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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mimi's House Keeping 3

Knights 1, part 3
Art by imric1251
Side Character 1 – The Castle Mimi's Guests
Black Knight – A giant of a man 7 foot large white male dressed in plated medieval black armor with a can type helmet piece, wielding a man size claymore sword.
Part 2 - Black Knight
Sequence into a White Maid
Scene 1-2 – Scene [Barbie’s Castle] text, night time the front door smashed open, the Black knight standing on the remains of the door looking into the throne room court where Mimi is currently moping with a pristine glowing mop that sparkles.
“Like I would wait till tomorrow, I’ll be done before they even make their move! Where is Bob wench!” The black knight says looking around the empty room.
“Monsieur, Barbie is on vacation, come back another time.”  Mimi says
Knight replying “Don’t make me laugh, like I would fall for such an obvious trick, tell me or die wench!”
“Looks like Monsieur can’t be reasoned with” Mimi sighs
Scene 3-4 – Knight swings his blade at Mimi only for the maid to instantly parry with the mop and counter hit with on the knight’s arms with single swift motion. At impact a ‘clean’ sound effect, can be heard looking down the armor/arms are now white, petite, and sparkly clean feminine limbs in arm length gloves.
“Monsieur has been unGARed” says Mimi. 
“Tis a flesh wound!” the Knight replies
“Well not even... but you still can’t use your arms anymore” Mimi says
“I’ve had worse!” knight says defiantly now unable to hold up his sword or use his arms.
“Lies!! now surrender.” Mimi says
Scene 5-7 – “Never! The Black Knight always triumphs!!” Knight shouts suddenly kicking at her, only for her to side step and hit both legs cleaning them; the transformed legs are now white petite hosiery legs with white Mary Jane type shoes.  The knight falls over because the transformed legs can’t support the weight. “It’s not over I’ll gnaw off your legs!” the knight says wiggling helplessly on the ground.
Scene 8-11 – Mimi sighs “Monsieur is a loony, guess I’ll need to clean it all.” as she swings the broom down at him in a decapitating fashion, cleaning him fully. He’s transformed his armor turning armor then changing into a more traditional full length formal maid dress except all white, with head piece, long gloves, shoes, etc... The knight main body/head physically transforming into petite female to match the arms and legs, skin changing into a clean pure white albino color, red eyes, even cut hair long hair. Fully changed she looks over saying “I guess we’ll call it a draw.”

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