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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Poll - DLC

The previous poll results surprised me, given the sheer volumn of people agreeing I should hunt some people down. It's tempting trust me, though international travel makes it often not worth it. Anyways I guess we will see.

Anyways a new poll to correspond with the DLC contest.

Old poll

WINNER - Classes
WINNER - Generic Elf Warrior
WINNER - Advanced Hybrid variation
WINNER - Dark Elves

Thus the story begins with a Fade Elf warrior that wishes to change his class. Because well lower class (non-nobles) warriors are also known as fodder and generally have very low male survival rates. Then again all lower classes had very low survival rates.

Skipping the story arc of the initial desertion from the army and escape from the underworld our protagonist Jrissz arrives at the city of Omnitopia, also known as the City of Shrines. The religious center of the world as every god and pantheon had at least one shrine or temple in this city of gods.

The real question is now which God/Shrine should he get a DLC from?

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