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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Contest Entry - ZF - Like Clockwork - DLC Clockwork Converter

“GOD!!! DAMN YOU!!!” Brigson shouted as he ran as fast as he could, his breath frantic as his muscles groaned in protest underneath the plate mail armor he wore. The ground shook as the creature’s mere movements buckled the very earth around it. Ancient stones long untouched shuddered back and forth kicking up a cloud of dust as Brigson scuttled to reach the far wall of the chamber. Turning around he faced the creature, now able to get a good look at it having made some distance between them. 

It’s was clockwork beast of sorts, he had seen small ones here and there but nothing of this size it was as if the gods had literally just given a clock tower arms and legs and called it a day. He could see the golden summoning halo marking it as a divine level creation slowly dissipating as the clock faced body of the creature fully manifested into the world of men. Its foot coming down crushing a man size boulder as it slowly lumbered forth ‘Tick Tock Tick Tock’ sounds emanating from it loudly.
He wasn’t sure who had triggered the DLC but he could guess the god it belonged to, after all he was in the ruins of a temple of Alinavious. He had heard rumors that DLC originating from the long dead Goddess of the Present or more correctly know the Goddess of Time. There had also been even more numerous sighting of Ginger; many thought the flame hair woman was the mortal incarnation of the Goddess. He had come here hoping to get nab one of the item DLC’s and sell it, after all new and returning DLC’s were always extremely popular but luck or the goddess had apparently decided otherwise. 

‘TICK TOCK TICK TOCK’ interrupted his thoughts as the creature slowly walked towards him. The sheer size of the creature made it clearly outside the realm of possibilities for a solo adventurer like himself, after all the bigger they were the harder they hit he knew from experience. 

“Damn my luck” Brigson muttered to himself as he surveyed his options. The main issue was that the entrance and subsequently the only exit for the treasure room he had been exploring was on the other side of the beast that or he grew wings and flew through the hole in the roof. The other issue was that he had specifically been exploring this temple because of its remote location within the Caverns of Chronis so there would be minimal competition. As such there were likely no adventurers in the area even if they were willing to help.

‘Hmm if I withstand the initial blows I should be able to duck between its legs to make it to the other side.’ He thought after noting that the Clockwork beast slow methodical steps as it lumbered towards him. Drawing his tower shield out the heavy knight breathed deeply once, twice quick, and then thrice even more slowly. The air seemingly vacuuming into his mouth the third and final time in as his chest puffed outward, his stance changing. Both feet slammed on the ground as he braced the man size tower shield firm in front with both arms like a ram. Charging forward he initiated the steel wall stance his body and shield moved as one.

‘BAM’ he felt the impact of the clockwork creatures man size mechanical fist, but it was a hollow strike the cogs flowing past him with its inertia as the fist skid off angled shield mostly deflected. Everything had gone just like he had hoped though his whole body still shook from the impact. One! Two! He thought as he weaved through the legs, the creatures motions even when attempting to turn were timed precisely with the ‘Tick Tock’ of the clock. 

Breaking through he dropped his stance back to free form, his shield thrown onto his back as he moved into a full sprint once again the doorway less than two hundred paces away. One hundred paces he was almost there. He could hear the clanks of metal against metal of the clockwork beast turning only for it to suddenly to go silent. Glancing back quickly he had noticed it had stopped moving as the hands and legs were braced against its clock face chest.

‘DONG DONG DONG’ it rang loudly suddenly as Brigson notice that the hands had hit twelve , a man size door opening up as a bright yellow mechanical cuckoo bird sprung out. 

“Cuckoo Cuckoo Twelve O’clock time for bed” The cuckoo shouted in a squeaky nasal feminine voice. Brigson only had time to mutter “Damn” before the sleep spell took hold his body crumpling to the floor consciousness fading.

‘Six O’clock time to wake up!’ he heard from a voice “Ugh…” Brigson said as he groggily looked around. He wasn’t dead so there was that small blessing but by extremely loud and close ‘TICK TOCK’ sound emanating around him gradually forced him awake. As his eyes came into focus all he could see was his reflection off the smooth metallic gears all around him.

“Bloody heck” he muttered as he struggled to move his body, well any part of his body as a sharp pain suddenly raced down his spine as a click sound emanated from the back nape of his neck. ‘Click click click’ he could feel a clock work screw whirl sending commands to the rest of his body as he found himself walking mechanically down the geared corridor.

Struggled as he might his body moved onwards ‘click click click’ echoing in sync with the beasts ‘Tick Tock Tick’, only his head free to move as he struggled futile uttered curses to the gods and swearing murder upon the ass that paid for the DLC. Eventually he came to a stop in front of a clock face or more correctly on top of a clock face. 

‘Dong Dong Dong’ he heard the clock echo 

“Seven O’clock time to change” he heard the cuckoo shout from somewhere nearby. No sooner did it finish did the clock face he was standing on top of start to count down. ‘Tick Tick Tick’ it went as the hands spun rapidly down as suddenly Brigson felt a breeze. Looking down the damn thing was un-equipping him! His armor flopping off one piece at a time onto the metal floor, which then were dragged off by small hand size clockwork minions. 

“DAMN YOU THAT STUFF BETTER BE IN ONE PIECE OR I’M GUTTING ALL OF YOU!” he shouted as the breeze turned into a cold draft as the minions claimed everything even his boxers. “Seriously going to find a party and murder you all a dozen times over when I get free” he muttered humiliated as the minions seemingly all chuckled in their own weird way clicking profusely pointing at his tiny wiener. 

‘Click Click Click’ as the screw in his neck began to whirl once more, his body mechanically moving away from the station. The cold metal against his feet made his body shiver, and for the first time in a long time Brigson regretted choosing to go solo. That regret was brief as it just brought up bad memories of his constant bullying and torture by other adventurers for his ugly face and hairy monkey like body. He would get out like he always did and get revenge he swore to himself.
His body finally stopped into front of a large black pool of liquid, most likely oil he guessed by the greasing various gears were undergoing greasing in the chamber. 

‘Dong Dong Dong’ he heard the clock echo once again 

“Eight O’clock time for a bath” he heard the cuckoo shout even closer now. 

Suddenly a long spiral cog like head piece was placed in front of his mouth as is expecting him to willingly suck on it. “Seriously you think-“ ‘Click’ the gear in the back of his head went as he felt his jaw open widely against his wishes as the device gradually shifted into his mouth and down his throat as he as the metallic taste of steel filled his mouth. ‘Click’ he felt his mouth close tightly against the deep throat intruder as a crane like object picked him up from the protruding end of the cog as he was hoisted above the pool of oil ‘Click click click click’ it slowly but surely lowered him into the pool. As the cold oil quickly engulfed him, the cold liquid chilling him to the bone as he slowly descended deeper and deeper as all he could do was close his eyes as it overtook his head. 

‘Tick Tock Tick Tock’ was all he could hear inside the black pool as he sat there for what felt like an eternity. 

‘DONG DONG DONG’ he heard loudly again “8 o’clock time for breakfast” the Cuckoo shouted this time voice grating his sanity within his black liquid prison. This was followed by a simple ‘Click’ in his mouth as the cogs center opened up, fowl rubbery goop tasting substance entering his stomach, lungs, blood… as his mind felt like it had turned to emotionless ice. 

‘Click click click’ Brigson heard as his mind tried to remember warmth. The icy haze on his mind began to fade, his senses returning as crane was in the midst of carrying him away from the black pool as oil dripped from ever part of him. The crane however didn’t let him down instead proceeding towards an open air section of the clockwork. Light illuminated him as he passed by a large stained glass clock face, the light seemingly mocking him as if a portal of the outside world. 

The crane finally stopped in front of a large flat man size metallic clockwork box; staring at it he could see his body. He was bloated and round whatever they had fed him as seemed to translate into fat quickly. Oil on the other hand covered every inch of his now hairless body and head, his skin shinnied in the copper tone light. Escape and revenge no longer in Brigson’s thoughts just fear as he heard the clockwork whirl once again to life ‘What is it going to do to me now’ he shivered as the box emitted dozens of clicks, ticks, tocks, and other sounds before suddenly stopping. 

‘DONG DONG DONG’ it rang louder than ever as he heard the cuckoo shout out once again.
 “Nine o’clock time to dry off”

‘Tlick’ it went as suddenly the box split into 2 no 4 no 8 pieces, as he watched in horror and fascination. The separate parts shifting around him he felt one press against his privates, his wiener sucked into a tube of sorts as his buttocks were invaded the two parts clicking tightly against each other before a ‘Tlick’ was heard as they locked into place. Two more parts arranged themselves as the process repeated as he soon found himself locked into the clockwork box compressed more tightly then he believe possible.

‘Click clock’ ‘tick tock’ he heard as the panels move, his body like liquid shifting with them as they compressed different parts of his body into different shapes. His feet were pushed upwards into his body as his head pushed downwards, his body squishing as he felt himself shorting. At the same time he could feel the chest area widening as the oil goop he knew was his flesh rushed to fill it. They were C cups, no it wasn’t done ‘tick tick tick’ the metal expanded to allow more and more flesh to enter. The waist area in exchange pushed inwards providing additional lift to the overly generous sized boobs. As the exchange finished he could feel the mammoth size boobs each the size of a melon jiggle like jello within their circular container. ‘Click click’ he heard as additional as leeway was suddenly provided on the other end as space for nipples was also allocated. 

 ‘Clunk’ the machine went as suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the abdominal area which quickly turned into almost bliss like pleasure. A pair of long thick hot screws slowly pushed into his pelvis area from both the front as the back. His penis and balls provided little to no resistance as they were grinded away into an oily goop and pushed inside of him. ‘Slurp Click Slurp Slick’ as cogs and suction worked together in rearranging the section as he mentally moaned over and over. The pleasure was so great that he didn’t even notice as hundred of tiny panels had been at work on his head, pushing his jaw line, filling out his lips, straining out thousands of long silk like pieces of hair out the top.

Then the heat came, at first it was just against his groin but then it spread to his feet, his breasts, his face, it was everywhere. It burned everywhere, as he could feel his oily flesh firm up against the raging heat. ‘TING’ he heard and just like that the heat was gone, his body now hard against the metal. 

‘CLANK’ Brigson’s body went as he or she was dropped unceremoniously on the floor, as she watched the box close back up. Her reflection shining off the metal surface while and her new pink metallic body reflected it right back. A doll is all that came to her mind as she stared dumb stuck by her new form. 

The giant metallic balls she call boobs stood prominently out of her almost poking out, they had to be H cups at least, smooth perfectly round they defied gravity in the pertness though that may have been due to the metallic nature. Under that was smooth metallic flesh, gone were the pimples, scars, and hairs leaving only a pair of small bumps on the front and rounds balls on the back to indicate her new gender.

 She looked to be the same height but that was when she noticed that was due the fact that she had been standing on the tip of her toes the whole time, no she was a good head shorter. And what a head she had, petite female perfection is what greeted her gaze as the doll like face gasped in desire and fear, long string like hair curling down her backside. 

‘DONG DONG DONG’ the clock rang interrupting her thoughts, looking around she noticed at some point she had walked back to the clock face on the floor from earlier.

“Ten o’clock, time to dress for the day” the cuckoo shouted as the small clock works from earlier carried his gear back out. Brigson wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry as her clothes were auto-equipped back on. The boxers clung loosely against her bulbous posterior, the chest piece pushed upright straps broken unable to fit on her generous bosom, her helmet hanging on her head lopsidedly pushing her head to the side. The small clockwork beasts seemed to mock her as they surrounded and stood on her chitterling all the while. 

‘ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick’ they went as suddenly tiny needles flicker in-between there fast working gears. She watched one part angry one part fascinated as her Chevalier helmet that she had worked so hard to buy was being taken apart into little pieces centimeters from her face as the clockworks stood on her shoulder. Not just taking it apart she could feel them weaving it together into her hair, as her long silky string hair was pulled up and spun and weaved until all three feet of it was sown a in tight bun on the back if her head. The helmet pieces meanwhile were reassembled into a sort of feathered wreath that wrapped around her head as the clockwork machines began to work on the rest of her body. 

The boots and legs were quickly stripped apart and reassembled tighter and tighter until it was as if they were a second skin the cold metallic silk like fiber seemingly clicking into place. Her tip toed stance was un-swayed by the binding work only momentarily she found herself hopping and the last vestiges of her toes disappeared under the pale metallic white Pointe Shoes

“OUFF” She breath as her chest  was pulled even tighter then it already ways, not that she thought it possible as she watched as the machines melted her Garland style chest piece into a slim metal fabric bodice. Then slowly but surely bonded her massive breasts tightly within a the thin slip seemingly shrinking them to a more moderate D cup as only the top could be seen, though the jiggling she felt told it was just appearances.

‘Crank Fl-fl-fl-flloooopp’ she heard as her pants bloomed around her like an umbrella before spreading completely apart forming into a clock like tutu. Each layer of the tutu was made up of separate thin interlaced cogs; they were almost mesmeric as they circled around her waist always in constant uniform motion. 

Each part merging with the next with a subtle ‘click’ as the stocking, tutu, bodice, and feather crown merged forming a circuit throughout her body. “AAHHHHHHH” she heard a mellow but beautiful voice cry out “AAHHHHHHH” she heard it again and again until she realize that it was her own voice, the feeling of pure pleasure as it completed. 

‘DONG DONG DONG’ it rang louder than ever before. “One o’clock time for History Class” she heard the cuckoo shouted out once again almost on top of her. Her mind still numb from the pleasure couldn’t make out where it was coming from.

“History? What the hell is it planning now” Brigson spoke confused her meek mellow voice surprising her with the fact that she even could speak. Heck she could move her body to her surprise, as she quick moved her hands to the back of her neck. The intruding screw that had been controlling her was gone now though she swore she could still hear it. Her hands moved quickly to examine her other parts as a large cog rolled by giving her full view of her new body and clothes. 

As she stared at her reflection a large cog, she could see that the feathers were actually pristine white wires elaborately shaped and weaved seamlessly into her hair and maybe even flesh as was the rest of the dress. The feathers reached downward into a clock face neck piece which merged directly into the bodice which provided a prefect over head view of her magnificent bosom, which revealed just enough to be a tease and stimulate.  

Suddenly the cog stopped and she found herself standing in front of a grandfather clock??
‘Click Clock’ it ticked as she listened for what seemed like a lifetime, her own history flashing before her eyes. 

Brigson’s childhood was hard; the tenth son literally had no claim on anything within the already poor family. He had inherited all the bad and ugly features from every part of the family, from as squished faced to overgrown mangy body hair he found himself with a mug even his mother couldn’t love. 

Dozens of small bells tolled around her, as the memory replayed again.  Bridget’s childhood was easy being the tenth daughter she had no responsibility and was spoiled by her wealthy parents. Inheriting her mom’s sexy body and her dad’s dashing hair everyone loved her!

On his 10th birthday he father had sold him as a slave to the soldier’s guild. That’s right, there he was mistreated forced to clean and mop and eat scraps while learning to fight under hellish drill instructo- ‘RING RING RING’ the bells tolled again forcing Bridget to restart again… now where was she, ah yes the dancers guild she had enrolled in was amazing.

As she went through her teenage years Bridget found herself amused by the constant ringing bells, as the cutely ringed each time she needed a reminder of a highlight in her life. Like when she had achieved the Ballerina elite class, when she received the prefect Bosom DLC, and when she had accidently been transformed into Elegimentis. At first being an elemental scared her but now her metallic heart throbbed in happiness, as she couldn’t picture being any other way. 

‘Click Clock’ the grandfather clock ticked away as Bridget shook her head. “Oh my!” she shouted in cute timid shout, hand gracefully covering her mouth in surprise as she saw the current time. “Ekkk I’ll be late” she said realizing she had been daydreaming for over an hour, after all the DLC ceremony was to begin in only five minutes. She hurried ran or more correctly Corou’ed down the hallway like a good ballerina would.

Arriving at the clockwork face shrine she couldn’t help by smile at the gorgeous giant clockwork beast’s inner face. The goddess’s creations were always so sexy, Bridget thought admiring the chiseled metal and uniform gears the tower sized clockwork beast held. 

‘DONG DONG DONG’ the bell tolled from inside the beast as its front door opened up, the Cuckoo in suit walking in. “Five O’clock, time for the ceremony” it said in a regular voice. Bridget could only gasp in surprise as the Cuckoo instead of going back inside walked over to her, handing her a scroll and a large Oakwood box. Taking the scroll she shuddered as her body sprang into motion, her body forming the perfect Pirouette as she rotated 360 no 720 no 3600 degrees in a swift beautifully dizzying motion. As she slowly came to a stop she knew what had happened the title ‘Prima Ballerina’ listed as her Class, she could feel oily sobs of joy well forth. It was some minutes before she could control herself as she sheepishly smiled at the waiting Cuckoo.

The Cuckoo smiled almost sadly as it handed her the chest, however before Bridget could open it the creature had already pushed her out the door. “Hey wait” she shouted surprised as her toes met hard stone floor, looking around she was in of what looked like an old treasure room? ‘TICK TOCK’ she turned to face of the large tower size clockwork beast she had just exited. Its ticks getting slower and slower, the hands seemingly  smiling at her as the cuckoo waved good bye as the tell tale trace of energy circled the beast as it expended the last of its DLC energy ‘DONG DONG DONG’ it’s bell rang. “Zero O’clock time to say good bye” the cuckoo said bowing as it faded away. “Thank you” was all Bridget could utter tears running down her face one again, though it was just a DLC creature she felt like so much more from it then she could ever say. 


It had been seven days since Bridget had left the caverns, seven days since she had acquired her new class, seven days since she had acquired her new DLC quests. The newest Prima Ballerina smiled as she felt the black ribbon screw twirl with a ‘Click Click Click’ on her neck. Inside the box had been five items, somehow she had instinctively known that the screw was hers as if she had used it long before. The other four, she knew not where to start but she knew what had to be done, her quest log staring back at her with five simple words ‘Find those worthy of us.’ 

“I will” Bridget said to no one in particular as smiled waltzing into the town, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping after all today was a good day for a DLC.

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