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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Poll

December Poll - Time for the Holidays!

A) Merry Christmas
B) Happy Hanukkah
C) Happy 'some other holiday that isn't one of the major well known ones'
D) Happy New Year
E) Bah Humbug



Nov Poll -What other ventures would you like to see.


A) Nothing - just keep at the stuff you're already working on
  24 (11%)
B) Stories, Captions, and Addventures - need more tales in the land
  62 (30%)
C) Games (probably rpgmaker or rags games)
  56 (27%)
D) Pr0n (cause you people are horny bastards...)
  62 (30%)
E) Other (is there even a point in putting a comment option in... as no one comments)
  1 (0%)

Votes so far: 205
Poll closed 

 a tie >.<; anyways Fuze has been working on a Board/Card Game idea so C is the most likely to occur.

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