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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Junes Poll

Junes Poll
One Month to the Contests Ends, what your stake?

I'm not entering cause I can't draw!
I'm not entering due to other possible reasons like time constraints.
Contests are Evil they take away time from other stuff like things!
I need more porn!! I mean time...
HAHA!! I'm done or I'll be done in time!

Jigglypuff (other.. comment)

One month left to go and I've got 2 entries. Just curious where everyone else stands.
I've gotten a few I will enters from notes.
Let me know.


May Poll's Results
Should I start a weekly Web Comic variation?

  185 (77%)
  15 (6%)
  39 (16%)
Other (please comment)
  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 239
Poll closed
Honestly expected as much, though I'm curious why people said no? any particular reasons?
Either way probably won't start soon if i do one, to many things that need to be done like... find a artist and hammer out details...

April poll
Who's your favorite main series character?

  65 (19%)
  94 (28%)
  68 (20%)
Half elf Bard/Kura
  23 (6%)
Halfling Rogue/Miley
  10 (3%)
Dwarf Warrior/Slime
  7 (2%)
Night Elf Druid/Cowicken
  12 (3%)
High Elf Ranger/Wolfgirl
  34 (10%)
  16 (4%)

Votes so far: 329
Poll closed
surprising Vice won, despite me not having done anything with her yet.

March  2011
Should I do donation comics

Yes, Cheap and short
  33 (25%)
Yes, Moderate and longer
  40 (30%)
Yes, Upper Limit and complex
  28 (21%)
No, Can't/Won't afford it
  40 (30%)
No, just reduce the number of commissions instead
  7 (5%)
Maybe, depends on the topic/character/other
  26 (19%)
Other, leave a comment
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 132
Poll closed

Hmm tie between moderate and Can't/Won't Afford it, admittedly if you add in cheap and upper more people are willing to buy then not.
Either way I'll see what I feel like doing, I'm leaning towards Moderate length for 3-4 and if it ever hits the cost amount I'd release it to the public.
Could also do the release it fully and let people donate what they think it's worth.


Feb 2011

Should I continue to include the scripts next to the commission

  85 (76%)
  5 (4%)
Hair... err.. don't care
  21 (18%)

Votes so far: 111
Poll closed

First general poll closed, I guess I will continue to leave the scripts attached so long as i remember to. You can check with me if you notice i forgot some.

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