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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Been a while since I update this.
Contact me if interested.
Everything listed in here are ideas/plots/scripts that I haven't yet commissioned or still in talks. If you're interested or know an artist that would be interested let me know and we'll see if we can work out the details.

There are several scripts not listed and several under work. If you have an idea or are looking for something in particular under one of them let me know.

General Listing (There are 2 era's Overlord Bob and Queen Barbie)
Extra Heroes vs. Bob - (Overlord Era) heroes attack Bob; Bob however is 'ready' for them. Sequence Heroes to Minions. (see general bob series)
Extra Villains vs. Barbie – (Queen Era) villains prepare to attack Barbie; Tammy however already planned ahead. Sequence Villains to Vassals. (see Moe side story)
Evil Knights attack - (Queen Era) Bob now Barbie disgraced the name of Fraternity of Evil Knights, so they attack only for one Mimi to get in there way. Sequence Evil Knights to Maid variations.
Kura (former Bard) - Musical quest - (Queen Era) Kura was given a quest to cast the ultimate songs, first she needs members. First stop idol contest?
Pirates vs. Ninja or (Wenches vs. Geisha) - (Overlord or Queen Era) unending meme, choose a side and transform the other or both.
Luna (former Ranger) – Item Quest - (Queen Era) Luna is in a quest for to create the ultimate item but first where are all these ingredients coming from?
Vice (former priest) - School for the Wicked Redemption- (Queen Era) Once a priest now a demon, she upgraded Bob’s dungeon of doom into an inescapable reform school. Incarcerated villains processing line starts to the left.
Moe (pronounced Moa, aka Japanese for cute) – Undead Nightmare - (Queen Era) The undead monsters of the world, soul less creatures of darkness... even they feel fear, the Pornomancers coming has signaled the slutification of them all.
The Coliseum - Every universe needs a location where tournament arc's can take place in... too bad they don't allow fatalities... but that doesn't stop the other options.
Amy’s Grinding Dimensions – grinding dimensions are great for class leveling; just make sure you have the right class.
Sister Sin's Fairy Tales - Parody stories of Brother Grimm's fairy tales.
Of Boards and Card Games - board/card game based on the universe
Others - 
Disgaea Dojin series

Script outlines (let me know if you need more detail on a script)

Extra Heroes 6 – commissioned in process
Human Female Amazon
Extra Heroes 8 – commissioned in process
Male Human Source Knight – parody of Jedi Knight but with a more magical/runic design

Extra Heroes 9 – commissioned in process
Spy – Weasely Evil rogue type.

Extra Heroes 13 –
Half Breed Hunter –half human half monster Donovan (dark stalkers) type variation

Sequence to an
Intro Scene – Bob reading the scroll ‘The Monster Hunter, this dangerous brooding hero is usually a half-breed, originally they were all dhampire’s though considering how much this generation sleeps around there are plenty of other variations now. Usually they spend their life fighting the monster half of their bloodline usually becoming a monster hunter in rebellion to their heritage. Their hatred over the monsters however is clearly just a misunderstanding, if you can rectify this misunderstanding they are very easy to sway. ’
Bob thinks of ‘Mural of Memories’ (looks like a rustic family painting but the faces are missing)

Scene 1 – Shows the hunter counting his fingers, the silhouettes of defeated monster corpses behind him.
Hunter talking to himself “I will wipe out all monsters from this world! Only then will they all be avenged! I mean there’s mother, sister, that cute red head at the inn, the neighbors dog, that beggar on main street, the douche guard that never let me enter that cellar I bet that was a secret stage…, the shop… ” text gets smaller as he rambles on.
Scene 2 – He finds the painting, looking at it.
hunter “Hmm what’s that? How odd the faces are emp…” words trail off as he finds himself getting sucked in.
Scene 3 – a flash back like panel/sequence where he’s still a little kid running with his mother from silhouetted monsters.
Thought text [This is my memories of when the monsters attacked the village! How dare you show me this!! When I escape I’ll-]
 Scene 4 – suddenly the scene changes to a family friendly one where he’s now a she and dressed up like a little princess and playing with the monsters instead.
Thought text [Wait this isn’t right… was it… I mean I was being chased wasn’t I? but why would the nice monster chase me?]
Scene 5 – another scene FPS point of view of him looking down at his bloody hands and a corpse at his feet.
Thought text [this is when my monster half first emerged! No one should--]
Scene 6 – scene changes to another FPS point of view but instead it’s clearly of a girl’s body with the huge boobs, in her hands are flowers.
Thought text [yeah my boobies go so much bigger when that side awoke, everyone was so nice]
Scene 7-8 - hunter rejecting the past at first before accepting the revised past “No this isn’t true I wasn’t!!! I wasn’t… I was loved!!” Body changes to match her new past, that of a pretty noble lineage monster girl.
Scene 9 – Bob sweat dropping reading from the scroll “Once converted they are extremely loyal to the cause, though their prejudice tends to redirect itself in some other manner or another so you may need to handle it with care.” On the other side the pretty monster girl is holding a petition to bob saying enslave all the humans.

Ideas in draft
Extra Heroes 11 –
Ancient One’s – parody of Daernai/high elves variation where they have the ‘pure’ type light aura  
Extra Heroes 12 –
Afro Samurai – 

Extra Heroes 15 –
The Living Weapon – 

Extra Heroes 16 –
Flat Chested Sorceress –

Side Character Quests 1 – Of Knights & Maids
Main Characters
Mimi - Prince that got turned into a maid from Bob series
Main sub-parts all commissioned or completed

Open ideas include 
Key Knights

Plague Knights
Dread Knights

Of Knights & Maids Conclusion 3 - in talks

Character 2 - The Wizard of Usa on-hold
Large Script 25-30 pages worth.
Usa - Bunny Magician from main series
Character 3 – Police Work - CYOA Completed for now
Standard Characters
Miley - Vampire Girl from main series

Character 4 – The Band 
Kura - Cat Girl Bard from main series

Part 2 - The talent 'less' search
under work

Character 5 – Quest for a Cure
Part 2 - CYOA pages.

Character 6 – Pixiebush - School of Redemption
Vice Vrygindor - Demon girl priestess from main serie
Lilith Lolitherin - Drow Barbarian Ballarina 
Silvia Spidermaw - Drider Monk
Pu shi Pafu Faerie farmer
School Part 3
The sorting part 1- commissioned in process

Scene 1 –
Panel - You see Billy being escorted though the dungeon/schools halls along with transformed pair.
Billy eyes wandering to the transformed pairs ass then to their cleavage then there boobs, which bounce perkily.
Billy thinking ‘Must stop staring!!! They use to be guys!!! but there… just… so… perfect!!’
Panel - Chan/Khan sees him staring and turns away shyly in a idolize sparkle
Billy nose blood spurt ‘GAHH I’m so confused!’
Panel - Lily stopping at great hall type door, pauses to look at the down trodden/nose bleeding Billy “Get up, and inside you go.”
Panel - The trio gets spin/pushed inside onto what looks like a stage each landing in an electric chair like device which locks them in, the crowd is faceless mooks.
Scene 2 –
Panel - Vice is standing in the middle of the stage seemingly waiting.
Vice “It looks like, our first volunteers are here.”
Billy gulping thinking ‘What’s this!! And what is this Crazy Bitch (censored replaced with Big Meanie) up to now?”
Vice “I’ve explained the ruullllesss, now I’ll explain the system. Each of you will be divided into one of 7 Sororities each under the direct guidance of a staff member. For one year you will be taught and rehabilitated and at the end of this school year the number of graduates will be pardoned by the queen however it will depend not only on your score but on your Sororities score. The highest will get bonuses, while the lowest”
Panel - Vice does a demonic grin “Let’s just say there are fates worst then death.” Loud gulping sound.
Panel - A spiked helmet suddenly lowers down on Billy’s head
Vice “Now these three will demonstrate the sorting process after which we will begin calling you up by name.”

Panel – Focus on Billy struggling in the bonds
Voice pops up as the helmet speaks to him ‘So you’re my first subject, was hoping for some epic villain but I guess you got to start somewhere.’
Billy ‘Who the hell (censored with heaven) are you’
Sorting Helmet ‘Interesting punishment, anyways I’m the helmet that’s reading your mind for your most dark and embarrassing childhood secrets to relay to Vice so she can blackmail you.’
Billy ‘Ah… that makes sense… NO WAIT! I WONT LET YOU!!’
Sorting Helmet ‘To late… Wow you’re pretty pitiful… mugging old lady NPCs and heck you even lost half the time…”
Billy ‘Well the Old ladies pack a mean right hook!!’
Panel - Sorting helmet sweat dropping ‘I’m sure they do… either way spending your days complaining about how unfair life is constantly… someone like you clearly belongs in’ suddenly shouts out loud “Kandykiss!!”
Billy “What the hell is Kandykiss?”
Panel - Vice takes the helmet off as suddenly a portal opens up under Billy as he drops through
Vice “It’s training for Envy, Enjoy!”
Billy shouting “Not again!” as he falls in
Scene 3 -
Panel - Billy lands this time in a pink Chamber which dozes of crystal gems (see Psion comic) floating around.
Billy looking around “Ok at least I’m not naked this time… I swear they teleport us around just to confuse us. Which sort of makes sense as it keeps us unorganized. Still now what?”
Panel – A crystal floats up to Billy
Crystal “First off those clothes won’t due! You need the proper uniform as a member of Kandykiss!”
Billy “Wait I-!”
Multi-panels – Billy interrupted as he’s feminized as a crystal attaches itself to him before suddenly it spreads transforming into a pink dress variation of a full body school girl uniform. The crystal itself like a badge on his chest.
Billy protesting each step of the way as the feminization doesn’t have mental affects however each time he curses it comes out censored increasingly so due to the earring. Fuck = nookie, bitch = meanie, whore/slut = fun, hell = heaven, etc…
School Part 5-10
remaining houses
Lust - chastity - Vice Vrygindor - uniform - basic white shirt and short skirt catholic school girl uniform design but with chastity/restraining gear.

Gluttony - temperance – Dragon girl - Trixie Tumbump - uniform - undecided.

Wrath - patience – Pu-shi - PussiPass - uniform - sparkle filled gel suits school girl with paw mitts and boot that cover there bodies so they can’t really strike others..

Pride - humility - Silvia - Spidermaw - uniform - skin tight body suits made up of spider silk the body suits have webbed school girl skirts in there design.

Character 7 - The Coliseum
Part 1 - Commissioned under work
Existing Characters
Slime former Dwarf from Bob Series – I’ll call her Runa
New Characters
Oscarlun Lingdenst - Male Gnome Artificer - Midget, balding in the middle, but otherwise frazzled and spiky, wearing lab jacket, greasy overalls underneath, and glasses with tools on the side. Also sports a handle bar mustache, with a twirl-able end.
Lady Veronica – Red headed beautiful heiress type, pale soft skin tones to emulate her never working hard ever.
Eric the Butler – traditional teenage age highly trained butler types, general butler suit wearing a monocle, gloves, bow tie, etc…

Part 2 – Under Revision
New characters – mooks
Referee – standard black/white referee uniform.

Narration [Elimination Rounds]

Character Event 8 – Pirates vs. Ninja 

Pirates Vs Ninja Part 2  
New Characters
White Ninja – Pretty much a white male ninja that doesn't wear a face mask and is overly fat, what you would expect if a American graduated ninja academy.

Sequence to Japanese ninja girl/woman.

Scene 1 - You can see the American Ninja not being very ninja like, as he's walking around the beach showing off his pecks to the ladies on the beach. All the while using some corny pick up lines ex - 'Hey Baby Yeah I'm Sexy, Believe it!". 'Yeah they dig me' he thinks not realizing there ignoring him because he's a douche.
Scene 2 - He sees/hears the Bimbo Pirate stumbling as she giggles out "Wow like I'm so wasted!!" Ninja simply thinks 'NICE!!!!!'
Scene 3 - has the ninja 'helping' the Pirate Bimbo up, her thinking 'Like the mating call never fails, though like he’s pretty chubby…  did his dad pay his way through ninja academy? ' as she looks at him speaking "Like your cute! drink with me!" as she says as she wiggle her beer bottle which is empty "Empty! Like let’s go back to my place for more!". while the ninja is thinking 'SCORE and the rest of the guys at ninja academy said I had no chance' 
Scene 4 - Has Pirate Bimbo pulling a pair of beer bottles from a treasure chest Bottle Label 'Booty Bay' - rest is illegible. The ninja looks at it speaking "Well I'm not suppo... but I'll make a exception for you"
Scene 5-9 - Has the ninja start drinking the bottle but unable to put it down as it turns into full chugging. As he drinks from the bottle his body and clothing transforms into that associated with a captured Japanese anime ninja girl (aka - skimpy/revealing that uses unnecessary fish nets, ex -Kasumi/Ayane from DOA, Anko from Naruto) as he finishes the bottle he blacks out. Pirate Bimbo smirks "Like I knew it! like ninjas can't hold there boobz!"
Pirates vs. Ninja 3
Scene 1 - Narration [Like all rivalries escalations are inevitable]
Shows a pirate on a ship/deck on the left side shouting “Summon the Kraken!!”
Shows the ninja on the beach front shouting “Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!”
Scene 2 - Shows a Giant Kraken rising from the sea and Giant Kyuubi poof appearing, as they attack each other, as tentacles intertwine with tails the pair ends up pressed against each other face to face in conflict.
Scene 3 - focuses on the eyes as they meet each other and sudden the love is in the air (and their eyes)
Scene 4 - shows the kraken courting with a jellyfish flower like bouquet the kyuubi blushing, only to be interrupted by the pirate and ninja summoners shouting
Pirate “What the hell are you doing you overgrown octopus!”
Ninja “You’re supposed to be killing him you fleabag!”
Scene 5 - The summons look at each other then at the summoners with a annoyed face as the summoners gulp and try to flee.
Scene 6 - Pair are captured by the beasts tentacles/tails as there binded together, as foxfire spouts from the kyuubi and ink shoots from the kraken engulfing the pair.
Scene 7-8 - Pair transform into opposing colors a Scylla/kitsune hybrid girls.
Scene 9 - pair cuddling sitting on top of the summons that are cuddling as well “I guess we’ll call it a d--” heart symbol in the air ends it.
Side Story 1 – The Dimensions - Commissioned Completed.
Barbie/Tammy – main series
New Characters
Amy the Seer - Middle age milf design, aged but still beautiful but not on the same level of the female elf. Medium length Burnett hair tied in a pony tail, robes, wields a dagger and crystal ball.
Jim the Dark Priest – creepy brown haired man dressed in traditional bishop like clothing, he has the signal of the pedo bear instead of the cross on his clothes.
Strawberry (Parody Ichigo from bleach) warrior class
Carrot (Parody goku from DB) monk class
Spring Onion (Parody adult Negi from Negima) mage class
Inside the Portal Dimension 2 - Strawberry (adult script) - commissioned in talks.
Sequence into a female nympho.
Scene 1 - Strawberry arrives at what looks like an offices front desk, on the desk is a scroll reading 'Training goal – Berserker rank God of Death'. The scroll begins speaking “The training will proceed until you can master death itself.” “What? No! I asked for knight training! I refuse!” he replies the words die in his mouth as the room suddenly begins to shine. Also under his name there’s a new class based [Blood lust] meter.
Scene 2-3 – When the shining ends Narration [Mode change to Hentai], instead the room/change he’s now looks like a love motel bed room, on the scroll it now says “Training goal – Nymphomaniac rank Whorrior of Love” Strawberry sweat dropping says “I refuse this too!” ‘short pause’ “Can I go back to the previous option?” ‘short pause’ “please?” he then asks. His sheath sword is now a dildo, which manifests into a female rubber 'Zangetsu' like parody in a Domme outfit, which simply smirks at him as he sweats bullets. [Blood Lust] meter (word blood is crossed out so it's just Lust Meter).
Scene 4-9 –
‘[Lust] meter at 10%’ would be start off with him forcible being striped in a chair gagged with a strawberry, looking in horror as a 'Zangetsu' is holding up a schedule looking sultry.
‘[Lust] meter at 50%’ now dressed like a girl in a black kimono type outfit, still clearly male but extremely effeminate now with silhouette of breasts. Eyes clouded with fear/lust/temptation while looking at 'Zangetsu'.
‘[Lust] meter at 90%’ with a half faced china doll mask parody of his hallow mask, still in the black kimono type outfit but now only partially dressed, fully fledged breasts. Is now making out with 'Zangetsu' who is fisting him/her partially sword/dildo form now.
‘[Lust] meter at 200%’ in a full face china doll mask parody of his hallow mask, completely female exaggerated Matsumoto sized giant breast now, kimono off except for a few strips. Now 'Zangetsu' in full black dildo form, Strawberry’s deep throating it while rubbing it with her breasts, the other end penetrating both orifices.
‘‘[Lust] meter at 1000%’ the outfit similar is to Ichigo’s ‘ultimate’ form (black hair one with black bandages as clothing) instead with white hair and white bandages wrapped around her tightly, face in the ahegao (fucked silly) form.
Dimension Conclusion - pending rewrite

Undead Nightmare

Diablo Parody Part 1 -
Existing Characters – Tammy, Moe
New Characters –
Parody Deckard Cain -> Pimpin Cane
Parody Leah – Layu
Leoric -
Tyrael –

Scene 1
Panel 1 – Has Moe showing a page in the Hentaicromicon to Tammy
Moe speaking - “Mistress like there’s something about the Whoradrim chronicles, it’s like important or something I think.”
Tammy – “Interesting, so it is… and it’s happening soon”
Panel 2 – looks up at the sky at a falling ‘star’.
Panel 3 – Narration/thoughts of Moe [So Mistress sent me like the totally awesome Moe to deal with it, like I arrived at this spot called Titstims]
Shows Moe looking over a besieged rustic medieval town/village
Shouts coming from the village “HOLD THEM BACK”
Scene 2 -
Panel 4 - Narration/thoughts of Moe [Like the towns people were like total noobs and were getting beaten up by like the undead, I mean seriously what wussies. Fortunately I was totally on it.]
Shows the Pornomancer in the middle of combat wholesale transforming the undead legion into sluts with her magic...
Moe shouting “Slutify!”
Panel 5 – Narration/thoughts of Moe [I rescued this realllly old dude who said I had to get a crown or something, total boring side quest pa shaw but that niece was totally into me] though]
Shows Deckard Cain parody lecturing Moe ‘That was the skeleton blah blah blah blah blah blah” (continue with the blahs until the dialogue box ends)
Shows Leah parody staring intently at Moe’s bosom wondering ‘I always thought that the pornomancer was just a myth, she must just be pretending still despite all this overwhelming evidence...’
Scene 3 –
Panel 6 - Narration/thoughts of Moe [Seriously… along the way to the crash site I had to fight off this groping douche calling himself the Boner King or something like that.]
Shows her facing down a parody of King Leoric/skeleton King however his crown is a tiara instead.

Panel 7 - Narration/thoughts of Moe [And that side quest item was seriously gaudy I mean seriously a crown? Who does that…? Thankfully that blacksmith dude was so happy with his wife being a slut that he remodeled it for free.]
Shows Haegir parody working on the smithy.
Scene 4 – Narration/thoughts of Moe [But the boner king guy totally looked better though once I slutted him]
Panel 8-10 – Shows King leoric transforming to match his tiara eventually transforming into beauty pageant winner type slut the band strip showing [Miss Underworld] on it.
Scene 5 –
Panel 11 - Narration/thoughts of Moe [Seriously though it turns out that the UFO was really just his hobo with amnesia, like even I wouldn’t fall for that. Noobs always underestimate me.]
Shows Moe taking BSDM torture gear out of the chest as tyreals doing his whole “woe is me” and “I don’t know who I am” dialogue.
Panel 12 – Narration/thoughts of Moe [But the old dude had another urgent side quest or something, I mean seriously who does that. Still mistress said quest stuff before play so I went to work.]
Shows Deckard with Tyreal cowering behind him chatting to Moe “First you must find the other piece of the UFO blah blah blah blah blah”
Scene 6 -
Panel 13 - Narration/thoughts of Moe [OH MY GOD… that was totally the dumbest witch everrr like seriously who the hell wears clothes that. When I get home the first thing I’m gonna do is petition that outfit ugh just thinking about it again gives me shivers]
Shows Moe confronting Magadna parody with the sword shards in a crater behind her.
Panel 14-17 – Narration/thoughts of Moe [But yeah that bitch totally gibbed the old quest guy while I was out and that amnesia noob got nabbed. Thankfully I had trained Layu in the off time so she totally had it covered.]
Shows Magnda acolytes holding/torturing Cain, only for Leah/Layu to burst into power turning them all into bimbo sluts.

Scene 6 –
Panel 18-19 - Narration/thoughts of Moe [He totally died but Layu did the whole apprentice thing so I was like sure and I slutted him as well]
Shows Moe casting slut on the dead Cain, Cain transforming him from dead into -> slutty stuck up [Pimptress].
Panel 20 - Narration/thoughts of Moe [She was totally jelly of her rack though but she’s new so that’s expected, still needed to get the amnesia dude to finish this damn quest]
Shows the transformed Cain strutting her stuff off in front of Layu.

Scene 7 –
Panel 21 - [After like wayyy to many pointless side quests, many sluts, and this really packing Demon dude (who was way too into meat) I finally finished the quest, I mean seriously they made me chip a nail.]
Shows Moe facing off with a legion of monsters and the butcher parody behind them
Moe shouting “Face my greatest slut! Go Snookiwookie!” (looks like a hybrid cross between a snooki and a wookie) shows Moe with the snookiwookie slut behind her.

Scene 8 –
Panel 22-24 - [Apparently that amnesia dude was some fallen thingy, he was complaining about something in the whoridrim but I was so horny by that point that I couldn’t help myself]
Shows Tyrael speaking interrupted as Moe started frenching him “The lord of what are you mrupphhhh!!!”
Tyrael transforming into a [fallen angelic hostess] as moe makes love to him/her.

Scene 9 –
Panel - Narration/thoughts of Moe [Like at least I finished my quest but the mistress will be totally pissed though that I forget to vaccinate the locals…]
Shows everyone in the village was turned into sluts, the church remodeled into an upscale brothel with Cain as the Pimpress
Panel – [Oh well… I’ll have fun until then]
Shows Moe kissing the slutified pornomancer Layu while ridding tyreal. Meanwhile on the side you can see Cain is whoring out the transformed skeleton king and shimbo (she male bimbo) butcher who’s sucking on her own man meat.

Part 2 – in work

Characters –
Monk Drider Silvia Spidermaw - Fist of the East ‘Eros’ Star

Scene 1
Panel 1 – Narration [Empress Tammy sent me to the east to deal with a demon that had apparently risen recently. Apparently Moe got caught up with herself or something...]
Shows Monk Drider

Panel 2 – [The emperor assassinated]
Sister Sin's TG Fairy Tales

Part 3 - Red Riders Hood - commissioned


Part 4 -The milkman - parody the milkmaid

My tale is of a milkman. Only yesterday, I Looked down and caught sight of him, I did not fail to notice how strapping he was.
I watched him going along the lane with a pails of milk in his arms.
The sun shone brightly for the muscled youth, and my rays set off his sweat and made his dick happy.
I could see that he was mumbling away to nobody but himself, so I tuned in my ear and listened to what he was saying.
“This lovely creamy milk will give me plenty of cheese to turn, but half will be bad knowing my luck” he said
“I will make the best cheese, and I will take it to market. Only to accidentally have taken the bad half knowing my luck”
“I will get a good price for my butter, and with the money I make, I will buy a lot of eggs for hatching. Only for the bad food to have poisoned some rich mages who then curse me knowing my luck.”
“How nice it will be when the yard is full of fine young chicks! Then, when May Day comes I will sell the hens, and with the money I’ll buy a lovely new uniform for the fair. Only for the curse to then kick in and change me into a wench knowing my luck.”
“All the young men will look at me. They will come and try out their smooth talk on me, but I shall very quickly send them about their business! Only for the curse to make me a whore and eagerly accept them knowing my luck.”
He grimaced, as he thought of the horror that would happen at the hands of all those horny young men. And as he imagined the scene, he tossed his arms angrily and scornfully.
But oh ! Down fell the pail – and out spilled the milk... onto me... the wizard walking by... As the white creamy liquid trickled down my hat onto my clothes, and with it, the milk mans nightmares. his pride, his intelligence, his money, his uniform, and his fear all came true as the I cursed him over and over again.

Part 5 - 3 Giant Orc's and the good little witch

Characters -
Three Pig variation orcs with the under tusk - slight differences in facials/accessories/clothes to differentiate them.
Bitch of a Witch - Petite werewolf in the traditional witches clothing.
Story Sealer Cindy (cameo near end)

Panel 1 - Narration [Once upon a time there were three orc brothers that left their home to seek their fortunes, they ransacked and pillaged the country creating fear amongst all that they met.]
Shows the orc brothers burning/looting the country side.
Panel 2 - [Finally with their fortunes secure the brothers ‘retired’ to the country side creating homes so that they might relax.]
Shows the orc brothers walking off with giant bags of loot.
Panel 3 - [The first orc built hut out of straw because it was the easiest thing to do and he had no urge to work.]
Shows a lazily built giant straw pile, where the orc brother is lazing around on it.
Panel 4 - [The second orc built his cabin out of wood; well technically he forced a woodsman to do it.]
Shows the collared human putting together the log cabin, the orc brother over seeing it with a whip.
Panel 5 - [The third orc built his house out of stone; well technically he pilfered it from a local lord.]
Shows him standing in a stone tower, booting out the human lord.
Panel 6 - [One day the good small witch passed through the area. Being a good witch she punished evil where ever she saw it and she saw it in force here.]
Shows the witch flying through the area spotting the youngest orc brother bullying some humans.
Panel 8 - [Chasing the first giant orc to his house of straw she corner him shouting]
Shows the orc running/diving inside the pile of hay/house
Panel 9 - Shows the pair yelling from opposite sides of the door/pile.
["Let me in, Let me in, giant orc or I'll whiff and I'll woof and I'll transform you from within!"
"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin", said the orc wondering what the hell he just said after all he was a warrior through the tiny witch was admittedly scary.]
Panel 10-14 - [However before he had time to contemplate his response the witch created a mighty spell and transformed house and all.]
Shows the witch whiff and woof with her wand before striking the house with a mighty magic wind spell, shows pink wind blowing the hay house down/away.
As the straw is blown away the orc is gradually transformed by the magic into an aloha/Hawaiian bikini babe.
Panel 15 - [However no sooner then she finish did she feel more evil in the area, as the witch then proceeded to the next brothers house]
Shows the witch standing outside the house, shows the orc locked the doors from inside the log cabin]
["Let me in, Let me in, giant orc or I'll whiff and I'll woof and I'll transform you from within!"
"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin", said the orc wondering what the hell he just said after all he was a warrior through the tiny witch was admittedly super scary.]
Panel 16-20 - [However before he had time to contemplate his response the witch created a mighty spell and transformed house and all.]
Shows the witch strike the house with her wind spell. As the log cabin is blown away the transformation proceeds, the end result is orc is transformed into nymph/dryad girl.
Panel 21 - [The witch then came to the house of stone, this brother seemingly cared not.]
Shows the witch standing outside the house, shows the orc sitting on his stone towers terrace with a mug in hand.
["Let me in, Let me in, giant orc or I'll whiff and I'll woof and I'll transform you from within!"
"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin", said the orc wondering what the hell he just said after all he was a warrior through the tiny witch was admittedly super duper scary.]
Panel 22 - [The stone tower however had magical defenses however and repelled the spell]
Shows the witch striking the house with her magic, only for the magic to bounce off the stone and hit a random pedestrian turning him into a bimbo. The orc meanwhile laughing at her.
Panel 23 - [But the witch was a powerful bitch of a witch and prepared a mighty spell to break the defenses. The orc saw the witch and tried to stop her]
Shows the witch standing in from of a boiling pot chanting in front of the tower as the orc throws random stuff which lands in the pot.
Panel 24 - [Finally the witches spell went off, however instead of transforming the house went KABOOM!! much to everyone’s surprise.]
Shows the house exploding launching the orc out of it...
Panel 25-28 - [KERSPLASH right into that cauldron went the orc as he screamed in pain. With a might push he jumped out but the change had already begun as everything became much more fun.]
Only for him to handily land in the cauldron, only to leap out. The wet/scolded orc transforming into a bubbly little girl.
Panel 29 - shows the witch walking up to Cindy, the 3 transformed orcs in the background.
Witch “My story is done, feel free to call on me if you need help.”
Panel 30 - Shows Cindy sweat dropping as she transforms into her story pages which lands in Cindy’s hands the story’s title clearly visible. [3 Giant Orcs and the Good little witch]

Part 6 - Lady Featherhair - King Thrushbeard parody

Arrogant but super handsome noble
Lady Featherhair - unwieldy long hair that covers her head to toe, braids it and dresses as a maid as a disguise.

Once upon a time there was a man who was handsome beyond all measure but also arrogant and haughty without peer as a result. He toyed with women one after another leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake.
One day a there was a great festival in the kingdom and people far and wide visited, as the festivities went on maiden after maiden toss themselves at him only to be used and tossed away for petty reasons. One was too fat, "The pig-sty," he said. Another was too tall, "Like a boney stick." The third was too short, "Short and thick and never quick." The fourth was too ‘pale’, "As pale as death." The fifth too red, "A pump tomato." The sixth was not straight enough, "A bent log dried behind the stove."

So he had something to say against every one, but as he made himself especially merry over a good Lady who stood quite noble, but whose hair had grown a little unwieldy. "Well," he cried and laughed, "she has a hair like a birds nest!" and from that time she got the name of Lady Featherhair.

But a sorceress, when she saw that this scoundrel did nothing but mock the people, and insulted all the females who were gathered there, was very angry. So she cursed him such that he would marry and obey the next person that came through his doors.

The next days a new maid came, trying to earn a small alms. The noble lazy and unkempt having driven off all the other maids in such ways that none dared work for him heard her and said, "Let her work." So the maid came in her drab uniform, braided cap, and mops and began to clean.
Before the noble could drive this new maid out his body shuddered as the curse took hold as the witch’s voice rang true to them both “I have cursed you to marry and obey the next women to enter your adobe assuming she’ll have you.”
The noble tried to protest however his efforts were in vain as the curse compelled him to wed. “Will you marry me” he sputtered out as the maid eyed him curiously as he shivered the whole time body attempting to protest. After a brief pause the maid finally said “Yes.”
The noble would find all his efforts were in vane as a priest were brought and he found himself wedded to the maid on the spot. When that was done the witches voice could be heard “Now it is not proper for you a maid’s sissy to stay any longer in this mansion, you are to go live with your wife.” 
So the maid led her husband out by the hand and he was obliged to walk away on foot with her. When they came to a large farm he asked, "To whom does that beautiful forest belong?" "It belongs to Lady Featherhair; if you had taken her, it could have been yours." "Ah, unhappy man that I am, if I had but taken Lady Featherhair!!"
Afterwards they came to a large town, and he asked again, "To whom does this beautiful green meadow belong?" "It belongs to Lady Featherhair; if you had taken her, it could have been yours." "Ah, unhappy man that I am, if I had but taken Lady Featherhair!"
Then they came to a large mansion, and he asked again, "To whom does this fine large town belong?" "It belongs to Lady Featherhair; if you had taken him, it could have been yours." "Ah, unhappy man that I am, if I had but taken Lady Featherhair!"

"It does not please me," scolded the maid, "to hear you always wishing for another wife; am I not good enough for you?!" At last they came to a little hut, and he said, "Oh goodness! what a small house; to whom does this miserable, hovel belong to?" The maid answered, "That is my house and now yours, and it is where we shall live together."

He had to stoop in order to go in at the low door. "Where are the servants?" said the noble. "What servants?" answered the maid; "There are no servants here but yourself, you must do what I wish to have done. Now make a fire at once, and set on water to cook my supper, I am quite tired." But the noble knew nothing about lighting fires or cooking, and the maid had to lend a hand to get anything done. When they had finished their scanty meal they went to bed; but she forced him to get up quite early in the morning in order to look after the house as she ventured out for work.
For a few days they lived in this way as well as might be the noble trained in the ways of house care, but eventually they came to the end of all their provisions. Then the maid said, "You cannot go on any longer eating and drinking here and earning nothing, you will earn your keep.”
“Go cut some willows, and bring them home so that we may make baskets to sell.” Then he began to cut, but the tough willows wounded his delicate hands.
"I see..." said the maid, "you are not fit for any sort of work; I have made a bad bargain with you. Now I will try to make a business with pots and earthenware; you are to sit in the market-place and sell the wares."
"Alas," he said, "if any of the people from my old town come to the market and see me sitting there, selling, how they will mock me?"
The maid paused thinking before agreeing “Very well a disguise it shall be” much to his dismay this disguise was none other than a wenches dress as his old clothes were sold off to fund his new wardrobe.
For the first time he succeeded well, for the people were glad to buy his wares because he was good-looking and they thought him a sexy wench. They paid him what he asked; many even gave her the money and left the pots with him as well. As the maid retrieved him she overheard them say how much more they would pay if to see her bosom swayed at the local bar today.
The next day noble was taken to the farm house they had passed earlier “Here you are to undergo training to make more money.” said the maid “How can a farm possible aid me in making” he complained; however he soon found out as the methods used for cows bosom was enchanted to produce more milk so might a maiden or a mans.
With his new bosom and beautiful face on display she took him to the bar to be a waitress today. The noble found himself ogle and groped many times over the course of the day but he made great money with his assets no display. As the maid came to pick him up at the end of the day as man she overheard them say how much more they would pay if her ass swayed.
The next day noble was taken to a ritzy part of the town they had passed “Here you are to undergo training to make more money.” said the maid “How can a this possible aid me in making more money.” he complained “however he soon learned the methods women use to enhance themselves from their head to their toes the mannerisms and sexy appeal they display.
With new clothes and habits on display he found himself making more money each day at his latest job as performer. Until one day as he stood waiting at the street corner a drunkard knocked him over and attempted to have their way revealing his tiny manhood to much of his dismay “Alas what will happen to me” cried he in terror only be saved by the maid who then took him home.
"Who with common sense would seat herself at a corner of downtown with that much on display?” said the maid “Very well I see that your too attractive for ordinary work so I went to our lady’s mansion and have asked whether they cannot find a place for a another maid, and they have promised me to take you."
The once noble man was now a kitchen-maid, and had to be at the matron's beck and call, and do the smuttiest work from milk maid duties to courtesan pleasures she was due. On her panties she fastened a little jar, in which she took home her share of the leavings, and upon this they lived.
Several weeks passed and it happened that the wedding of the Lady Feather hair was to be celebrated, so the poor woman went up and placed herself by the door of the hall to serve on. When all the candles were lit, and people, each more beautiful than the other, entered, and all was full of pomp and splendor, she thought of her lot with a sad heart, and cursed the pride and haughtiness which had humbled her and brought her to such great lows.
The smell of the delicious dishes which were being taken in and out reached her, and now and then the other servants threw her a few morsels, of these she put in her jars to take home.
All at once the Lady entered, clothed in velvet and silk, with gold necklaces about her neck. When she saw the beautiful woman standing by the door she seized her by the hand, and would have danced with her; but she refused and shrank with fear, for she saw that it was Lady Featherhair, her suitor whom she had driven away with scorn. Her struggles were of no avail, she drew her into the hall; but the string by which her panties held broke, the coins fell down, the scraps were scattered all about, and shrived remains of her manhood hung out all about. And when the people saw it, there arose general laughter and derision, and she was so ashamed that she would rather have been a thousand fathoms below the ground. She sprang to the door and would have run away, but on the stairs a person caught her and brought her back; and when she looked at her it was Lady Featherhair once again. She said to her kindly, "Do not be afraid, I and the maid who has been living with you in that wretched hovel are one. For love of you I disguised myself so; and I also was also the one behind the drunks. This was all done to humble your proud spirit, and to punish you for the insolence with which you mocked me."
Then she wept bitterly and said, "I have done great wrong, and am not worthy to be your husband." But she said, "Be comforted, the dark days are past; now we will celebrate our wedding for you are to be my wife." With that the last of his manhood shrunk and disappeared as she accepted her fate, then the maids-in-waiting came and put on her the most splendid clothing, and her whole court came and wished her happiness in her marriage with Lady Featherhair, and the joy now began in earnest.
‘I wish you were here.’
Shows Ciel and Cindy reading the letter with the story attached sweat dropping.

Gil and the 3 Blonds - clean version

Cindy - story sealer
Gil - Burly Bear like bandit
Blonds - Sexy Blond, Slutty Blond, Sultry Blond
Panel 1 - Narration [Once upon a time there was a thief named Gil, he was a greedy but cautious thief usually targeting the houses and farms one the outskirts of town. One day while strolling through the forest to another village he ran upon a house he had never seen before]
Shows Gil at the front door looking around, smiling evilly.
Gil “Hmm looks like no one’s home, I guess I’ll just let myself in.”
Panel 2 - Shows the door picked open, near the front of the house he smells something as suddenly he feels hungry his mind trying to use logic but succumbing to the magic as he becoming dreamy eyed.
Gil “I smell food... wait that means that they mig...but... so hungry...”
Panel 3 - At the table in the kitchen, there were three bowls of porridge.
Gil “A taste should be ok...”
Panel 4 - Shows him tasting the porridge from the first bowl, his chest/upper body clothes turning a feminine red.
Gil "This porridge is too hot!"
Panel 5 - Shows him tasting the porridge from the 2nd bowl. His chest/upper body clothes turning a feminine blue.
Gil "This porridge is too cold,"
Panel 5 - Shows him tasting the porridge from the 3rd bowl. His chest/upper body clothes turning a feminine purple.
Gil "Ahhh, this porridge is just right."
Panel 6 - he eats it all up, his upper body changing completely into well endowed females with a frilly gothic purple blouse top.
Gil "Ahhh, feeling pretty full now... a short break would be nice."
Panel 7 - Walking into the living room where he saw three chairs.
Gil “Prefect”
Panel 8 - Gil sits in the first chair. His waist turning hourglass starting to turn into a purple gothic shoes/skirt/stocking.
Gil "This chair is too small!"
Panel 9 - Gil sat in the second chair. The lower body transformation continues.
Gil whining "This chair is too small, too!"
Panel 10 - So she tried the last and smallest chair, lower body waist/ass/clothes transforming to fit it perfectly.
Gil “Ahhh, this chair is just right"
Panel 11 - As he settled down into the chair to rest, his man parts suck in completely as he transitions to full girl his minds haze growing stronger.
Gil “oh what was that... I feel so... so.... YAWNNNN”
Panel 11 - Shows Gil wandering in a haze upstairs.
Gil “Guess I’ll *yawn* take a nap...”
Panel 12 - Gil lying down in the first bed. His hair turning blond and turning into the curly ringlets as his face becomes girlish.
Gil thinking ‘too hard...”
Panel 13 - Then he lay in the second bed, head/mind transition continues.
Gil thinking his thought changing color as well becoming pinkish and girly ‘too soft...’
Panel 14 - Show him lying down in the third bed falling asleep as his head/mind transition completes.
Gil words now a purplish pink to match his new voice/head “zzzzzzz”
Panel 15 - Shows the 3 sister Box name tags next to each of them standing over her
Sultry Blond “Excellent work if I do say so myself”
Slutty Blond “Told you she would go with my food”
Sexy Blond “Still it was my chair that made her a girl”
Sultry “and my bed and finished it off”
From behind them “AHEM.”
Panel 16 - Cindy looking at the three Sisters holding her staff, Ciel nearby sitting.
Cindy “As the guy was thief I agreed to let you finish it up your stories. Now are you going to uphold your end or we going to have to do this the hard way.”
Sexy Sister “Thank you for letting us finish story mistress.”
Sultry “We ask though what will happen to our newest sister.”
Ciel “We’ve already worked out a deal with the empress; she has already set aside an area for all afflicted so you don’t need to worry about her.”
Slutty “Thank you well then let us be off.”
Panel 17 - Sealing motion as the sisters shimmer and transforms into a story pages.
Sisters speak as they get sealed
Sexy “Feel free to call on us anytime hon.”
Sultry “We’ll be waiting”
Slutty ‘Smooch’
Panel 18 - Cindy grabbing the page it reads “Gil and the 3 Blonds”
Cindy speaking to no one in particular “Why can’t they all be this easy?”


Thanks for reading through, there are others, but there most likely not complete enough for me to list. Or a part really needs to be done before I can list the rest.

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