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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Like Clock Work Part 2 - Digitally Accurate

Comic by Ibenz009, story by ZF, poll above atm.

Chapter 2 – Digitally Accurate
Even though this was the third fight since she had joined the party, seeing Bridget in action was still one of the stranger things I had ever seen. Probably not the strangest as well you adventure long enough in these lands and you see some really weird ass stuff like Ogre drag queens battles and other unspeakable things that I was promptly trying to forget.
Still I had to bite my tongue from shouting out in worry, it was quite unbelievable watching her petite unarmored form literally just wade or would it be dance through a hail of arrows to drop kick the golem operating the trap through the far wall and coming out more or less unscratched.
“Nice job.” I shout over as I got out from behind the wall I was hiding under.
Bridget smiled as the torchlight shined off her sexy metallic face as she spoke “Thanks Aldrin, but I couldn’t have done it without your haste spell.”
“Haha no worries it was my pleasure.” I said trying to hid the blush on my face. After all it wasn’t often I was thanked, much less by a cute girl in a form fitting bodysuit thingy. Being a priest and all was usually a rather thankless job and most people just took my actions for granted. If anything I was the one that always got blamed if something went wrong.
“Whateverrr, hurry it up I don’t have all day.” Castor shouted in his thick Pronce accent. The twin blade rogue already heading down the corridor heedless of the rest of us, though I guess since it was only the three of us that made it everyone else.
‘Blah’ Bridget simply replied as she stuck her tongue out and made a face at the rogue, I found myself smiling at her antics as I wondered how someone so silly could manage being a front line tank.

“Still we should get going, Castor gets impatient easily.” I replied knowing the bosses reckless behavior that had gotten us in trouble far to many times before.
“Oh fine.” Bridget said as she skipped ahead, as I followed at a jogging pace admiring her perfectly shaped posterior from behind as it gyrated up and down.
As we descended into the next level the lighting was significantly different then the previous levels, not just the lightning but the walls, the designs, everything. I honestly had rarely seen lightnings so vibrantly multicolor outside the neon signs in the red light districts, dungeons usually didn't have the infrastructure to support powering them. The stone and mortar walls of the previous floors having been replaced with metals that shimmered with energy.
The pathway opened up into a large chamber of sorts with glowing blubs of various colors. In the center there were several floating boxes and a free floating table of that hummed with incandescent white lights.
“This is it! The Ynimus” Bridget said excitedly as she skipped over to the floating table her metallic feet clinking against the floor as she moved.
“Like we agreed whatever is in the boxes is yours to keep.” Bridget said as she exampled the devices, Castor wasted no time in activating all of the boxes as they popped open.
“Anything good?” I asked Castor as I walked over, the magitech loot was strange to look at. The weird shapes they items took the shape in like a hard glass discus were not like anything we usually dealt with.
“Like I would know, we'll need to take this to an artificer to identify them.” Castor said as his smile turned into an evil grin that I had come to recognize. As I grabbed him by the shoulders whispering. “Castor, come on we don't need to do this to her.” I said hoping to dis-way him.
“Don't we. We don't know if she just gave us junk and took the only thing worth while.” Castor said as he gripped his daggers. “So get out of my way or you can join her.” I knew I should stop him I knew that she didn't deserve this but I was a coward and “No” I said surprising myself only to get decked.
“Falling for a transformed how disgusting, we'll discuss this later” Castor said as he walk past me, my face hurt and my vision spun from where he had just sucker punched me.
“What are you two fighting about.” I heard Bridget say with a somewhat concerned tone as she walked over. “Nothing major just a minor loot dispute” Castor said playing it off as he fingered his daggers behind him waiting for her to get closer.
“Watch out!” I shouted to her only for her to take a weird neon colored watch like device out of her bosom.
“What about the watch?” she said confused as Castor took this chance to step in, his skillful step in dash blurred his form as the glints of his metal daggers flashed forward in a minimalist motion. Only for Bridget to just as quickly privet as her body swayed in-between the strikes.
“Aw man, I thought you guys would listen too.” She said somewhat disappointed tone of voice “Still it's not that big of a surprise.”
“It's every man for themselves and you already lost your man card.” Castor said as he sped up his attacks some of his attacks making it through as the sound of metal striking metal echoed through the halls as sparks flickered off her metal body.
“Is that so” Bridget said seeming unconcerned though as she weaved and blocked the blows with her metallic arms only for the watch like device she was holding to be knocked out of her hands by a solid knee strike from Castor.
The watch like device that glowed with neon color flew through the air before landing neatly on the Ynimus as the chair like device began to hum with the same neon glow before a beam of light encompassed the room.
The beam struck Castor first I could see him melting his arms, legs, body and all seemed crumble into bits of energy before the light before being pulled into the teleportation field, it was honestly like nothing that I had ever seen before. I didn't even have time to run as the beam turned to me my body being pulled apart at the seams before I could even shout.
“But I didn't plan on activating it yet.” Bridget said with an annoyed pout on her face as she stared at where the two adventures once stood, the scorch marks that lined ground the only indication they were ever there.
“What the hell?” was the only thing I could say when I came too, I honestly wasn't sure what I was looking at. The sky was black, not like nighttime black but as if the entirely of it just darkness but that wasn't end of my worries no it was the light. That weird neon light that ran through and illuminated everything from the walls to the ground around us ran chills down my spine.
“Humph, your finally awake.” I heard turning around. Looking it was Castor but in a sort of weird black version with blue neon highlights of his usual outfit.
“What's with the clothes?” I asked surprised by the sudden dress change more then anything else.
“Look at yourself.” Castor said, as I did so only to find my clothes had underwent a similar transformation it was eerie to say the least. “So where the hell are we.” he asked
“How should I know?” I responded “Your the one that attacked her.”
“Whatever, just use your hocus pocus and get us out of here.” Castor said not really caring that he slugged me earlier or the fact that magic wasn't that simple. Seriously arcane arts even those pulling from vetted sources like holy gods was never something one just trifled with..
“Yeah yeah… hmm is that the clock you knocked out of her hand?” I asked rhetorically, kneeling over I grabbed the item before he could. That was a mistake, no sooner then I touched the object did it flare up the neon symbols illuminating on its surface as the device expand before it flew through the air snapping shut upon my throat like a collar as I found my limbs disassembling once again.
“I HATE TELEPORAATTTIOONNNN!!” I managed to shout out this time before getting sucked away, my body tingling as is dissipated. As the disassembly reached my head my vision fading as the effect reached my head I turned to look at Castor only to see a construct of sorts using well tentacles on him, ok… maybe teleportation wasn't such a bad option.
“Ugh…” I stuttered when my vision cleared up once more as I felt my head come together, the tingling feeling from the teleportation faded from my limbs as they were the last pieces of my body to be reassembled.
Looking around at the chamber it was filled with numbers and symbols, some I recognized from magic texts however that was only a handful of the what must have been hundreds.
“Hello? Anyone here?” I asked hoping for a response but only steady sound of electronic beeps fed back to me from the various walls the lights flashed in a synchronized fashion.
“Well that's pretty creepy.” I said more to interrupt the droning beeps that echoed throughout the room as the various numbers displayed on them counted down. 'Beep Beep Beep' it went and as it did my robes contracted, I felt my breath suck in as the fabric tightened itself against my frame like a second skin.
“What the hell!” I shouted in surprise and panic as I tried to remember possible counter spells or cures for the sudden change. It didn't give me any time to think as another one of the timers hit zero as the 'Beep Beep Beep' sound rippled through out the room once again. Just as suddenly as the change before the chest area tightened even more then I thought possible. As my nipples rubbed and pinched against the slick fabric I soon felt it give way seemingly melting and tightening against my body.
I shouted no squealed in surprise the high pitch of the voice surprising me “Please stop” I pleaded to everyone and on one, only from 'Beep Beep Beep' as another timer hit zero was my response.
I shouted futilely as my voice squeaked higher and higher with each slyabol
(to be continued in the comic)
Bridget smiled in surprise as her sister, no her mate appeared from the Ynima, she had not expected to find one compatible with the atomic re-balancer DLC so quickly. She had felt Aldrin, no Akita had some potential, still for her to fully awaken was a one in a million chance, truly the fortunes of the Goddess were upon them.
“Shall we.” She said, as she smiled while swaying over. There were no further words needed as our bodies touched and then our lips touched as our internal clocks synchronized becoming one.
Akita smiled looking at the person in quarantine, the man's helpless suspended body shimmering between the neon lights. Oh she remembered him, Castor a bully and a thug who preyed on the weak both physically and mentally.
The real question was what should she do with him, as Akita pondered as she touched the master controls as various panels appeared before her. Release and delete were out of the question, while she did believe in 2nd chance Castor wouldn't hesitate to sell the secrets of the Ynima as soon as he could and she wasn't so cruel to murder him. Still that only left the repair functions, tapping the button several more detailed options appeared before her.
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