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Thursday, June 20, 2019

2019 Contest- Game of Thrones 'DB Parody edition'

Honestly there were many plans but they were overly complicated so I tossed them and sat around until something else simpler came to me.

Unfortunately I failed.

As such the theme this year will be mocking Game of Thrones 'aka: parody edition'
'A Sword of Waifu's and Spice' or 'A Dame of Moans'

D&D will become D&B for this extended stay.

Whether your character is a parody of the incest is wincest or maybe the country is a matriarchy whether the foot likes heels or not or maybe they fear dragqueen fire err... dragons... yeahhh or maybe they force people to take the pink and send them down south.

Your job if you accept it is to insult, mock and transform these beloved murder hobos into something silly and something fun.

If you don't know the series, fear not I didn't care enough to finish past book 3 either.

Also other fantasy series can also be used, whether it be the Lord of the Cock Rings or the Bitcher or Skyrimjob other lesser known series go for it, though if it's really obscure it might make it hard to figure out the jokes. .

1st - 200
2nd - 100
3rd/4th -50

Payout via Paypal or Venmo, if you have a issues with this you can bring it up to me beforehand as I will accept other methods but some verification will be required.

Multiple Entries are allowed per user, but max one prize per a person.

Judging will be done by ME.

Standard no copying/plagiarizing/other copyright issues.

Contest end date is 9/1/2019.
(some flexibility is afforded but generally earlier is better than later)

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