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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pirates vs Ninja's 1

Art by DragonfangX

Location 8 – Pirates vs. Ninja 1
Male Human Pirate Captain - stereotypical Captain Hook/Jack Sparrow hybrid, aka European look, long dirty/unkempt black hair, hook hand, giant hat, cigar, and traditional swashbuckler garbs.
Geisha former Ninja from Bob series
Sequence to Beach Babe

Scene 1 – "Yo ho Yo ho the pirates life for me! Yar!!" the captain is singing clearly drunk with beer in his good hand. Sign post shows that the location is the 'Pirates Bay' "Now I be needin is Wenches!" 
Scene 2-3 – The Geisha seemingly appears from nowhere at that comment, pirate pauses "Hmm I mean now I be needin is another beer!” the beer appearing in his hand.  “Hmm… how about treasure!" hoping for luck to strike again. "I know where the one piece is" the Geisha says "YAR!! Wench! show the way!" he says groping her drunkenly as they proceed.
Scene 4-8 – They arrive at what looks like an old building huge X across the front "Shall we proceed." The geisha asks.
As they enter the dark room "Just wait right here" The geisha says.
The lights turn on showing a one piece bathing suit "YARGH!! that pun! Backstabbing wench! I'll feast on your bones tonight." pirate says only to realize he's been locked in.
The one piece rises up; on the front is something that makes the pirate turn white with terror, the 4kids logo. "Anything but that!!" he shouts banging against the door as the one piece jumps him. He screams "IT'S DUBBING MEEEE" as he's changed/dubbed into a well tanned stereotypical beach babe.
Scene 9 - Geisha is standing in front of the 'Pirates Bay' sign repainting it into ‘Booty Bay' Narrator box underneath [Pirates vs. Ninjas (word ninja's is X'ed out, replaced by Geisha] [score 0-1]

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