prize commissions is my and well the artists choice... I can't do much if a artist won't draw it.)

All mini-contests end Sept, 1 2011

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