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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oct Poll

Oct Poll - Web Comic Spin Off Coming Soon

A) I'll check it out!
B) Lies! Your just messing with us again aren't you.

C) somehow reading it!! before it's even been released...
D) Nooo not another web comic!!
E) Question/Comments (if you choose this actually ask a question...)


Sept Poll - Donation

A) Donating!
  9 (13%)
B) RL issues prevent it but otherwise would.
  42 (61%)
C) Series not worth it.
  2 (2%)
D) Terrible donation method not worth it
  3 (4%)
E) Prefer a trick to a treat (comment)
  12 (17%)

Votes so far: 68
Poll closed
 more or less expected these types of results, still I like that people can admit that they don't like it enough.
also seriously people if you're going to choose the comment option.... comment.

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