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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Contest Entry - The Faire Magnifique by Melkorias

Last day entry written by Melkorias


Barbie strode back and forth across her throne room, her white heels clicking on the hard stone floor as she paced endlessly, back and forth across the room. Nearby, Tammy sat on her throne reading over one of her favorite scrolls... or was at least trying to; an endeavor that was being made increasingly hard with Barbie's incessant pacing. Finally, Tammy reached her limit and gave an exasperated sigh, taking off her reading glasses and placing them and her scroll on a nearby table.
                "Heavens, dear, what ARE you so worried about?" Tammy asked, motioning to her pacing. Barbie shook her head, looking at Barbie with a glum tired look in her eyes. "I can't help it Tammy.... I'm just so... booooooooooooooooored." she groaned, sounding more like a child than a ruler. Tammy just rolled her eyes. Barbie always got like this when she was bored, but it never quite got this bad. "What do you suggest I do, dear?" Barbie just shook her head again, returning to her pacing. "I dunno... anything! I just... it's soooo boring around here now! Almost makes me wish for the old days as an overlord again..."
                Tammy gave a small smirk, looking through her scrolls for something specific. Barbie was right. Once the wedding was over and that whole debacle with the Fraternity of Evil Knights was sorted out, there really wasn't much to do around the castle. It wasn't long before she found just what she was looking for and gave a small smirk. "Tell me, Barbie..." she said, opening it up and reading over it. "Have you ever been to a faire before?"
                *gasp* "A fair? No I haven't! What's it like?"

*Some time later*

                Fortunately, Tammy's magic made it easy for gathering together the basic neccessities for a faire, and there was also plenty of people eager to sign up for a job in the faire to earn that extra coin, as well as the opportunity to get close to Barbie herself. It was only a matter of time until the faire was completed, the stands were staffed, and all the games were in place! Tammy made sure it had all kinds of awesome and fantastical games to keep anyone happy and entertained for quite some time! Races, Innrock tournaments (which contrary to accusations has absolutely nothing to do with another game based around hearths and stones), DERP foam crossbow shooting galleries, board games, the works!
                What a success it turned out to be! People came from far and why, by portal, griffon, cart, spell, and any other contrived transportation method you could think of to come to the faire, which Tammy dubbed Barbie's Faire Magnifique, in honor to the one who inspired the faire and also who it was for in the first place. And it did not disappoint either, as Barbie couldn't help but be wrapped up in the sheer fun, majesty, and whimsy of the fair, she rode all the rides, played all the games, and ate one of every food she could get her hands on, and she was content, as were everybody who came to the fair. How could such a monumental event possibly be any better?

                Well... divine intervention isn't a bad start.

                Some days later, after the faire was a well established and anticipated event, there was a sudden burst of news that got everyone abuzz. Apparently, a few days before the start of the next session of the Faire, there appeared out of nowhere a large sign right in the middle of the soon-to-be fairgrounds. The sign, which was crafted from the finest gold possible, text etched on in glorious gold and framed by a vibrant crimson silk curtain, contained the following

[Attention Fairgoers - As part of the newest Barbie's Faire Magnifique, we have decided to release a brand new D.L.C event called "Gift of the Gods!" The premise is simple, we ourselves will be amongst the mortals in the fair. If you can defeat us in the myriads of games featured at the fair, you will win glorious prizes. Each prize package includes the following:
                - Brand new class!
                - New gear!
That's right, a new classes and gear just for playing faire games! Of course, we will not make this easy! Gods present at the faire will include:
                - Cruyan
                - Giyalia
                - Idraiob Ettore
                - Lalelulelolestia
So come and test your luck at the faire, and earn glory and sweet loot!]

                The days leading up to the Faire were electric with talk, rumors, and excitement. Everyone had theories on who the gods would disguise themselves as, what their rewards would be, and what games they would need to be beaten in. But before too long, the fateful day finally arrived, and the faire opened up yet again, and much more populated than ever before, people having come from all over to participate in the... contest would probably be the best term to win DLC from the gods themselves!
                It was at this point that a group of four adventurers had come into the fairgrounds, excited to try their hand at a round with the gods, and they decided to divide and conquer, moving across all the attractions to try and find the gods to challenge. They agreed to meet in the main square once they have completed their objective.

                Andrew was small for a warrior, lacking the true stamina and constitution needed to be a protection warrior. So no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't take a hit as well as he needed to in order to be a tanking class, so he was often relegaded to a damage role, wielding dual swords. He was here hoping beyond hope that perhaps one of the special classes that the DLC were offering could be a good tanking role for somebody of his particular body setup. He soon arrived at the small "foam arena" housed at the faire, where a small arena pit housing various different foam weapons was housed. In the arena stood a big muscular house of a man wielding a large thick foam hammer. Andrew gave a small smile, figuring this would at least be a decent place to start and hopped into the arena, grabbing a pair of foam swords. "Sir, I challenge you to arena combat!"
                If the man hadn't been intimidating enough by looks alone, his voice definitely stood him above and beyond, as his deep low voice boomedfrom his mouth. "Very well, challenger! Prepare yourself!" With that, the two men quickly came to blows. The large man had strength behind his swings, and whenever Andrew got hit he certainly felt it, but Andrew had speed on his side from all his experience as a more agile warrior, and so was able to dodge much of the hulking man's blows, while delivering several of his own. It was a long and tiring battle, neither man conceding an inch, but eventually Andrew emerged victorious, panting heavily as the larger man laid on the floor. "Well done, mortal..." He said between heavy breaths, causing Andrew to go wide eyed. "Wait... does that mean..."
                His words were cut off as the man began to change, his skin turning red and his normal human features being replaced by demonic ones, such as horns, wings, and a tail. "That is right, mortal! It is I, Cruyan, and by defeating me in foamy combat you have earned your prize! Stand, mortal, and accept your gift of the Bust Guardian class.
                Andrew stood up, confused at just what Cruyan meant by that class name, perhaps it was an accidental speech hiccup or something, but before he could ponder it any further, he felt a red hot sensation coursing through his veins, watching as his skin turned a deep red as his body seemed to compact itself, shrinking down but at the same time becoming dener and stronger as well. His muscles bulged slightly as his arms compacted around them, his waist pinched inwards, causing his chest and his hips to expand outwards. The red hot searing pain continued, as a pair of horns burst from his head, his short messy hair growing out and turning a deep black. Before long, Andrew stood there, a changed man, or rather now, woman. Instead of the weak man he had been once before, he was a smaller but stronger woman, a sexy demoness. Andrea gasped as she stared at herself up and down, in complete and utter shock at her changes. "THIS is the new class?!?"
                "That's not all, my dear!" Cruyan added, a set of armor appearing on Andrea's body, sexualized to fit her new demoness appearance. However, oddly enough, the chest was actually heavily covered, much to her surprise. Questions rushed through Andrea's mind, but as her mind settled, only one bothered coming forth. "So, what can this new class do?" she asked, a much sexier and seductive voice coming out of her lips.
                The demon god grinned, as he pointed to a nearby dumbstruck onlooker. "Stand near this mortal here, Bust Guardian..." Andrea complied, strutting near the man, slightly surprised by the sexy sway in her hips, but quickly became accustomed to it, even changing her stride to show her sway off even more. As soon as she reached the spot Cruyan had pointed out, she gasped as a large muscular fist suddenly zipped through the air towards the bystander. He screamed in fright, coiling up to prepare himself for the undoubtedly painful punch that would surely hit him.
                At this point Andrea sprung into action. She didn't know HOW, but by pure instinct she leapt in front of the punch. But that was just the beginning of the surprises, as the burning sensation returned to her chest, as she suddenly felt it expanding yet again before her very eyes! The reason there was so much more armor on the breasts became clear as the multitude of plates folding out in order to cover their ever expanding load. Andrea clenched her eyes as her breasts finally stopped growing, having swollen to a proportion that they were almost as big as her torso, and the punch connected square into her enlarged bosom. But where Andrea was expecting a great deal of pain or to at least be sent sprawling backwards by the punch, she merely felt a soft tickle against her chest. Her eyes opened, and she saw that the god's punch had simply recoiled off her chest, which was now shrinking back to it's normal, though still large, original size. She gasped at just how effectively she had been able to deflect the blow, and just then two and two came together in her mind. She finally did it! She was finally able to provide a more defensive role, able to protect her friends! With not another sound, save a squeal of delight, Andrea broke into a run, dashing through the fair back towards the main square!

                Meanwhile, across the fair, the team's healer, Yun, searched across the various stand games set up in the fair. He had admirable abilities as a healer, that much was readily apparent in any dungeons he traversed to, but his luck and lastability was far less stellar. Whether he had just been swarmed by enemy creatures, or his team didn't care to defend him, he has spend many a long irritating respawn ru back to where he was. It was through the competition he hoped to achieve a class that would be much more survivable, or at the least had the skills means to be better convincing for teammates to defend. He soon rode up to the DERP crossbow shooting gallery, and as he decided to play it for a short while to pass the time, a beautiful woman strode up besides him. Her beauty was unparalleled, surprising considering its simplicity. Her long lovely blonde hair framed her gentle cute face perfectly, and Yun could feel himself just melting on the spot, wrapped up in this woman's beauty.
                She smiled sweetly at him, picking up the crossbow next to his. "So, you up for a friendly competition?" she asked with a giggle. Yun, more than happy to have this woman talk to him as a friend or an equal, agreed and soon the competition begun. The rather cartoony and light-natured targets of more popular fantasy monsters, such as slimes, dragon, and ogres, popped up in the shooting gallery. Both Yun and the mystery woman gave it their all, shooting at targets with stunning speed and accuracy. Targets fell left and right, the pair being so good at shooting the targets that popped up that the two scorers had a hard time keeping track of the scores by themselves. After a nail-biting intense round of shooting, the score was tallied (and retallied, given how one of the now several scorekeepers sneezed and messed up the count) and finally the winner was announced to be Yun, who was met by a round of applause. Yun couldn't believe his luck, but also how much fun he had, he's never been challenged so much in crossbow shooting. The woman smiled, walking up to Yun. "Congratulations mortal..."
                Yun did a double take. Mortal? Did that mean...
                The woman changed before his very eyes, shifting into the more commonly known form of Giyalia. Yun stood there, speechless, even as the goddess did a twirl, magical energy swirling around her hands as she prepared to bestow her gift on Yun. "Here is your gift from me, mortal. I hereby bestow the Healer Damsel class on you.
                Yun raised an eyebrow at the name. "Healer Damsel? What are you..." His eyes widened as the entire world seemed to grow around him as he quickly shot down a foot at least. He felt his skin become fair and soft, his chest and hips expanding out giving him a very admirable hourglass figure. He couldn't help but give a soft moan as his groin got sucked in, his lips puffing out into fair kissable lips. His short brown hair exploded out into flawless blonde locks that flowed down his back like a golden river, and in seconds a maiden whose beauty could possibly even rival Giyalia's stood there, her face in a bright red blush.
                Giyalia stood there, admiring her handiwork before waving her hand again, causing Yunetta's new gear to appear on her body. Yunetta gasped as her normally modest robes began to expand, poofing out before her eyes as layer upon layer of padding and poof were added under her skirt, which itself seemed to be becoming much more fancy and ornate, golden trim appearing along it as it seemed to sparkle in the light. As the top plunged, showing off more and more of her VERY generous bosom, the shoulders of the dress poofed outwards as well, becoming just as comically big as her skirt, making her gown look like a bizarre combination of princess gown and wedding gown. As a cute little hat appeared on her head, and a bright pink bow covered in ribbons and gold trim appeared in her hand, Yunetta could only pout, thinking that she had been cheated when suddenly people began to gather around her. "Miss, are you okay? Would you like me to protect you?" Another one came up. "I'll help too, miss! I won't let anything happen to you!" Followed shortly by another. "Yeah! You'll be just fine with us around!"
                Yunetta couldn't help but give a small smile. She normally hadn't been given the time of day in a group, but now people were lining up to protect her! Maybe this new class wasn't so bad at all! With that, she strode back towards the meeting place, a swarm of potential defenders following closely behind.

                At yet another part of the faire, Maria strode along the selection of board games that the faire housed. She was cute, but nobody could really call her sexy, with her barely existant figure and a rather bland look overall. She was very kind, and she took her role as a support class with the utmost diligence, making sure her teammates stayed strong and healthy throughout combat, but every time she looked at another woman and saw a sexy figure staring back she couldn't help but feel jealous. She knew it was a long shot but Maria thought maybe, just maybe if she could win one of the special god DLC packs that would change everything. As she passed one of the board game tables, she saw a man sitting there.
                He looked pretty average for the most part, not out of this world attractive but not ugly either. Just.... like her in a way. Perhaps it was this that drew her to him, causing her to sit at the same table. The man was simply enjoying a cheeseburger, surveying the stack of games that were stacked under the table, and as such hadn't even noticed Maria yet. As he looked up from the game he notices her, and gives a small chuckle. "Oh! Hehe, I didn't see you there. Sorry about that... care to play a game? I mean, I'm sure that's why you're here, no?" Maria nodded, looking at all the games. After some brief discussion, the two of them were able to decide on one called Mithril Cook, based off of cooking competitions.
                With the rules explained and the board set up, the game was afoot, and the two really put their strategic minds to the test, with pieces moving around the board and cards flopping on the table. After some time, and a very close competition between the two of them Maria found herself barely coming out on top. At this, the man gave a chuckle, clapping for Maria. "Well done, mortal..." said the man between claps, revealig himself as the God of Food, Idraiob Ettore.
                Maria gasped. Had she honestly just... "Now, accept my gift of the Support Waitress Class!" Maria gave a tiny cute yelp, as she felt a surge of energy flood through her, making her body tingle with excitement and energy. As the energy flowed through her veins she could feel herself transforming, her hair rapidly growing out, getting wavy full and sexy. Her chest and rear followed suit, ballooning out to massive proportions, bigger than anything she had seen before, becoming quite the exaggerated sexy figure. She just stared in amusement as in mere moments she went from the unnoticeable plain Jane to the talk of the town!
                She watched as her clothes changed too, a fancy elegant looking white jacket, almost similar to a chef's jacket, wrapping around her enlarged chest, and a long flowing orange skirt draping down over her ass. As a pair of heeled boots adorned her feet, she blushed a bit at her simple but effective getup. With a large two-handed frying pan in her hand, she looked equally prepared to cook as to fight. Idraiob smiled a sly but friendly smile as Maria stood there. "Perfect! And now to demonstrate that little power of yours..." and with those words, with but a single thought, a serving platter suddenly appeared perched on Maria's rear end, attached to her outfit via a chain. With a quick motion he drew the tray from its resting place and placed it in front of him, revealing a steak dinner. "Prompt service of truly delicious food that enhance allies! Enjoy, dear." He said, taking a big bite of the steak. With a giggle and newly found spring in her step, Maria skipped off to meet with her friends.

                Lastly, Jim, a rogue, was searching close to where Maria was, where the various games were being held, though it was towards the other end of the game area. He was a trickster,  some would even go so far as to say scoundrel. A well-meaning on the side of good scoundrel, but a scoundrel nonetheless. So there he stood, deciding to try and analyze everyone to see if he can find the god, rather than just challenging people randomly and hope for the best. His eyes scanned over the crowd, before finally setting on one figure. He just sat at a table, looking over his cards again and again, but not in a concerned way, more like out of boredom.  Jim didn't know how he knew, but he could tell, the minute he laid eyes on him, he found his god. With a prideful strut he moved over to the table and sat down across from the man. "Alrighty, let's cut this to the quick. I know you're a god in disguise, we fight right here right now, and I get that special DLC, got it?"
                Jim was expecting some kind of defense, or denial. What he wasn't expecting was the man to burst out into laughter. "My my my, a bold confident one, aren't we?" The man said, with a smooth, arrogant yet suave voice. "Very well then, you wish to fight, then fight we shall... my game, of course. Some Innrock should do nicely." He deftly shuffled his deck in increasinly show-offey ways. "Lalelulelolestia, at your service, let's play..." He said with a smile, extending a hand to shake Jim's. Jim returned it a smirk on his lips. "A pleasure... though you gotta do something about that name. Quite the mouthful."
                "I get that a lot... now let's play!" What followed was an incredible battle of wits. Strategy met strategy, card for card, however it appeared that Jim had one element in his favor... luck. It was an incredibly close match but Jim just barely had that edge in luck, and so Jim was victorious. But over the course of their battle of wits they had also developed somewhat of a respect for each other so as the final move was made they stood up and shook hands.
                "Well done, mortal." The god said with a smile. "Allow me to bestow my gift, my own special class, the Randomnight!" With a snap of his fingers, Jim felt his body changing, his chest and hips expanding, though only slightly. His normally short hair grew to about his shoulder length. Overall, he found himself as a woman, but it was a rather plain woman, as his leather armor changed into once again some rather plain unassuming mail armor. "What gives? This doesn't look like anything special...." Jim said, feeling as though he had been cheated. Lalelulelolestia just grined, getting into a fighting stance. "We'll just see about that. Come at me, then we'll see how plain it is..."
                Jill shrugged, rushing at the god, but as she did, the jewel that was on her left gauntlet flashed, and she heard a voice say, subtly, "Luck mode activated" And in a flash of light, Jill could feel her body get even sexier, finally growing the sexy curves that her companions had obtained, stuffed into a tight bunny suit instead of her previous chainmail, and a larger sword that looked more like a carrot than an actual metal blade. Jill just gasped, looking down at her body. "What the heck? What gives?" The god smirked with a knowing smile. "Tht's the power of the Randomnight, it gives you a form that focuses on a certain theme or stat at the start of battle. Some would say this randomness is a bad thing, but you're a very clever lad, I'm sure you'll be able to make very efficient use of it, no matter what it gives you. Well, I do believe that's all I'm good here for today, so tata!" With that, he vanished in a puff of smoke.
                Jill stood there, dumbfounded, even as she reverted to her plain "neutral" form since the encounter had pretty much ended. She looked over herself with a sigh, weighing the options in her mind. Overall, while she wasn't 100% sold on the idea yet, it did have potential, and it would certain prove an interesting challenge.  With a shrug and a smile she set back to the meeting place to catch up with her comrades yet again.

                When the four ladies reached the meeting point, there was understandably some confusion and shock between the four members, but once all of them explained how they had obtained their new class, what they did, and that they were okay with their new developments, they all set out on the road together, looking forward to brand new exciting adventures with their brand new classes. It wasn't what they had anticipated at all coming in, but that's the wonder about the divine. They work in mysterious ways...


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