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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Like Clockwork 4 - New year/New You

Story by Me, Comic will be posted when done. Poll will be posted at that time as well.

Remind me, why are we here again?” I asked my friend as we were once again forcible mushed against rest of the crowd as we stood outside in the cold blustery winter night.
Zach, Dude you saw the ad, I mean why wouldn’t we be here. There giving out free high end DLC’s for first hundred people to pray their New Year's resolutions here. FREEEE!!!” Joshua responded with his normal extrovert flare as the rest of the crowds seemingly agreed if the loud shouts and hollers erupting around them continued. My friends rather festive bulky red armor while not the most outlandish thing in the crowd definitely still made him stand out, at least compared to my more casual appearance of generic brown leathers on cloth.
Also this is like one of the most happening spots in the city. It is the first time in our lifetimes that the Centennial Clock will gong for the new years countdown.” Joshua shouted trying to speak over the increasingly loud din of the crowds.
Yes but we’ve been here since yesterday and it’s freaking cold!!!” I shouted back my guts rumbled once again in horrible pain, after all holding it in after 10 plus hours kind of does that to a person.
Oh stop being such a downer we’re almost there! Just pee inside.! WOOOOO!!!!!!!! Anyways Last Minute!!” Joshua shouted brushing me off once again as the roar of the crowds began to crescendo louder and louder. The sheer volumn and energy made me feel like my body was vibrating, magical confetti filled the night sky as I watched the giant building size clock slowly count down as the roar of the crowds joined in.
The teeming masses in the streets roared in chaotic harmony as the various fireworks, gongs, prayers, magics, and countless other noise makers went off in the streets of Stepolis in a head ringing tin. No sooner did the doors and gates of the various institutions opened for the various festivities, including the one we were waiting for.

Let's GOGOGO” Josh said as he grabbed my arm with well honed practice, his iron grip was the only thing keeping me along as he pushed and shoveled our way into the Clockwork Church.
I’m never letting you convince me to do this again…” I whined as his body felt like a rag doll being crushed between the other adventurers forcing there way in. I clenched as hard as i could I my stomach protested the motion firmly in more than one way. Finally and suddenly the pushing stopped as a barrier erected just behind me as the line suddenly cut off.

Congratulations, you are in the first 100!” the well known Priestess/dancer or whatever she was, Bridget shouted over the roar of the crowd. I mean she was one of the bishops of the church but frankly like skimpy skirt thing whatever that dance custom was called made her look like a stripper in my opinion, not that I minded.

Still I just fought to catch my breath as my stomach rumbled, meanwhile shouts anger and annoyance “AWWW!!” “GOD DAMN IT!!!“!#%&$%” and other various curse words could be heard behind us. Looking back the cut off crowds had the same disgruntled look most adventurers when missing limited edition stuff.

Everyone else please use the other gate for the general festivities!” Bridget waved to the crowd as one of the nun’s closed the gate behind us and began to forcibly redirect the mob of traffic.

WOOT! See the wait was worth it, I knew we could get in.” Josh said looking around at the other people that made it in. “Can’t say I’m surprised but still all guys… what a bummer”

Eh… Why would it be any different then normal, all the girls get invited to private parties and events why would any of them bother with lines even for a expensive DLC.” I said simply as I glanced around as well around it was obvious the other adventures all felt the same way by the grumbles they had.

Everyone step on up and grab your resolution tickets. When you're ready with your resolution walk up, make your prayer, and insert the ticket in the altar for your DLC.” Bridget said eyeing the group as she pulled out a stack of tickets. “Afterwards feel free to join general public for the rest of the general festivities.”

Still there was one far more important thing to all of this, “Uh where’s the bathroom” I asked bluntly cause well I didn’t think I could hold it for much longer my anus was already clenched like a vise.

Down on your left.” Bridget smirked before pointing to one of the side corridors as she handed me a ticket. I took off running no sooner than it touched my hand, as at least one other shared my sentiment by the steps behind me.

Don’t take to long.” I heard Joshua shout in jest, glancing over I could see the bum didn’t plan on waiting, as he headed up with his ticket no sooner then he got it. I honestly wanted to shout something but still the urge was too great so I made my way to the restroom in haste. The door slamming behind me, needless to say the next few minutes was what one could expect and that’s all I have to say on that.

After a dozen or so minutes and mildly euphoric pleasure, I finally got to looking around. Honestly the out house or bathrooms were much fancier and cleaner smelling than the typical ones with the gear like flush contraptions and what was likely a purification spell. One would have never known of the mess I had just made.

Opening the door to the stall another voice commented “Oh there was someone else.” looking over to the speaker was a another brown haired middle aged adventurer in typical leathers like myself. He nodded as he stuck his hands at the wall as water cascaded out washing them “The names Alex, you had to hold it too?”

Oh yeah” I nodded as mimicked his actions, the cascading water quite pleasant. “Seriously not sure what everyone else's bladders are made of tho. They were waiting just as long if not longer.” I small talked over the wind arcana that blew our hands dry.

Yeah, I think it might be a class thing. Warriors tend to be pretty good on weird stuff like that.” Alex responded off handedly “I swear my friend Josh has a steel bladder skill or something, he started camping out like 3 days ago.”

Heh my friends name is Josh as well, and yeah… never really considered it but considering how much he drinks it makes sense.” I nodded as we began to walk back down the hallway. “Maybe they teach it as a passive skill or something.”

I guess that would explain why most dwarfs are warriors.” Alex responded while we walked back down the hall. “So what’s your resolution?”

Honestly not really sure, my friend Josh undoubtable went for something like get waifu or girlfriend like most other guys.” Zack I responded with little doubt on that end, still what was it that I wanted for myself… I mean I had thought about the usual options but did I really want to go with those.

Hah, yeah mine friends the same, thou personally I think I’m going with become more worldly.” Alex said seriously “Waifu’s are nice and all that but learning is something you can control while the latter is just hoping the gods are being nice”

Hmm…” Was all I said as I thought about his resolution, it was vague and simply but effective is conveying what one could achieve. The walk back was longer then I remembered but still our banter kept my mind busy as we finally arrived back in the main chamber. Only to find it had completely mostly emptied out at this point, only Bridget was left reading a device of sorts as she looked somewhat bored standing next to the Resolution altar.

Ah there are the last two.” She said smiling as she turned to us. “Now there’s no rush so take your time and make a good resolution.” she reassured us before returning to reading.

Looking the ticket I paused, honestly what was my resolution… still everyone else was outside and there was no point in stalling. “My resolution… become more worldly.” I said more to myself then to the altar as I insert the ticket into the giant clock like mechanism. Sue me, I was copying Alex but it honestly was a pretty good one. The clock frame shook as the hands spun rapidly before landing on double 12 as a compartment open revealing the DLC.

As I grabbed the DLC the name flashed into my head ‘Soul dial’, pausing to look bridgets hand gently escorted me to the side as Alex went up. As I stopped to look at the DLC in detail it was rather plain to be completely honest, it looked like a odd shaped triangle connected to half circle gear like base. Honestly it was kind of disappointing looking and I honestly wasn’t sure what it was supposed to do as I examined it.

Hmm looks similar” Arthur said as he walked over holding a similar looking DLC in hand.
Same thing for you to? You think it’s a Mass produced DLC?” I asked not really bothering hiding the disappointment from my voice.

Might be, but I doubt it. I guess we can check with the others outside but they’re differences in the runes on them and the well the color.” Arthur said holding his next to mine.
Any idea how we’re supposed to use them?” I said as I eyed the differences between his and mine, both shined whereas his had a silver tint while mine was more golden. Flipping mine so I could compare see the bottom of the base I felt a sudden but sharp tug as the DLC slammed into his.

What was that?” Alex asked as in just as much surprise as me, both of us could only watch as tiny gears within the circular bases began to make ‘Click click click’ noises as they snapped into place the halves seemingly expanding to form a much larger full circle base.
Heck if I know…” I said just as surprised and confused, still there was one person that could probably help turning towards her I nodded “Priestess Bridget a little help? Our DLC’s kind of merged or something.”

Hmm I was wondering why it split as well, but we’ll just wait.” Bridget said looking up with a teasing smirk as the DLC suddenly began to hum with energy. The triangles sticking out began to glow ethereally as the points seemingly extended, jagged shadows spreading from the shining tips across the base in reverse formations.

Honestly one of the cooler DLC’s I’ve seen.” Alex said with inquisitive glee.
Definitely” I agreed, after all this was likely a legendary DLC by all the glowy indications.
The DLC’s suddenly stopped as the triangle points separated from the base floating towards us.
Uh.. now wha-” I asked or at least tried to before it slammed into my forehead like a freight train as everything turned into a blurry darkness.

OWWWW’ I felt, no heard, no thought… as the words seemingly echoed back at me with a familiar voice.
What was that’ I thought as a similar voiced echoed it back to me ‘Who’s there!?’
Zack/Alex?’ I tried to shout as our voices overlapped.
Zexa/Xeza?’ it echoed... correctly... memories of my, no our youth flashed through my mind.
As we frolicked always near, As we read always near, As we loved always there.
The days passed and the night’s fell, while never alone with our elder sisters… but I was an only child....
Where did that come from, that’s silly we always had each other… we were never alone there would always be the two of us.
I learned to fight, I traveled the dungeon, I Zack F… saw... why… no… there was no I… that’s not right… but-t-tt...
We learned from Bridget, we traveled with Lavini , we watched with Akita, it was always we since we were born.
Zexa Xeza or Xeza Zexa.

Opening my eyes I/we could see the DLC sticking out of our foreheads like a horn, meanwhile the DLC base glowed above me basking us in it’s warmth. I/we were sitting or at least leaning against someone, but try as I/we might my fingers, my body honestly refused to move.
My name is “Zexa” we tried to shout “not Zexa! Zexa!!” I/we echoed confused as I/we couldn’t figure why I/we was surprised by my own name.
Xeza’ the voice echoed back ‘My name is Xeza’ she said confused but said it like she/we always did… didn’t she/we?

The Sol flared above us casting a shadow to my right side. The flesh it burned it? no the golden skin heated feeling returned to my right arm, as a urge filled me, I/we needed to hold it to be one with it. Reaching out to grab something my fingers intertwined with Xeza as we held them together. It felt right, like something we always do, always did… the warmth spreading as my silken golden skin molded perfectly against her silver.

The Sol turned to me burning me as it rotated slowly above me, pain no pleasure from it’s heat burned throughout my body as my cloth burnt away and my flesh changed. The sol tanning its golden brilliance into my being as the excess melted away as it inched forwards toward my crown where it stopped touching the tip of my horn. Pulsing the heat transferred down as the sensations came back as if cascading like a waterfall it washed, it burned, it bathed, it soothed, it loved…

AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh” We screamed “AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh” we moaned together as my hair spilled forth like wave falling down my back golden and radiant as my remainder of my flesh took on it’s proper tone. The sunlight spread shimmered blanketing me, hardening into caressing dress as flawless as ever, twitching my horn pierce the shadow slips across the dress to mark the eternal points.

My horn tingled as move flames and love pulsed down into my body, my chest itched as the energy accumulated the tanned flesh seemingly unable to bare the load. It stretched rippling every outwards like a balloon tighter and tighter it formed before finally it could hold no more. We moaned in pleasure as I tilted forward so much did they finally weigh, my containers were by far the largest out of all of us to my sister's jealous love.

HHHHMMmmmmm” We roused in pleasure Sol flared once more as energy pulsed all the way down to my tippy toes, as the pulse roused my eternal jewels as they attempted to rise to meet the light.. However what rises must fall as the Sol rotated ever downwards the love pulled every inwards the jewels shimmered in the golden radiances heat straining briefly before melting before it’s golden glaze. Some treasures are to be hidden not shared after all.

I/we could only watch in numb pleasure as it cooled, as the Sol finished it’s rotation the base shifted the golden changing into the silvery Luna, as it began its rotation for my sister’s side. Our hands clasped once more as my love and reassurance became hers.
Was it hours or minutes as I/we sat moaning as her grew and loved, we could feel the icy chill shadow of her horn cast upon me as her shadowy hair and dress flowed onto me. We could feel the pale light fill her, we could feel her back arc again us as the last jewel became sacred, we could feel one.

So Nice” Zexa whispered our voice returning in it’s sultry soprano, “So Perfect” Xeza whispered our sexy soprano voice. We turned to face, to hold each other with grasped hands. In Between them we grasped the dial’s light handle, as we tilted the shaft between us at a angle. Only Xeza’s horn was still out after all it was night time, the shadow of Luna cascading off of it to a point on her dress in a lovely fashion that belonged to only us.

Bridget.” We said turning to our eldest sister, our hands clasped we nodded in acknowledgement.
Xeza Zexa could you help with the rest of the festivities.” Bridget said smiling happily.
Of Course our” Xeza said “Friends are waiting” Zexa continued “for us, so” Xexa smiled “After You” Zexa finished smirking.
Oh no worries about that Lavini and Akita are checking on that, there name’s were Josh right?” Bridget smirked at them as she walked towards the festivities.
Hey wait!” Xeza started “That’s not fair!” Zexa whined “They're mine!” we both shouted as we hurried after her.

The End.


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