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Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Contest Entry 7

Story contest Entry by Melkorios

Ben's Ascension

Benjamin gave a sigh as he slouched over the counter of his small mechanics shop in town. He looked at the various trinkets, weapons, and special devices that lined his walls, and only sighed deeper, looking down at the counter, as thoughts ran deep in his mind. It’s not that he didn’t live a good life, not at all. His business was quite lucrative and he lived comfortably without want for much… however, he felt like there was more to life.
He couldn’t help but feel like there was something more to do with his life, like he had some sort of higher calling that had gone unfulfilled. But try as he might, he couldn’t think of what it was that he was missing. His long deep thought was cut off, however, as the bell of his front door rang, and as he looked up to see who had entered his shop, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Standing there in his shop was none other than the beautiful radiant queen of the land, Barbie, in all her glory.

Her hair shone softly in the light, like spun gold, and her dress framed her lovely body perfectly, caressing her body closely everywhere it needed to, before drifting off in a lovely skirt that flowed like water. Ben felt his heart racing as the unrivaled beauty strode up to his counter, a smile on her face. “Hello there! I’m looking for something special, mind if I look around?” Ben couldn’t believe his eyes. He stammered and stuttered, before finally just nodding. Barbie giggled, and skipped off to look at the store’s goods. As she looked up and down and all around, Benjamin couldn’t help but gaze lovingly at the sheer beauty before him. If there was just some way he could spend his life with her…. He would be happy.

However, Ben then brought his thoughts back to reality. Of course he had no chance with her. She was a queen, and what was he? Just a cut-rate engineer selling trinkets in a town. However, Ben was brought out of his depressing thoughts by a giggle, as Barbie was now back at the counter, holding a small spell-boosting trinket in her hands. She smiled, as she reached to her side and pulled out a lovely white silk bag, pulling some money out of it to pay him. When she had what she needed, she took his hand in hers, and pressed the contents into his open palm. It wasn’t until Barbie had thanked him for the goods and left his store that Ben had noticed there was more than just money in his hand. In it was also a rolled up piece of parchment. Ben unrolled the parchment, and his eyes went wide once again when he saw that it was a schematic, a blueprint as it were, for a mechanical creation; a powerful one at that.

Benjamin couldn’t comprehend why Barbie would give this to him. Did she want him to make it? Did she sense his troubles and decide to help him? He couldn’t figure it out, but nevertheless his eyes scanned the materials, and his heart sank… all kinds of complicated mechinisms, or materials that were not easy to obtain at all. However, Ben’s heart was set at this time. He would make this legendary machine and earn the attention of Barbie.
At that, Ben set out and traveled across the land. Trials and struggles stood before him, as he gathered pieces and materials. He traveled to the far corners of the land, getting flawless gold and mithril, stunning gems and magical tools and enchantments. Days turned into weeks, monsters were slain, puzzles were solved, and there was more than one occasion where Ben thought about quitting, but whenever that happened, the vision of Barbie in his shop rushed back to his mind. He had to do it, he would do it… for her.
After what seemed like ages, there was only one step left on the creation process… a maiden’s kiss. Ben gave a sigh of relief as the end of his quest was in sight, and he knew just the way to get it.

Many days later, Ben crept into the audience chamber of Barbie’s castle. Sweat rushed down his face, his nerves were completely on end, especially since Barbie was there again, this time in her throne as he was there on the carpet. Next to Barbie sat her wife, Tammy, who gave Ben a look of uncertainty, like she didn’t know what to think about, but she was definitely looked hard to impress. If there was a time to impress Barbie, it would definitely have to be now. Without any further ado, Ben began to follow the schematic. Metals came together, shaped into highly unusual shapes… There seemed to bea lot of curves and rounded pieces required. He continue to mold and fuse and build and enchant, as the pieces began to take shape, and finally, the pieces were all complete, laying there besides Ben.

“If it is alright with you, my queen… there is one more thing I need for my machine; the kiss of a maiden. I believe that maiden is you, Barbie. If I may get your kiss for my machine, it will create something purely breathtaking, I know it!” Barbie giggled, and nodded, blowing a kiss towards Ben and his machine. The kiss was so magical, that instead of just being a bit of warmth on the wind, it actually manifested as energy, a small bit of glowing pink energy in the shape of lips floated in the air from Barbie towards Ben, before finally giving him a quick peck on the cheek, filling him with a warmth and happiness that was unrivaled in his life. As Ben rubbed his cheek, practically drunk from the sensation of the kiss, he began to glow with a mystical light.

The light glowed a faint pink, as the various pieces of machines lifted up and floated around him, before starting to spin. As they spun around him, Ben finally saw them, and gasped, as he lifted up into the air with them. “What the… what’s going on?!?” he cries out. However, his panic is cut short, as the parts he had just put together begin to slap themselves against his body, attaching themselves to him. Two big round globes attach to his chest, another pair latching to his butt, giving him fake curves. His face turned a bright red as the parts continued to attach. Curved lengths of metal clamped over his legs, making them shapely and sexy, with much smaller and sharper pieces forcing themselves on his feet, magically shrinking them down and making his feet into permanent high heels.

Ben gasped in shock, as Barbie just looked on, eyes beaming like a kid in a candy store. Ben looked at her, and almost instantly became confused. The way she was looking at him… had she been planning this the entire time? He could hardly believe it. But still the changes would not be denied. A large circular piece of metal latched around his legs, forming a large skirt, spheres encased his shoulders, slim tubes clamped around his arms, and smaller curved pieces locked around his hands, making his hands appear slim and dainty, while the shoulders appeared like something on a gown. At this point, Ben was covered and changed from the neck down, looking like some kind of mechanical princess all except for his head. At this point, Barbie walked down towards him, a wide smile on her face.

“Ahhhh, much better. This is definitely what I need for my top technician.” She giggled, leaning in close. “Just one more thing!” She leans in and kissed him. As the kiss lingered, he could feel his lips become plump, but metal, his hair changing into a styled mass of metal, and the last of his flesh was transformed. As the last pieces of his body become machinery, his sight blacked out, but was soon replaced with the high-definition HUD of a mechanized readout, and it was at this point that Ben realized that he was now a machine himself… and he didn’t care. She was beautiful, she was skilled, and most importantly, she had that place by Barbie’s side that she had wanted all along.
“Alright, Brittany! That should be everything! Ready to start your new job?” She asked, giving Brittany a playful slap on her wide generous hips. Brittany just giggled, nodding, as she strutted off into the castle, steam and whirs escaping from her body, as she went to live her new life as Barbie’s beloved machine.


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